Daedric Princes as high school teachers.

Azura- The “polite at first but will kill you if you talk in her class” teacher. She’s the astronomy teacher. Gossips about three bitches who ruined her life to other teachers.

Boethiah- Laid back teacher. Assigns homework but never collects it. Probably has a liberal arts degree. The Gothic lit teacher.

Clavicus Vile- Civics teacher who raves about free market but also agrees with socialist economic policies. Bashes Trump. Has an emotional support dog in the class for some reason.

Hermaes Mora- Theatre lit teacher who loves talking about the gay stuff in Shakespeare. Commonly makes the class work in the library.

Hircine- Cocaine addict gym teacher who makes the students run laps in a blizzard.

Jyggalag- “Is that gum?” “I’ll wait.” “The bell doesn’t dismiss you I do.” The really strict geometry teacher.

Malacath- Chemistry teacher and no one knows how. Yells a lot. Calls home if you are late on one assignment.

Mehrunes Dagon- World History teacher who loves talking about the collapse of empires and revolutions.

Mephala- Biology teacher who’s fascinated by spiders. A lot of them in tanks around the room that scare the students.

Meridia- Philosophy teacher. Makes the students have existential crisises. Takes no bullshit from kids in her class.

Namira- Ecology teacher. Takes the students outside to plant stuff. Has a slug in a jar on her desk.

Nocturnal- AP calculus teacher. Crazy hard class but never bats an eye.

Peryite- Health teacher. Obsessive over all illnesses. Talks a lot about how incredible the bubonic plague was.

Sanguine- Art teacher. Sees art as a true form of passion and romance. Definitely an alcoholic.

Sheogorath- Band teacher. Does jazz fusion on the first day. Crashes cymbals together while screaming “ART!”. Probably killed a guy with a tuba. Haskill is the co teacher who looks like he’s on the verge of a break down.

Vaermina- Psychology teacher. Is always talking about how incredible the human mind is. Talks a lot about Sheogorath. You get nightmares when you don’t turn in your shit.

Molag Bal- Not a teacher. Just a creep who watches the school from the bushes.

My favourite Vines but The Elder Scrolls

Vivec: *makes a sick fuckin vape cloud*

Almalexia: *blows it away*

Vivec: *looks distressed* AYEM


Sotha Sil: Stop saying I look like Dagoth Ur. I don’t. He’s dumb and he’s a coward. And I am nOT A COWARD.


*Pelinal Whitestrake to Huna*: I LOVE YOU, BITCH *strums lute* I AIN’T NEVER GONNA STOP LOVIN’ YOU, BITCH


Many Nords, proclaiming Pelinal Whitestrake: Shor! Shor! Shor! Shor!

Pelinal, eating a sandwich: Who said that? Who said that, was that you?

Pelinal: *punches the Nords with a mace and smothers the rest with moths*


Nerevar’s advisors: Hey, how y’all-

The first Numidium: *Numidium noises*


Kagrenac: It don’t bite.

Nerevar’s advisors: YES HE DO GET THA-


Sheogorath: *walks into a room wearing nothing but his underwear* Hi, welcome to the Isles.


Tiber Septim: Yeah, I really love working with everyone, we just have a lot of laughs.

Also Tiber Septim: Fuck off, Zurin, I’m not going to your fuckin baby shower*


Alduin: Hey so today my little brother started a coup against me so I’m starting a kickstarter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be that I would be rebelled against way less.


Azura: What the fuck is up, Vivec?? No seriously, what did you say?? What the fuck dude? Step the fuck up, Vivec!!


Alessia: Pelinal, let me see what you have!

Pelinal Whitestrake: A KNIFE

Alessia: NOOOO

Morihaus: Oh my god, why does he have a knife??


The Underking to literally everyone even remotely involved with Tiber Septim: I AINT GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YALL!!!!!! YALL NEVER GON SLEEP CAUSE OF ME!!!!!


The Void to Anu and Padomay: Two bros, chilling in the nothin, five feet apart cause they’re not gay

*I want to say that this Vine is not original Vine content and instead came from Brandon Rogers on YouTube. Y’all gotta remember to give credit!