Are you serious Justin

you know full offence ‘despacito’ was already a great song without justin bieber and with how much y’all love ‘gasolina’ by daddy yankee it’s hard to believe you weren’t obsessed with Fonsi+DY before the new version and honestly, it’s a lot less sexy with justin bieber’s google translate voice trying to sound horny in my ear

Come Here - Justin Foley Smut

Justin Foley x reader 

Request:  Justin Foley ❤️❤️ , can you do a plot there reader x Justin have a very heated argument (about anything, you can choose) and just as the reader is about the walk out, he grabs her arm and kisses her then end with a smut?? Sorry if it’s too much!!

WARNING: Smut, swearing 

“Are you fucking serious Justin!”

Me and Justin have been arguing on and off for the past 3 days now about stupid things. Lately he’s been finding literally anything to argue about from me not giving him any attention to me not wanting to meet him at his locker. He doesn’t understand that I don’t like being around his friends, especially Bryce. His friends are ass-wholes, and they make my boyfriend an ass-whole when he’s around them. Don’t get me wrong, Justin is the sweetest boy out there, and I love every minute that I’m with him, but when he’s with his friends he forgets that side of him and this is what we are arguing about now.

“Yes I’m serious y/n, what is your problem!” he yells. He asked me to come over earlier and when I did he basically threw me in a trap and said ‘let’s go to Bryce’s house’. 

“My problem? What the hell is your’s, are you fucking in love with Bryce!”

“What the hell y/n! what do you have against my friends!”

“I don’t like them and how you are around them Justin!” I yell back.

“You have to be joking babe! I never act different towards you!”

I dry laugh and pace his room, “Yes you do Justin! you fucking forgot to take me to work cause you were getting high with them!!”

“I said I was sor-”

“And you fucking forgot my birthday 3 weeks ago cause you were partying with Bryce!”

“I didn’t do it on purp-”

“You even fucking made me think you were dead when you decided to play hookie for 3 days at Bryce’s house and not return my calls!!!” I scream, tears coming down.

“Bab-” he tries to grab my arm, but I yank it away.

“NO!” I scream, “your always up their asses, so don’t you dare ask me to go with you to his house!”

“Babe just let me exp-” I pull away from his touch again and he sighs and rubs his face.

“I don’t want to hear it!” I say, feeling emotionally drained from going back and forth.

“You know I didn’t mean to do any of those things!” 

“I don’t care Justin! you still did, so don’t ask me why I don’t like them!”

He stays quiet and looks like he is in deep thought. He doesn’t say anything about what I just said and it’s starting to piss me off. I feel like I’m about to full on cry and I don’t want him to see it so I roll my eyes and turn towards the door.

“Okay whatever Justin, have fun at Bryce’s”. As soon as another tear was about to fall, I felt his hand yank my arm back to him. 

“Come here.” As soon as I came into contact with his chest, I felt his lips on mine. It’s like all of our anger was put into this kiss as Justin deepened it. He made me feel like I wasn’t important to him and the most important thing at the same time and it drives me crazy. He pinned me against the wall and pushed his. His lips went to my neck as he whispered. 

“You’re so damn wrong baby” he says in a husky voice, “I love you so much and I’m so sorry. Fuck Bryce.”

I giggle at what he says and lean my head back as he continues peppering kisses. He grabs my hips and I automatically wrap my legs around his torso. It’s like all my anger went away, and I wanted nothing more but for him to make love to me. His light peppers went to full on harsh sucking and I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning. The way he was sucking on my neck, I know I’m going to have a bunch of purple bruises.  I pulled him closer to me as he parted his lips, begging for an entrance. I let him, and our tongues danced together mixed with our groans. He hands leave my waist, pushing them up my shirt impatiently, causing me to get goosebumps. His hands grazed over my laced black bra, squeezing my breast and I was already turned on just from his fingertips against my skin. He grabbed my butt, carrying us over to his bed. 

“I just missed you, that’s all” I whispered so low that I thought he didn’t hear me. His eyes was filled with love and desire as he pulled of his shirt along with mine.

“I missed you too baby” He locked his lips with mine as he hovered over my body, his hands wandering. His fingers slowly traveled to my leggings, pulling them down. I felt my core becoming hot and wet and needed him. 

