what up,  friendly neighborhood ho slamming down a ….  uh,  part plotting call,  part wishlist-ish ?  because it’s always nice when you’ve got your own lil verse sorted out with a partner,  but sometimes it’s ?? hard out here ?? to be social and find your squad  ??  i get it,  fam,  that’s so me.  if you’re down to clown with any of these plot verse bunnies,  or you’re like this idiot and just need a real good excuse to crash your neighbor’s pad without feeling weird,  like this or straight up hmu.

  • killer is dead type of verse -  basically an agency for hitmen who just wanna get paid
  • dark!verse / crime!verse / villain!verse
  • we do dangerous things for a living so let’s make the most of our time and i’m casually very fond of you
  • we’re old friends/lovers and we broke it off real painfully, and oh no now we gotta be around each other 
  • spooky oxenfree type verse somewhere isolated with ghosts or smnthng wild
  • singe dad?? single parents?? or i recently obtained this child and i have to take care of it wtf help
  • lmao, a mr. and mrs. smith type scenario
  • our ideals and personalities are totally opposite, but we gotta work together for some reason
  • ??? give me ur desires,  i love you and i want to write 50+ threads with you
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Imagine: Running from Jeff after he tried to kill you only to run into Laughing Jack who takes an interest in you. 

You ran, every muscle in your legs aching. Your lungs burning. You were running from what looked like a teenage boy. But he tried to kill you and you some how got away. You were running down an alley breathing heavily. You saw someone about twenty feet away. Hoping that they can help you, you run towards them only to stop right in your tracks. Standing there was a seven foot tall clown. It had sharp teeth and black and white stripes. Your breathing was shallow. You felt footsteps behind you making you spin around, it was the teenage boy who tried to kill you. You swallowed hard looking between the both of them. Right when the teenage boy who was wearing a white sweatshirt ran at you with a knife you felt something lift you up making you yelp. You looked down seeing the clowns large clawed hands holding you up over his head making you confused. “ What the hell LJ?! “ the guy with the white hoodie whisper yells. You feel a sharp pain in your shoulder from one of the clowns claws, also known as LJ, at least that’s what the guy with the white hoodie said. “ Your marking her? “ the white hoodie guy says surprised. “ She seems different, “ LJ says.


sOOOO HEY I need to save up some money for food until I move. My tablet is a wreckage and I need to return my friend’s pen so I’m gonna buy a new one with the money I currently have. So I’m down to do some cute chibi commissions for just 10 USD. hit me up on my email nattajonsson97@gmail, on tumblr or my instagram by the same name, or on my discord clusterDino aka trash™#1861 if you’re down to clown :^)))

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So, I'm merely assuming here, but I bet you like clown designs. What do you think of the new Pennywise design from the upcoming "It" remake? Dunno if you've seen/like the original enough to follow news on the one, though.

I did love the original one! And this one seems like it’ll be a great remake, maybe even improve on the old one since for all my love it was still a really low budget movie (and the adult actors weren’t… the best).

But I miss the bright colors the original Pennywise wore. I think that the new design works for the darker looking movie because he can do jump scares a lot easier (he can hide better than in bright colors), but the more common clown suit of the 90s makes the whole thing much more realistic and scarier to me.

I mean, I don’t think any actual professional clowns would think to dress in gray of all colors. I guess I get that it gives Pennywise a more haunting feel because he looks more old fashioned, but 90s Pennywise still looks scarier to me because I wouldn’t looks twice at him on the street. Just a clown going about his business you know?

But then he talks to you, and then he shows you all your fears, and that leaves you balking because you never thought that could happen. You never thought talking or getting near this seemingly normal, fun, bright looking clown would lead to your worst fears being all laid open and bear.

And I guess that’s what I take away from the costume change. I get that looking at 2017 Pennywise you’re supposed to know that he is a scary characters with dark intentions. 

But that was what made 90s Pennywise costume so great, because it wasn’t a costume, it was just a clown. But this clown… boy did we never forget about this clown…

family always has your back

pairing: dean x sister! reader Sam x sister! reader

summary: you get hurt at the hunt but something get you pissed.

A/N: i was on a holiday with my family and i was getting a great idea for a one-shot. i had take me longer then always but i doesnt matter.

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You hunted with your brother’s for year’s now and you had not been hurt a lot of times. You had cuts, broken ribs and legs and even a bad shoulder. The boys had gotten hurt more times then you but that didn’t matter they were always on your back and you were on them. You and your brothers were hunting a wendigo in Maryland.

 Everything was prepared. You were looking in the back and your brothers in front. It was quiet in the abandoned warehouse. You were walking until you found your brothers again. They didn’t find anything to. But then you felt something hanging above you. You looked up and found the wendigo on the ceiling. He fell down and attacked you. 

 “You son of a bitch! Get of me!” You said fighting back at him. 

 You fought him and you brothers were looking for the best angle to shoot him but it didn’t help. You were getting hurt. His claws had cut your skin. First into your arm then in your leg and even in your face nearly in your eyes.

 “Y/N cover your head!” Dean yelled and than you felt the wendigo disappears.

