PLEASE, REMEMBER THIS FACE!! This is Alberto Nisman. He was the prosecuter in charge of taking Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to JUSTICE for the cover up of iranian terrorists in the 1994 AMIA terrorist attack. He had evidence, and the shit was gonna hit the fan today, January 19 th, 2015. Today, Jan. 19 th, 2015, Nisman was found DEAD of a shotgun wound in the head. I wanna take this news to you, citizens of the world, that you may have Argentina in your thoughts and prayers, for this truly is a silent dictatorship.

R.I.P./Q.E.P.D. Alberto Nisman


Elías Santis  (b. 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina) - 1: Superellipses, 2011 Watercolors on Paper  2:  Arboris Philosophicus, 2011 Acrylics on Canvas  3: Aves, Rama y Diapasón, 2011 Ink on Paper  4,5: Paisaje de Praga (+detail), 2012 Oil on Canvas  6: Montaña de Meiringen, 2012 Oil Pastels on Paper  7: Arbol, 2011 Ink, Pencils on Paper  8: Cohete en Mali, 2010  Acrylics on Canvas  9: Aa, 2011 Watercolors on Paper


For #latinselfieday

My parents moved from Argentina to Canada for me to have a better life. But living here I grew up being made fun of for the way I looked, having dark hair and in places that most girls wouldn’t have it. I was made fun of for not knowing some words in English. I was made fun of for the food I ate. But I began to love who I was over the years, I love who I am and my background. I am blessed with being able to speak two languages and experience the cultures from two very different places. I am proud to be the woman I am today.