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Actress Sophie Hunter Celebrates Her Two Catches - a Role in Vanity Fair and a Hot Artist Beau - by Modelling the Best of British Fashion at the Saatchi Gallery - article by Grace Bradberry

The Evening Standard (London, England), January 30, 2004 

Sophie Hunter’s first attempt at getting into Paris’s Jacques Lecoq drama school did not go well. ‘I remember ringing up and they immediately said, “You’re too young,” and slammed the phoned down. So I phoned back and said, “OK, but could you send me the prospectus anyway.”’ At 25, her two-year stint learning clowning and avant-garde theatre is paying off. She is tipped for stardom with a breakthrough role as Maria Osborne, the antihero’s nasty, gossiping sister, in the new film of Vanity Fair (out later this year) starring Reese Witherspoon and directed by Mira Nair.

She is also one half of one of London’s most talented young couples - her boyfriend is Conrad Shawcross, son of William Shawcross and Marina Warner, and a rising star of the art world.

Still only 26, Shawcross recently sold a sculpture to Charles Saatchi for [pounds sterling]26,000. Sophie is wary of talking about the relationship - 'Won’t people think us an odious couple?’ she asks, genuinely concerned - and she would never want to piggyback on her boyfriend’s success: 'He’s much more famous than I am,’ she insists.

Before Vanity Fair, the Oxford graduate had just two professional jobs, one in a touring production of an Alan Ayckbourn farce. Then she landed the role in Vanity Fair, and found herself shuttling each morning from a shared house in Stoke Newington to a film set in Hampton Court.

The first day on set, her jaw dropped as she was led to her own trailer, parked alongside those of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Jim Broadbent. 'I just laughed. It was huge - bigger than my entire flat in Paris. I lapped it up.’

For the moment, her lifestyle has changed little.

She is still begging money from her parents (her father is an insurance executive turned professional card player, her mother works as an administrator). She enjoyed a solidly middleclass upbringing in West London, attending St Paul’s. At 15, she was briefly distracted by modelling (she is 5ft 9in and built like a string bean). But she moved smoothly on to Oxford and now she is relishing the prospect of premieres and red carpets. She beat Audrey Tautou to a part in The Story of Isis, a new film in development, and now has her own theatre company called Lacuna.

I leave her staggering off down the steps of the Saatchi Gallery in a pair of green stilettos by Zandra Rhodes that somehow survived the Seventies but now look ready to collapse. You have to suffer for your art.

Picture by Oly Barnsley


🔪– “HI THERE!” The creepy clown grinned madly at the other who happened to be strapped down in a chair… An electric chair.
Joker fiddled with a knife in his hands…
“Soooo~ you decided to pay a visit hey? With out any warning?”

But you know, I wouldn’t care a damn if I could simply be happy; idle, lazy, easily pleased, enjoying myself. All earthly glory and ambition seem to me nothing compared to the two necessities: love and laughter. Love is in short supply, maybe gone; but what gets me is the way laughter too has gone down the drain. I can make people laugh sometimes (on the basis of laugh clown laugh) but damn few ever do it for me. I am starving for laughter.
—  Martha Gellhorn, from Selected Letters

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Observation of the Clowns, master post (up to :Re ch33)

So one day, I just decided to write down all my observations about that little gang of Jokers (in every sense of the word). Everytime I could I also wrote down the chapters’ numbers for you to go read again the part you’re interested in. 

It’s all for people’s personal enjoyment since the Clowns are rather interesting but also quite tricky. :) It’s mainly canon facts and small observations with even smaller interpretations, I’m not trying to decipher their goal (to be honest, we’ve mostly seen Uta and Itori in the manga, considering they were closer to Kaneki than the other 3, which is why I found more things about them).

Also, for this post I’m considering Uta is a Clown, so I can write down my observations about him as well, even though I know there is a doubt about which side he’s on.

Spoilers for all TG and TG: Re up to chapter 31.5 obviously (lengthy post).
All the time periods are by :Re’s timeline.