“Justin” I whined. He seemed to feel my agony, as his hands slipped into my panties. His fingers grazed over my clit and I sucked in my breath. He nibbled on my chest as he started to rub the figure 8 around my core. 

“Oh my g- Justin” I moaned, grabbing onto his shoulder. He started to rubbed harder and faster and I felt myself getting hotter. He slips two fingers into me and I arched to feel more of him.

“Fuck Justin!” I moan, circling my hips around his fingers. 

“Your so beautiful to me y/n” he whispers again my chest. with his free hand, he unclasps my bra, throwing it across the room, never stopping his hand from giving me pleasure. He takes one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue around it as he started vigorously rubbing my clit with his thumb and pumping in and out of me. The pressure was getting to me and I was a moaning mess under him. This was long needed. 

“Oh my go- Justin please baby!” 

He takes his mouth off my chest and goes down to my core. His breath makes me want to grab his hair and pull him further in. He slowly pulls off my underwear and I can’t help but grind against his touch. 

“Don’t tease me baby” I whine.

“Not this time babe”. His hands grab my thighs and his tongue immediately began to lick me out. He starts flicking his tongue against my core, making me grab his hair.

“Baby” I moan, wiggling my hips against his core. He starts moving his tongue faster, pushing my hips further onto his mouth. I throw my head back and fight not to pull his hair. He goes back to finger fucking me and I’m a mess. 

“Justin! baby faster please!” I beg louder, grinding against his face. Listening to my cries, Justin speeds up, roughly rubbing my clit. His tongue slides into me, along with his fingers making me whimper. 

“Justin baby I’m about t-”. He doesn’t stop as he continues pumping while his other hand comes up to my boob, bringing his finger to pinch my nipple making me go crazy. 

“Justin!” I scream as he speeds everything up, groaning against my core. I feel myself clench around his fingers and let my orgasm out with a whimper. I licks everything up and comes up to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his neck, tasting myself on his lips. I want nothing more than to feel him inside of me. As if he read my mind, he threw off his boxers and grabbed my thighs, placing my legs over his shoulder. He came back down to my lips, kissing me passionately. 

“I really do love you baby He smiled, looking at me with nothing but love. 

“I love you too” I smiled. He look down at his bulge near my entrance and look back up to me as in asking is it okay, I nod my head, just needing him already. He slowly pushes into me and I whimper form the pain. 

“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly. 

“Yeah, just keep going babe”. Its been a while since we had sex and I needed to adjust to his size. He starts slowly pulling in and out of me as I gripped onto his arms.

“Faster baby” I moan. Justin started thrusting faster, moving his his hips harder with each thrust. Each of his thrust had me moaning his name. He leaned in to suck on my neck as I dug my nails into his soft and muscled back. As he sped up, his grip tightened on my hips, surely leaving  a bruise, but I didn’t care. This feeling was amazing. 

“Fuck princess” He groaned into my hair, planting kisses from my neck to my chest. I wrap my arms around his neck as he buried himself into me. 

“Oh my-fuck Justin harder please!” I scream. He straighten up and pulled me closer into him, drilling into me. 

“Fuck!” he screamed with each hard and rough thrust. His hands rested at each side of my head as his thrust got more sloppier and rougher making me almost cry at the feeling.

“Justin baby!” I scream as I feel myself clench around his dick. I let my climax overtake me as my eyes go to the back of my head, enjoying the high. This sent Justin over the edge, as he climaxed right after me, fully burying himself into me, riding out his high. A string of curses left his mouth as he finished his high. He came down to my lips and kissed me slowly and sweetly before collapsing onto the bed next to me. Both panting, he pulled me onto his chest, kissing my head until we both calmed down. We stayed in this comfortable silence for a while just enjoying each others company when his phone rings. He reaches over, not letting go of his grip on me, to answer it. 


“Nah man…”

“Not tomorrow night either…”

“Because I’m staying with y/n tonight and the rest of the week….”

I appreciate that Taako and Lup, two characters with dedicated and reliable character voices, are dating Kravitz and Barry Bluejeans, two characters whose voices constantly change (accent and type of actual speaking) because that is just. So dang funny to me. Kravitz went through like 4 accents and Barry’s voice changes every time I hear it, I feel like. Yet Taako and Lup out here from ep 1 all high-pitched and ready to throw down over character voices (thank you, Justin!)