 You were trying to sit up straight but then Sam came rushing to your side to  help you. “Hey, go easy, let me help you.” 

 “Yeah, of course even when that fucking wendigo was lying on me trying to cut me in half. You helped me alot!” You were pissed because it took so long until that wendigo was dead.

“We saved you remember! We could'nt shoot him from that angle so we had to improvise. And your are not dead remember.” Dean said.

 “Yeah whatever.” You were pissed.

 You walked back to the impala and were sitting in the back. You brother’s where still standing outside of the car talking to each other. 

 “I don’t know what wrong with her.” Sam said when he looked at you.

 “ I don’t know either, but what have we done wrong?” 

 “Don’t know, how about we go to the bunker and than we patch her up and talk to her.” Sam said and walked up to the passenger seat.

 You and your brother’s rode back to the bunker. The ride back was quiet. You were pissed that it took so long until they finally had shot that son of a bitch. You came back when you got to the bunker. You grabbed your duffel bag and walked to your room. You went to your room threw your duffel bag on your bed and were looking for a first aid kit to patch yourself up. You were doing it yourself because if you were going to ask your brother’s then it was going to take them a long time before they did that.

 You looked around the bunker for the first aid kit but still didn’t find anything. You came across the library  and saw the first aid kit lying with your brothers sitting on the library table.

 Great,  now I has to get it from them you thought 

 You walked up to the table to get the first aid kit but then Dean grab it away from your grip.

 “Hey, what’s this all about?” You said when you tried to get the kit back.

 “No, first you are going to tell me what the hell is going on with you.”

 “There is nothing! Alright!”

 “There is something alright! Come on we are your brother’s.” You tried to reach again for the kit but it didn’t work.

 “Do we need to do this now I need stitches alright?”

 “ We  are going to patch you up and then your going to tell us what is going on with you.”

 “Fine.” you said and grabbed a chair to sit on.

 You were quiet when Sam and Dean were busy patching you up. They were done with patching you up but didn’t let you go. They were standing in front of you with their arms crossed in front of their chest’s. 

 “Now what is wrong Y/N?” Dean said when he was kneeling in front of you with his hand on you knee. 

 “It was taking so long until the Wendigo died I was thinking that you were letting the Wendigo try and rip me apart.” You said with tears in your eyes. You didn’t want to say it but you had no choice. You need to say it they are your brothers.

 “Y/N why do you think that? We are never going to let you get hurt but this time we had no right angle to shoot him. We are never going let this happened alright.”

 “Okay, I was just afraid of that.”

 “Your afraid that we let you down but your not afraid of clowns.” Dean joked a little bit.

 “One thing I am still afraid for clowns they are so creepy.” You said when you looked at Sam who nodded at you saying that you were right. ” And yeah I am afraid for that you let me down. Is that weird?” 

 “Of course not that is normal,  but we are never going to let you down I promise.” Sam said.

 “Come here kiddo.” Dean said when he hugged you tight.

 “I think it is time to go to sleep because I see that Y/N is almost asleep in that chair.” Dean laughed.

 “Yes let’s do that. Hey Y/N do you want a piggy ride just like the old days?” Sam said when he pointed to his back. You nodded and hoped on his back. Sam walked to your room with you on his back. You felt sleepy and it was difficult to open your eyes they were to heavy so you let sleep take over you.

 “I think Y/N/N felt asleep.”

 “Yep.” Sam walked in your room and put you in your bed. He stroked a piece of hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead. “We are never going to let you down because family always has your back.” 