Generality & Timeline

- The known members so far are: Uta, Itori, Roma, Nico, Souta and Ganbo, who was killed by Kuroiwa Takeomi it seems (Noro also seems to be mentioned in Uta’s haiku with the other names except for Roma’s)

- The Clowns’ gang was mentioned several times in TG (before their “official reveal” in ch143) in chapter 30, 61, 73, 78, 86, 90, 109, 111, 140 and 143
As for :Re, they appeared so far in chapter 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, 26, 28, 31 and 31.5.

A few hints were disclosed before ch143 linking the Clowns’ members together like: Uta’s haiku at the end of ch123 mentioning almost all their names, a panel of them all minus Souta in the festival extra of vol 13, and Uta wearing Roma’s hairpin in the extra of vol 12.

- The “Clowns’ annihilation” took place approximately 10 years ago (Arima was 19 ‘ten years ago’ by the Aogiri arc in TG and 22 in Uta’s flashback, so the Clowns’ annihilation happened 7 years ago by TG’s timeline and so 10 years ago by :Re’s timeline).

- The members seem rather friendly towards each other, and even though Uta mentioned a boss in :Re ch31.5, we don’t have enough hints to pinpoint their identity yet (most people believe it’s Uta himself). 

- They might be, as a whole, the embodiment of Ishida in TG (that’s what some people believed according to their words in ch143)

Now unto the members themselves…


Name: Uta
Age : Probably late 20s-early 30s (by :Re’s timeline)
Ward : 4th 
Manga Introduction: TG ch11 and TG:re ch17.

Kagune type : Unknown (he fights without one because “I have a feeling that I don’t need it. Since there are already 2 people fighting”, ch74)
Kakuja? Unknown


  • His eyes are always showing the 2 Kakugans activated even though his Kagune never comes out (and that since he was a teenager (ch111))
  • Great fighting strength even without the Kagune (and even when he was just a teen (ch111)).
  • High and fast regenerative capacities (so maybe a Rinkaku?) (:Re ch22)
  • He can change his face- Just kidding, he just makes very realistic face masks, just like the Arima one in :Re ch22
  • He’s always seen with black nails


  • The CCG gave him the nickname “No Face” but his rank is unknown
  • He’s using many different masks which can also explain his nickname by the CCG
  • He used to manage the 4th ward at some point (approximately 10 years ago) because “there were no other strong people there” (ch111)
  • After that he became a mask maker, creating his shop “HySy”. 
  • He doesn’t seem to mind cannibalism (TG ch11)
  • He considers Kaneki a “special customer” ever since TG, but also still in TG:re

Fun/Strange facts:

  • He scared Kaneki on their first encounter just like Itori did (TG ch11+33)
  • He was often shown eating eyes as snacks in TG (could be a fact in relation to his Kakugans being always activated) but once he also ate what looked like a dick (ch112)
  • The intials of his mask shop correspond to the ones of Itori’s bar and to Sasaki’s: H.S [x]
  • His shop’s floor is covered with checkerboard patterns just like the office of the CCG High Director and Yamori’s private torture room. It also corresponds to the pattern of Souta’s usual shirt

  • Possible Tarot cards: the Hierophant and the Sun (Major Arcana)
  • In Ishida’s tokyo ghoul trump cards (Minor Arcana), he’s the 8 of Diamonds


Name: Itori
Age : Probably late 20s-early 30s (by :Re’s timeline)
Ward : 14th (she was in the 4th ward 10 years ago)
Manga Introduction: TG ch33 and she wasn’t reintroduced in :Re yet (as of ch33)

Kagune type : Unknown 
Kakuja? Unknown


  • Going by the manga alone, we’ve only seen one of her two Kakugans: the left one (ch34) (it’s up to you whether you believe she’s a one eyed ghoul herself or not)
  • Strength and regenerative capacities are unknown


  • She’s an information broker and has a bar called “Helter Skelter” in which she deals what she knows in exchange of new info
  • She collected a lot of information “regardless of whether it’s about humans and ghouls” (ch34)
  • The subjects of one eyed ghouls and “truth” seem to tame her rather passionate behavior (ch34+47)
  • She is often seen drinking blood wine
  • According to :Re ch26, there is a probability that the CCG doesn’t know about her existence as a member of the Clowns, and she has no known nickname or rank
  • Out of all the Clowns, she’s the only one who hasn’t been seen in action yet. In fact, we’ve never really seen her out of her bar, except in Uta’s flashback (TG ch112) and when she came to drop off info to Anteiku