Flight 512

For some reason, I like this. It isn’t really anything special or great, but it’s something. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient. I know it’s been a while

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed..”

My eyes threaten to close and I have to keep drumming my fingers against the steel bench in order to keep awake. It’s as though every part of my body - my legs, my arms, my neck - all have the same intention of aching until I cry. I sigh for the hundredth time and attempt to find a comfortable position but to no avail. 

There’s a cool breeze coming from somewhere unknown to me, but I realise that the chill down my back is another thing keeping me awake so I don’t complain, despite the mountains of goosebumps that have spread across my arms.

I watch the clock’s hand move round and round its face. It’s as though one minute it was close to midnight and now, as I’m sat on the exact same bench, it’s coming up to three o’clock.

Looking to my left and then to my right, there doesn’t seem to be many people around, only the odd man or woman dragging their suitcase across the floor. I somehow feel as though I’m the only one waiting for the delayed flight. I wrap my arms around my stomach and lean my head against the back of the steel chair, it sends shocks through my neck. 

Behind me, far at the other side of the airport, there’s a glass window that fits the length of the room. Every now and then, there’ll be minute flashes of light from the awakening of a plane. Orange would cloud every inch of it’s vicinity.

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed, we apologise for..”

I refrain from cursing the woman’s voice and sit up for the first time in a long period of time. My legs no longer feel a part of my body and I have to bounce them up and down to begin to feel the familiar static feeling running through them. I wipe my eyes with the palms of my hands. 

“Excuse me.” A voice rings through the space I thought was empty and causes me to jump slightly due to the sudden sound. 

I look up to see a figure towering over me. It takes me a few seconds to take in their appearance due to the fact that I’m currently seeing stars after having pressed the palms of my hands into my eye sockets so hard.

“Uh, hi,” I mutter, and my voice cracks.

“Anyone sitting here?” The boy points to the seat beside me where my bag lays open, its contents almost spilling out. I think it’s his way of asking me to move it.

“Um, no,” I reply, already grabbing my bag and pulling it onto my lap. I subtly look around the room and see the rest of the benches completely empty. 

“Thanks.” He smiles and I’m hesitant to return it, but I do. 

We sit in silence, apart from the occasional announcements over the loudspeaker. 

When I get chance, I can watch the boy out of the corner of my eye. His dyed-blonde hair is cut short but it seems to be growing steadily, and his skin is tanned perfectly. Every now and then he’ll reach to his right before raising his hand to his lips. 

I run a hand through my hair and it’s as though he’d forgotten I’m here and my movement startled him. He turns to me and I can hear a soft crinkling sound.
“Grape?” he asks and offers a tub of grapes to me. At this point, I’m beyond confused and shake my head. “It’s cool, I haven’t done anything to them, like poisoned them or anything.” He grins menacingly. 

“Saying that makes me think you have,” I say and raise an eyebrow at him. To this, his grin seems to deepen. 

“Suit yourself.” He drops another between the barrier of his lips before chewing. I look away and sigh. “Your flight been delayed too?” 

I’m confused as to why he’s sat so close to me that I can feel the warmth of his thigh against mine, I’m confused as to why he’s offering me grapes, and I’m startled at the fact that he’s still trying to make small talk.


“I’m Justin, by the way,” he says and offers his hand for me to shake. I suddenly feel my own become clammy.  

“[Y/N],” I reluctantly shake his hand and feel the softness of his skin. I appreciate how pleasantly warm it is. 

“That’s a nice name,” he says before popping another grape into his mouth. 


“Are you travelling alone?” he interrupts me, but the calm and inviting look on his face tells me he didn’t mean anything by it. 

“Yeah, I’m going to see my family in Canada. Are you?” 

“My family’s up here, I’m heading home. To Canada, actually.”

I nod. “Did you have a nice time?”

He looks over at me and smiles. I can see his eyes moving around the features of my face and I suddenly feel self-conscious.

“I had a pleasant time, yeah.” 

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed, we apologise for the inconvenience..”

“Drives you insane, doesn’t it?” he says and looks up towards the ceiling. I can see the veins working in his neck, I can see the beginning of a tattoo on the back of his neck and curiosity fills my body.

“Tell me about it.” 

Another silence falls over us but for the first time it doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable. Every now and then, he’ll raise his hand to his lips while I sit motionless. 

“Sure you don’t want one?” 