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Art school gothic
  • Once a year, clowns invade the school. When they arrive, you are stricken with fear, but soon you are amused. “Very comical,” you think. “Such larks. Clowns indeed.” When they leave, the fear returns. What have you been doing for the past hour? Was it an hour? The shadows have not moved. In the distance, there is the laughter of multitudes.
  • Do not make eye contact with the life drawing models. They arrive unseen. They depart unseen. You can only see them when they are standing before you with more flesh and bone than you knew the human body possessed. There are so many angles in their feet. Draw them, know the strange geometry of their bodies as intimately as a doctor, but do not address them and do not meet their eyes. Later on, you will look at your drawings and realize you never gave them facial features, only a blank plane of skin. Did they have eyes? Yes, but only if you looked, which you did not.
  • The basement holds the theater students. No—contains. Entraps. You never see them outside their assigned floors. You can pass freely through the barriers, but they may not. They are tightly knit; their very sinews are entwined. One cannot leave until all leave. This is called commencement.
  • There is always a group of students better than you. Possibly they return year after year as punishment for being so good, and indeed a whiff of hubris hangs about them. The Lord your God is a jealous god.  
  • So many blades. When the sun comes in, as it does once a semester, the rooms are full of broken gleams. “Be very careful,” say the teachers, but the furtive look of dullness in their eyes tells you the truth: No amount of care will save you from what is coming.
  • In your sophomore year, you must plead before a panel of faculty for your right to exist. They are not the normal teachers. They lick their lips, and when their mouths open, all you see is teeth. This process is called a “second-year portfolio review”. If you fail, you are never seen again. Everyone knows somebody who failed. Nobody talks about them. The truth is too horrible.
  • Once in a while, someone will say “Do you remember Bobby?” You do not. Wait, yes, you do. Didn’t he have red hair? No, they say; he was a brunette. You discover you cannot agree on any of Bobby’s characteristics. Was he tall or short, fat or thin? You cannot agree. You are not even sure of his gender. Once the conversation ends, you forget it. Years later, you return for an alumni event and hear a current student say, “Do you remember Bobby?”
  • There’s a fallout shelter in the basement. “A relic of bygone times,” says the administration from behind its frosted glass doors. “It will not be needed again,” says the administration. You see shadows shifting against the glass. “Well,” says the administration, “it will not be needed by you.”
  • Aren’t there supposed to be dance students around? Can you confirm a sighting, or does everyone just know of them secondhand? What do they eat? Do they eat? “They’re at the other campus,” someone tells you. What other campus? Why is the dance department there and not here?
  • The head of the theater department appears at commencement covered in mustaches. He has no explanation.
  • The art department stages a fashion show. Down the runway go students wearing huge and elaborate contraptions—no, wait. Those are the students themselves. The audience sits and vibrates rapidly. Snacks are served.
  • You do not know the full extent of the campus. You have been here eight years or more. You graduated—how long ago? But you are still here, and there are always new rooms to discover. Some of them are full of saws and drills. Others contain a single person hunched in the corner, but you cannot see their face, and would not want to even if it were possible. You go to a window for a breath of air and discover you are several stories in the air, even though you came down six flights of stairs to get where you are. There is no map. The skyline contains no landmarks, just dim skyscrapers looming in the fog. “I’ll turn this into a comic,” you say, and when you look down you see a stream of clowns entering the campus. Didn’t that just happen yesterday? No. Time to go make a comic. This will be the one that wins you an Eisner, and you can finally be free. If you can find your way out.

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HElloooo omg I love your headcanons so much I think i've read like all of them lol. Can you pleaseeeeee continue writing them? Like about the Gang or just anything. FEED THE FANDOM PLS ;-;

Thank you sweetheart!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and this is a bit of a different kind of headcanon, but I heard a song that immediately made me think of Scarlet and knew that had to be her power song. Of course, that just lead to me think about the rest of the crew and what their power songs were. So… playlist time?

  • Cinder: “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia because no matter how down she is, she still manages to overthrow a tyrannical monarchy. 
  • Kai: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet because he really is that sentimental. 
  • Scarlet: “Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher” by Eileen because if you don’t get out of her way, she’s gonna march all over you!
  • Wolf: “Firework” by Katy Perry because sometimes he does feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, but Scarlet’s love makes him feel like a firework. Plus, big burly guys who love pop ballads are awesome. 
  • Thorne: “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz because well, do I really need to explain? Highlight, “I wear your granddad’s clothes. I look incredible.” 
  • Cress: “At Last” by Etta James because it’s one of the most romantic songs, ever! And can’t you just imagine Cress swaying to the swells of the strings and humming to herself?
  • Winter: “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey. Not a power song, but when has Winter been known to do anything conventional? Plus, it’s got just the perfect hint of romanticism, dreaminess, and a slight eeriness. 
  • Jacin: “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi because he appreciates a powerful rock ballad and thinks the lyrics, “It’s my life. It’s now or never. I aint gonna live forever,” rather poignant and now he gets to live by them. Plus, there’s the hair thing. 
  • Iko: "Starships” by Nicki Minaj because how can Iko resist dancing to this song? Plus, when the beat drops, people need to get out. of. her. way!


  • Levana: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga because she just wants your love!
  • Channary: “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado because she’s a man eater. 

Here’s the Spotify playlist if anyone is interested!! 

P.S. It was so hard to not just fill this whole thing with 80s songs so if you want an 80s version of this, you know I’m down to clown. 

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Okay I love your theories and am a big fan but it completely perplexes me how you think Terezi <3< Vriska is viable. Their relationship is so, so different from anything that a kismesis has been shown to be; granted we've mostly only seen what a possibly unhealthy one was, but I really don't get the feel that Terezi <3< Vriska has been hinted before; has any chance of happening.

…wait, really?! It feels like you must have been reading a different comic!  D:

Terezi and Vriska have practically been our prototype for what a kismesis looks like, even when it wasn’t working properly! Two rivals, getting under each others’ skin, who seek to improve themselves to one-up the other. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship founded on grudging respect, the parties constantly seeking recognition of the other. Kismesissitude was described as “an especially potent arch-rivalry”, and I dare you not to apply that label to Vriska on Terezi’s behalf. Hell, the word “rival” has been used more often between Terezi and Vriska than between any other two characters.

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Shipping Call

Oh shit love is in the air!! Or it could be..! I just gotta know if you’re down to clown with it!

Like this post if you are ok with a ship possibly developing between our muses. This is mostly so that I will not overstep boundaries, or be uncertain where you stand. At the same time, this is not a post that will guarantee you a ship. My muse is a slow-burner, and I can be picky. But it’s kinda to make sure we’re on the same page!

So yeah! Feel the love <3