Fun/Strange facts:

  • She scared Kaneki on their first meeting just like Uta did
  • The initials of her bar correspond to the ones of Uta’s mask shop and to Sasaki’s: H.S [x]
  • At the beginning of the Auction arc in :Re (ch17), the little house Roma brings down by tugging the rope is called an ‘helter skelter’ just like her bar (google it)
  • She has the clearest eyes of the entire cast (and it’s freaking me out, it’s like you can see through them) except for Mado Akira’s
  • She’s the first character to ever mention the existence of another one eyed ghoul to Kaneki in the manga (actually the first character to ever mention the OEK is Mado Kureo but it’s to Touka, not to Kaneki)
  • She’s also the first one to mention that Rize’s “death” was not a mere accident (ch34)

  • Possible Tarot cards: the Lovers (Major Arcana) but her mask (ch143) also has the symbols of the 4 different suits of Minor Arcana (well, actually only 3 are seeable):  spade, heart and club (only diamond isn’t visible but I believe it’s there) and I’m not really sure of what it means/foreshadows.
  • In Ishida’s tokyo ghoul trump cards (Minor Arcana), she’s the 8 of Clubs.


Name:  Nico
Age :  ??
Ward :  ??
Manga Introduction: TG ch51 and in :Re ch13

Kagune type : It seems they’re a Rinkaku (ch63)
Kakuja? Unknown


  • Fast and great recovering capacities (ch61)
  • Great nose and ears (ch51+58)
  • Strength is unknown


  • Because of their link to Yamori, Tatara accepted them in Aogiri and they were able to bring back tons of info about Aogiri, their goal and their leader to the Clowns (and some found their way to Kaneki) but they never became a member of Aogiri, because they “weren’t interested in Aogiri’s goals” (ch87)
  • They’re the one who brought Yamori to Anteiku and Kaneki by following Rize’s smell
  • According to :Re ch26, it seems the CCG know they’re a Clown but we don’t know their nickname or their rank

Fun/Strange facts:

  • They used to hang out with Yamori and seem to be really close to them, however they actually found several things about him annoying and disgusting (ch63+78)
  • In the same way, they’re responsible for ratting out Banjou’s gang and Kaneki’s plan for escape, which led to Ken’s torture session and the death of the mother and child in 63, however Nico still tried to confront Yamori about the way he killed them
  • They’re the one who revealed that Rize alive was a big key to Aogiri’s goal, while the Clowns are the ones who eliminated her in the first place (ch87)
  • They have the most amazing hairdo in :Re ch13 though (just kidding)

  • Possible Tarot cards: None so far (as far as I know)
  • In Ishida’s tokyo ghoul trump cards (Minor Arcana), they’re the 8 of Hearts.


Name:  Souta
Age :  ??
Ward :  ??
Manga Introduction: TG ch37 and he was drawn on one of :Re ch26′s panel with the other Clowns (minus Itori), but he hasn’t been really reintroduced yet in :Re.

Kagune type : ??
Kakuja? Unknown


  • Everything about him is unknown, he’s a complete mystery
  • He’s probably a ghoul though, since Ami mentioned he “never ate anything” when he was on dates with her (ch37) 
  • We’ve never seen him without his mask on, or if we did, we didn’t know it was him
  • Strength and recovering abilities are unknown as well


  • He’s the one who dropped the steel bars on Rize in the very first chapter, transforming Kaneki’s life in tragedy
  • He was drawn on that panel of :Re ch26, which means the CCG knows about him being a ghoul from the Clown gang, however we don’t know his nickname nor his rank
  • According to how he acted with Ami in the gourmet arc (starting from ch37), there is a possibility that he might be more violent/crazy than Nico, Itori and Uta but he’d probably still be less than Roma. 