I shake my head as politely as I can and I see him shrug. 

There’s another hour before anything changes. My conversation with Justin escalates and it’s evident we’ve both become accustomed to each other, even Justin - who dripped with confidence from the beginning - has seemingly opened up even more. 

“There’s a restaurant in Toronto that do the best pancakes in the world, I swear, I could eat them for every meal of the day,”

“I’ve never been a huge fan of pancakes,” I say, crossing my legs and facing him. Justin does the same. 

“Try these and your opinion’ll change. Give me your number and I’ll take you whenever you’re free.” He grins. 

The grapes are long gone and I regret not taking up his multiple offers because I can hear a monster growling in my stomach.

“It’s a deal,” I smile and he imitates me. 

There’s subtle dark marks under his eyes and his eyes look heavy, but his face seems to light up when he smiles and I enjoy watching it happen. It’s like the darkness before the sun comes up from behind the trees and it makes the world seems so much brighter. 

“I’ll see you there,” he grins proudly.


“Scouts honour.”

I laugh and I can see he’s watching me. His brown eyes are burning into my skin and a flush trickles through my body like boiling water.

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada is due at 17:55. Please be ready for departure..”

Justin releases a long breath and sits up straight. “That’s us.”

“Finally,” I say and pick my bag up as it sits on the floor with a swift movement. I feel a strange reluctance to have to leave, despite having spent long enough here.

It’s quiet while we collect our things. Justin is the first to stand and he watches and waits for me while I click the handle of the suitcase into place. He smiles when I stand, he’s taller than me so I still have to lean my head back to be able to see the light in his eyes.

My legs feel as though they’ve been replaced with steel, and I’m struggling to walk beside Justin without feeling aching pains shoot through them.  I clutch the strap of my bag tighter in the palm of my hand.

To my left I can see a cafe with a sign saying ’24 Hour’ and it’s as though my stomach knows; it lets out a howl that lasts a good few seconds before dying down again. I chew my bottom lip and speed up when I smell fresh coffee and baking cookies.

“So,” Justin starts. “Were you serious? Would you be willing to give me your number?” He looks down at me and I can feel the warm look he’s giving me.

I shrug. “Why not? You’ve had plenty of time to kidnap me and you’re yet to do so. I think you’re safe enough,” I chuckle and he laughs. His teeth are blindingly bright and I’m only just acknowledging this. They contrast with his tanned skin.

He gives me his phone to which I take carefully and type my number in. He’s watching me and it causes me to have to delete my mistakes with shaking hands.

“I’ll call you,” he says and I nod.

“I’ll be waiting.”

It sounds like a goodbye, even though we’re still walking to the boarding station together, not to mention, getting on the same plane. I can see the dots in the distance beginning to look like actual figures, and as we get closer, I can see that every one of them looks as exhausted as Justin and I. We stick close together and join the group.

It takes another twenty minutes or so before a steward arrives. Justin has taken a packet out of his backpack and I notice it’s filled with cookies. He takes one and I listen as he crunches contently, trying not to let my mouth water too much.

He moves the packet towards me and I smile while taking one at a steady pace, not wanting to seem too eager.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. I’ve been hearing your stomach growl for the past three hours, I figured I’d help you out,” he says casually. “Here. Take them.” He shoves the packet to my chest and I’m forced to grab them so they don’t fall to the floor.

I blush and say nothing. The group seems to have formed into a queue and the steward is now checking people’s tickets; everyone practically throws the tickets towards the poor man.

I stand beside Justin and munch on a few more of the cookies to rid myself of the empty feeling in my stomach. There’s noise and commotion around us but we stand quietly. Justin’s hand brushes against mine and it’s soft and warm against my own. My heart beats a little faster.

If you let me (Justin Foley, 13 reasons)

Justin Foley. Star basketball player, pretty smart, and a ladies man. He made his rounds with the girls at Liberty High. That was, until he met you. Everything changed about two months into him dating you. It wasn’t all about your physical relationship with him. Or even the emotional relationship. There was something beautiful about the perfect balance of those. Neither of you had felt it in your previous relationships. This was so different.

It had been an hour since Justin had dropped you off after a dinner date at a local Mexican food restaurant. You had a warm feeling enveloping your entire being. It was a feeling you got every time you’d spend time with Justin. He’d drop you off and you’d change into pajamas and be doing chores or something, but you wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off of your face. Spending time with him meant the world. You were cuddled up on your bed, watching a random episode of Friends on your laptop when your phone started to buzz. It wasn’t a call, but you could tell you had been texted at least three times. You looked at your phone. It was Justin.

Hey. Need to see you.

Mom won’t tell the POS to fuck off, I can’t be here anymore.

I’m in your yard, can I climb up?

You locked your phone and crawled off your bed and over to your bedroom window. You unlocked your window and slid it up. Justin lunged at you, kissing you softly and slowly. He did this when he wanted to calm you down or when he needed to calm himself down.

“Seth again?” You whispered, moving aside so we could crawl in through the window.

“Who else? He’s the only one who ever comes back more than once or twice.” He shut your window. You took his hand and lead him to the bed. You set your laptop on the floor and turned the blankets down so you could both crawl into bed. Your parents’ room was downstairs, so you two usually didn’t fret much about getting caught. In fact, Justin usually spent the night two or three times a week. He would leave at five in the morning. No one had ever caught you guys. So this was now a casual, common occurrence.

“I dunno, I kinda like when we comes around. Gives me more time with you.” You said, a hint of joking in your tone of voice. You nestled into him, kissing his jawline mindlessly.

“You’re the only reason I find this even remotely appealing.” He ran his hand up and down you arm soothingly.

“Just once I’d actually like to see my mom choose me over something.” He mumbled into your hair.

“Justin, I really do think she cares-” he didn’t let you finish. He was quick to cut you off because he knew where it was going.

“I have to face it, Y/N. If it’s not Seth, it’s another guy, and if it’s not another guy, it’s drugs, and if it isn’t drugs it’s literally anything in this world besides me.” He was speaking in a hushed tone, as the sound of footsteps downstairs filled the otherwise silent night. He was hurting though, you knew it.

“Move in.” You mumbled. Justin tensed up. It was obvious he didn’t expect this. You didn’t know how he’d react, however you couldn’t help but say it.

“Yes, because your parents will allow their minor daughter to have a live in boyfriend. I love you, but that’s.. no.” He pulled you closer. You pulled away, sitting up in the bed. You turned on your bedside lamp.

“I’m serious, Justin. We have a spare room, and it’s downstairs not up here. My parents love you. If they knew what you were going through at home…” That was when Justin sat up, his eyebrows seemed to be furrowed in annoyance.

“You cannot throw me a pity party just to make your parents more lenient.” He pushed your hair out of your face.

“It’s not like that. They care about you.” You just look at Justin. He laughed a little, bringing you onto his lap.

“Not enough to let their little girl shack up with a boy in high school, I’d bet.” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“You’re looking at this all weird. Let me do the talking. I can make this happen, if you want it to, that is.” You looked him in the eyes.

“I’ll always take care of you if you let me.” You continued, kissing him. He reciprocated, and in that moment you knew he understood.

“I love you. There will be a point in life where I will be able to take care of you.” He stroked your hair, his chin resting on top of your head.

“Ya know what time I can’t wait for?” You whispered looking at him with your eyes practically smiling.

“What time is that?” Justin didn’t move or say anything else.

“When we’ll be taking care of each other, at the same time.” You looked up and your smile met his. You were both looking forward to that time.

SORRRRY if this was bad. But I do hope it wasn’t and I hope it was enjoyable.


Imagine: Y/N and Justin are best friends, until one night Y/N notices Justin has been acting different. Find out why;)

“What?” You say smiling, he was staring at you for a while now and you were beginning to feel a bit insecure.

He looks at you as he shakes his head smiling. “Nothing..” he simply says before returning his attention back to his plate of food.

You look at him confused letting out a chuckle before taking a bite of your pasta.


An hour has passed as the two of you ate your dinner and talked. You and Justin walked out of the restaurant heading towards his car.

You found it bizarre how different this night felt. Throughout all the days you guys spent with eachother, this one stood out the most and you couldn’t pin your finger to the reason why it did.

Just as you were about to reach for the car door handle, Justin slips his arm past you and opens the door catching you by surprise. You quickly look at him confused, he doesn’t say anything but smiles.

Weird… you thought to yourself.

As you got into the car, you looked at him one last time before getting lost in your thoughts.