Fun/Strange facts:

  • His nickname in the ghoul restaurant was “PG”, probably for “Pierrot Gang”
  • He’s always wearing a shirt with checkerboard patterns and it’s similar to the floor of Uta’s shop, of the CCG High Director’s office as well as of Yamori’s private torture room (I don’t think I have to write what checkerboard patterns can mean) 

  • Possible Tarot cards: None so far (as far as I know)
  • In Ishida’s tokyo ghoul trump cards (Minor Arcana) he’s the 5 of Hearts when the other 4 Clowns are each the 8 of the different suits.


Name: Hoito Roma 
Age :  In her 20s (she mentioned to Nishiki that she had exams to pass as well just like Touka, in TG ch84, so she’s probably around 20 years old)
Ward :  ??
Manga Introduction: TG ch84 and in :Re ch13

Kagune type : Rinkaku (:Re ch21)
Kakuja? Unknown


  • Even though we have yet to see her Kakugans, she’s a Rinkaku type of ghouls with at least 8 scaled tentacles (the way Ishida drew her when she got them out reminded me of a spider, brrr)
  • She seems to have a brute strength but also high regenerative capacities (:Re ch21)


  • At some point in the past, she was sent to the ghoul prison in the 23rd ward, for an unknown amount of time, but she already was a part of the Clowns’ gang at this moment (ch86)
  • She has been ranked SS by the CCG more than three years ago (when she was still in Kokuria/Cochlea (ch86)) but we don’t know how she’s nicknamed even though the CCG investigators know she’s a part of the Clowns’ gang
  • After being freed by Aogiri from the ghoul prison, we found her working for Yoshimura, definitely spying on Anteiku for the Clowns’ gang
  • She’s often showing a craving for violence, more than the other Clowns (but at the same time she’s slightly younger and Uta was more violent as well when he was younger than now, check out his flashback) 
  • She wants for Haise to die because Kaneki struggling in tragedy was more beautiful (:Re ch13)

Fun/Strange facts:

  • It seems she’s the youngest out of all the Clowns and her name isn’t written in Uta’s haiku with the others (end of ch123)
  • She looks like she listens to Uta and Nico, even though there doesn’t seem to have a real hierarchical order in the organization
  • When she was working at Anteiku, she looked like to be particularly clumsy and air-headed, and it probably all an act (this is me but I don’t envision her to particularly enjoy the waitress job, she prefers messing with people)
  • The frog hairpin we often see on her head was worn by Uta in the extra of vol 12
  • She was wearing sunglasses in a nightclub (seriously, why?)

  • Possible Tarot cards: None so far (as far as I know)
  • In Ishida’s tokyo ghoul trump cards (Minor Arcana), she’s the 8 of Spades.


There you go. I won’t write anything on Ganbo since he’s very probably dead. As for Noro, my thoughts are here, in case you’re interested.

I might edit this post sometimes, if some other things come to mind but I think the biggest part of my mind is there. 

Thanks for reading. As always, feel free to add/ask everything.

Fuck Buddy Application



Are You:

Free of disease Y/N

Down to Fuck Y/N

Down to Clown Y/N

Free of emotional baggage Y/N

Please include the following:

Casual interests:

Sexual interests:



(Bonus Points: include a joke and/or cheesy pick-up line at the bottom of the application)

Clowns? Nuh-uh • Taehyung / V x You

Characters: Taehyung / V, You

Scenario: When the two of you are watching a horror movie and you get scared so V decides to shower you with love

Requested By: sehuns-bubbletea

“So what movie are we watching?” You ask as you clutch onto your boyfriend’s arm.

“It’s a surprise but you like horror movies right?” He says, smiling down at you and meeting your eyes. In response, you give him an eye smile and nod.

“Unless, of course, there are clowns involved. I’d rather watch a blank screen than a horror movie involving clowns. I hate clowns.” You ramble mindlessly, shifting your gaze forward. That’s when you feel him tense up. Turning to him, you raise a brow only to receive a sheepish smile.

“So…funny story…” He trails off, stopping in his tracks. Feeling suspicious, you eye him.

“Tae, what movie are we watching?” The tone in your voice causes him to gulp, holding back his answer. Without saying anything, he points at one of the movie posters being displayed outside the theatre as he bites down on his lip. Turning to look at the poster, your eyes widens in slow motion as you register the sight before you.