Throughout the whole night, you noticed Justin has been acting differently, there were times you caught him staring at you, or times where he would always brush his hand on your hand whenever the two of you walked side by side. You’ve always had feelings for Justin but he has never showed you how he felt until now. You weren’t sure if you were becoming obsessed or paranoid but you swore you were noticing some signs.


You and Justin still haven’t said a word since the ‘opening door’ thing occurred. You unlock your apartment door as the both of you walk in.

“Are you okay?” You say as you slipped your boots off.
“Hm?” He says as you watch him take off his jacket before throwing it on your couch.

Justin and you have been best friends for so long, that you treat each others homes as if they were your own. Sometimes you would even sleep the night or more at each others places, that’s how comfortable you two were with eachother.

“I said are you okay?” You say repeating yourself as you placed your coat in the closet.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” He says confused.

You walk towards him as you simply shake your head. “Nothing…” you say hesitantly but you couldn’t keep it inside. “Well actually to be completely honest, you’ve been acting differently these past few weeks…” you say. Justin looks at you surprised.

“Different? How?” He says still confused.

Was he actually trying to play the clueless game? you thought to yourself.

You cross your arms. “Seriously Justin? You don’t think I notice? The constant stares? Our hands brushing whenever you walk beside me?! The constant compliments? The drive homes? Us hanging out every single day?! ” you spat you until you were almost out of breath.

Justin looks at your hurt but he quickly looks away before you could notice, but it was too late for that you already did. “Ouch. Sounds like you don’t enjoy my company” he says jokingly.

You roll your eyes as you were beginning to become irritated. “Justin, can you be serious for one second? Of course I love your company, more than anyone else'sz I’m just saying the things you’ve been doing is as if you liked-” you suddenly stopped as your realized you were saying too much.

“As if I liked you?” He says slowly, causing your cheeks to blush.

“No that’s not what I meant.” You say quickly, you were completely embarrassed.

Justin takes a few steps closer to you as he places his hands in his pockets before chuckling. “I’m pretty sure you said what I thought you said. You think I like you just because of how I’ve been acting lately?”

Now that he was saying it out loud, it did make you sound a tad crazy, but you decided to defend yourself and try to make yourself appear less idiotic. “Yes? Have you not watched a single romance movie in your life?”

Justin chuckles, after a few seconds of silence he looks at you. “So if I did like you…what’s the big deal?” He says confused.

Your heart immediately stops, you didn’t want him to know about how you felt and that’s how it was going to be. “N-nothing” you says nervously.

“Tell me the truth.” He says looking into your eyes, he knew you were hiding something from him. That’s the one thing you hated about Justin, he could read you easily.

After a couple of seconds, you gave in. “Fine! I don’t want to sit here and wait for you to get my hopes up and lead me on just to find out that you don’t feel the same!” You yell almost in tears. You didn’t know why you were crying but there were so many emotions rushing through your head. “That’s why this is such a big deal to me..” you say quietly as you quickly wipe sways your tears. You felt like a complete idiot.

“You like me?” He says shocked as he takes another step closer to you. If he took 2 more steps your bodies would be almost touching.

He repeats it once more, you look at him. “Of course I like you! You’re not…hard to fall in love with.” You say quietly before looking down.

“Y/N…” he says before gently grabbing your hand. You look at your hands, before pulling them away. “Look before you reject me I just really hope this doesn’t affect what we already have…” you say truthfully as you were getting ready to leave.

“Y/n!” He yells, grabbing your arm causing you to spin around. “Just listen to me for a second…” he whispers, and your heart suddenly began to beat fast once you realized how close you guys were.

“You’re one of my best friends and I do not want to risk losing the friendship we already have,I’m sorry but I-i don’t like you like that…” he says and you felt as if someone took a knife and stabbed it right through your heart.

“Oh…okay yeah” you say pretending to be okay when in reality tears were streaming down your face. You were just about to turn away when…

“I’m in love with you…” he says, causing you to stop.
“W-what?” You say turning around, Justin walks towards you as he places his hands on your waist.

“I love you Y/N L/N” he says smiling before placing one of his hands on your cheek.
“You do?” You say still shocked.
He nods his head chuckling. “I do, been in love with you for a while now…”

Suddenly you playfully hit his chest. “Ow!” He says wincing, as he looks at you confused.
“Why the hell did it take you so long to tell me?!” You says angrily.