“Babe, are you mad?” He says, poking your cheek. In response, you simply puff out your cheeks and ignore him, your eyes directed at the screen and your arms crossed across your chest.

“Babe.” Poke.

“Babe.” Poke.

“B-” Your hand catches his finger before he can poke you again. Turning to face him, you stare at him for a second.

“Don’t do that.” You say, releasing his finger and turning your attention back to the screen. You can feel him pouting next to you, thinking of ways to get you to stop being mad at him.

“Babe, I’m sorry.” He whines.

“You know clowns scare the living life out of me.” You reply without looking at him.

“It slipped my mind.” He says and from the corner of your eye, you see him hanging his head low as he plays with his fingers. His voice grows soft as he says, “I was too excited to buy the tickets because I know how much you love horror movies and I wanted to surprise you and I guess it just slipped my mind.”

Turning to look at him, your heart softens. He looks like a sad, innocent little puppy. His lower lip puffs out ever so slightly. You heave a sigh. You never can be mad at him for long.

“Fine, I forgive you.” Upon hearing that, he perks up and beams at you. Before you know it, he starts to peck your cheek again and again. This eventually leads to you laughing and telling him to stop but he refuses to do so. The joyful air is killed the moment the lights dim and the movie starts. Feeling you tense up, he stops what he’s doing. Knowing how you easily get cold, he removes his jacket and places it around you. Seeing how he isn’t getting a reaction, he pulls you close and laces his fingers with yours.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m here.” He says, kissing the top of your head. With that, you feel slightly calmer. Nuzzling your head on his shoulder, you get as close to him as possible. His embrace feels warm, safe.

Throughout the movie, he’d hold on to you tight. Each time he feels you shaking, he’d rub his thumb across the tip of your shoulder to comfort you. Each time he feels you burying your face into his collar bone, he’d whisper sweet nothings to calm you down. Each time he knows you’re afraid, he’d kiss the top of your head again and again to reassure you he’s there. At one point, he even uses the empty popcorn bucket over his head just to make you laugh and when he feels a light punch on his chest because of that, he knows you’re at ease.

The movie has ended but he still has you wrapped in his embrace.



“Thank you. I really appreciate the effort you took to lessen my fear during the movie.” You smile, looking up at him. Meeting your gaze, he places a kiss upon your lips.

“Anything for my girl.”

Credits: kpopwavescenarios

The Killers’ Ronnie Vanucci On The New Big Talk Album And Marrying Iggy Azalea

It takes two phone calls and some negotiating before The Killers’ class clown, Ronnie Vannucci Jr, reveals the name of his forthcoming second album as Big Talk. “It deserves a full page,” he says, derailing conversation. “It’s that good.” Speaking a week later at rehearsals in California, he procrastinates again. “Are you sure you’re sat down for this?” He inhales. “Wait, what do you think it should be called?”

The follow-up to 2011’s ‘Big Talk’ is titled – drumroll please – ‘Straight In No Kissin’’. Having first heard the cheeky Dublin phrase while The Killers were touring in Ireland, Ronnie suggested it as the name for fourth Killers album ‘Battle Born’ but his bandmates declined. “I don’t know if it means ‘we didn’t get a parking space’ or ‘the date went well’. But it’s a fucking rad title for a rocker.”

Ronnie possesses that same creative restlessness as Killers colleague Brandon Flowers. Big Talk began during Killers downtime in 2011 when he moved to Sonoma County, California, took up songwriting, and threw a band together – including guitarist Jon Konesky and bassist John Spiker, who had both played with Tenacious D. During 2013’s ‘Battle Born’ tour Ronnie decided he was ready for round two. “I didn’t have time to get drunk at night so I wrote on a guitar when I was jetlagged.” Last April, with The Killers on hiatus, Ronnie summoned the Big Talk troops, all on a break from their respective bands. The only change to the lineup came with new sticksman Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion).

“I’ve got one of my favourite drummers on earth and three of my favourite guitarists. It’s fun! Why’s everyone so nice?” The motley crew hashed out their day-job frustrations, channelling them into Replacements-inspired rock’n’roll. The group therapy sessions were held in Ronnie’s man cave, after failed attempts vying for time at The Killers’ studio in Vegas where Brandon was recording his latest effort ‘The Desired Effect’. “I needed an excuse to spend more money, so I built a studio in my basement.”

Big Talk spent 10 months there cutting “90 per cent” of the songs as a live band. Describing himself as the “weakest link”, Ronnie explains, “I’d sling a guitar over and yell into a mic. I’m a slow adult bringing ideas to geniuses. Through osmosis I’m becoming a better guitarist and hopefully a better singer. That would do the whole world a favour.”

The reassurance boosted Ronnie’s confidence to produce, too. “I was freaked out,” he says. “Then I thought, ‘Wait, I’ve made a shit tonne of records’.” Lyrically, he knew he needed to improve. “I can’t listen to ‘Big Talk’,” he says. “It’s total horse-shit.” ‘Straight In No Kissin’’ allows Ronnie to vent his anger, which has increased with age. The Strokes-y ‘What Happened To Delisa’ and breezy ‘I’ve Been Sentimental Lately’ are about “getting burned by a fictitious woman”, whereas ‘La Rue D’Awakening’ is a response to police brutality in America. “I’m becoming more concerned with adult shit,” he explains. One song, titled ‘Hold That Line’, is inspired by a phrase his schoolteacher would yell at him. “Vannucci, better hold that line! I’m the guy who holds up the level of quality. I’m in a shit-hot band but I was raised right. I’m not about stardom bullshit. This is my open letter.”

Ronnie’s hope for ‘Straight In No Kissin’’ is that more than two people listen to it. He has a few other scratches that need itching, too. “I wanna get my own TV show and a divorce. I wanna marry a rapper. I wonder if Iggy Azalea would be into me? There’s something incredibly alluring about her.”

Rolling Coaster


Some days I feel big, some quite small
Some days I feel like nothing at all
Some days high and some are low
Some days I don’t know where to go

Some days I go left to find it’s not right
Or think I’m right and circle all night
This ride I’m on just won’t quit
Strapped in a chair, obedient I’ll sit

When spinning fast I’m often amused
Till winding down and feeling used
Atop the wheel, enjoying the view
Seeing all when they can’t see you

Spectators surround everywhere I see
The invisible clown is how they see me
Then a dash for the gate - almost there!
Anxious for home, strapped safe in my chair


Other girls:

  • Decked out head to toe
  • Lives life like a carousel
    • Beau after beau after beau
  • Nightly
  • Daily
  • Always laughing gaily
  • Seen everywhere I go
  • So clever
    • But ever so sad
  • Say love is a fad
  • Won’t have the kind of love you couldn’t make fun of
  • Cheery
  • Weary
  • Dressing for yet one more spree
  • Passes in my looking glass each day
  • The saddest gal in town
  • Riding for a fall
  • Lothario let her down
  • Plays the clown
  • Out each night ‘til three
  • Laughs with too much glee
  • On reflection she’d agree
  • Joking
    • But choking back tears
  • The saddest gal in town
    • Riding for a fall
  • Thinks that love is a matter of hi there, kiss me, bye there


  • Lord lord lord lord lord lord
    • That woman is me.
Guest Artists!?

Originally posted by thisoneskank


So it seems that all you pumpkins are down to clown with guest artists, now the options can be pretty much how many drawings you wish to do, including anything from one day or even a whole week to showcase your suave skills.

HIT ME UP with an inbox message if you want to do some art for a day or more, if you feel like spacing things out, and the inbox will always be open. We can talk in private of scheduling and such i guess my only requirements is.

-Nothing too graphically intense: as some pumpks really aren’t down with that rhythm 

If you pick a specific day (such as the supernatural weekend) you may have a bit of wait, depending on if peeps all gravitate to that.

Other than that mess of mumbles, come on down and join in the fun! 

Questions are always welcome!

tree-of-lif3 asked:

There's no need to be scared. I'm sure you could beat the axe murderer up if it came to that.

There’s no way I’m going to be that guy in the horror movie who fights back against the chainsaw-wielding murderer wearing a clown mask only to have my eye gouged out or my dick cut off or something. At the first sign of trouble I’m OUT. The murdering clown would walk into my room and look out the open window and see me running down the street in my underwear, already like a block away.