“I was afraid! I didn’t want to take the risk of losing y-”

You didn’t let him finish as you pull the collar of his shirt and kiss him. You smile as he kisses you back placing his hands on your lower back. You pull away after a couple of seconds, you look at him. “Still afraid?”

Justin shakes his head quickly causing you to giggle. “Fuck that, im risking this.” He says before pulling you in for one more kiss. You both pull away.
“I love you” he says causing you to smile wide.
“I love you too, I promise this will work out…” you say before taking him to your bedroom.

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Oh shut up - Justin Foley

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Sidenote: Justin and Jessica are not together here and have never been.

Word count: 849

Request: Slightly kinky 7 minutes in heaven game at a party with Justin foley with his kind of attitude “i don’t care


“Hey y/n we’re going to play a game, do you want to join?” Jeff shouted. You were at Bryce’s party with already enough alcohol in your blood to agree for a stupid bottle game. You sat in a circle with some friends of yours.

“Okay so we’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven, we’ll spin the bottle twice, the two who are pointed at will go to the bedroom and spend 7 minutes in heavennnn.” Sheri explained.

“Really guys 7 minutes in heaven? Isn’t that like a middle school game?” Justin Foley asked before drinking his beer.

“You don’t have to stay.” You said on a serious tone. You talked without thinking. Justin was a typical jock, being all popular and rude. You never really liked him. The boy had a reputation and as much as you liked a little trouble that boy was way too much to handle. He was well known for playing girls, which was not a problem for you since you don’t fall in love. The thing was Justin wasn’t just a basic fuckboy. Justin was a  fuckboy with a lack of respect. He didn’t just ignore those poor girls but  he really humiliated them. You really hated that about him.  He just rolled his eyes and stayed. Sheri spinned the bottle, the first two who had to spend 7 minutes in heaven were Zach and some cheerleader you never heard of. When they came back Zach’s hair was completely messed-up and he had some lipstick from her left on his lips. It was a pretty funny view. Sheri spinned the bottle again and it pointed to Justin. Everyone had to laugh since he was the one not wanting to play this game. When she spinned it again the bottle started to slow down and stopped pointing at you. You panicked, why did you even agree on playing this.

“You got to be kidding me?” you asked on a frustrated tone. Out of all people who were sitting there you had to make out with Foley. Without even looking at him you stood up and walked to the bedroom where the 7 minutes in heaven, correction: hell, were about to happen. Justin followed and entered the room with his fuckboy attitude.

“So are we doing this?” you asked

“Oh yeah right.” He said with a nonchalant tone. It made you boil inside. He walked towards you and held your face between his hands and started to kiss you. At the beginning the kisses were superficial but you felt like you were having an effect on him, and what was better than playing a fuckboy. Two could play that game, right? You  started to intertwine your fingers with his hair and started to kiss him more passionately, him answering with deeper kisses. His hands travelled down to your thighs, he pulled them up slightly signing you had to jump. You wrapped your legs around Justin’s waist while he pushes you against the wall. You bit his lower lip a little before interrupting the kiss.

“You seem to enjoy it?” you winked.

“O shut up.” Justin groaned before kissing you passionately again. His tongue licking your lower lip telling you he was going to enter. His tongue swirled around yours. You broke yourself from his lips and start to kiss his neck sucking a little on it.

“Damn y/n, you’re good.” Justin moaned out, obviously liking what you were doing.

“Oh shut up.’ You whispered against his neck. Justin walked with you to the bed and laid the both of you down. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist so you felt his erection push through his pants against you. You pulled him closer and felt it even more. You had to admit, the thought of it made your panties soak. You turned the both of you around sitting on top and continue kissing him while you rolled your hips over his bulge. Moans leaving his mouth non-stop. His hands were on your butt squeezing them hard, but you liked it. He started to pull at your shirt when suddenly:

“Guys, you can come out, 7 minutes are over.” You heard Sheri shout. Right in time you thought. You broke the kiss and stood up, quickly fixed your hair and threw Justin a last  wink before leaving him with his mouth agape in the room. You joined the others again. They were all smirking a little, probably because of all Justin’s moans. A couple seconds later Justin also came back with a shocked look on his face, instead of sitting on the same spot as before he came sit down next to you. When everyone was already busy with the next couple he whispered in your ear:

“You’ll have to finish what you started.”

“I don’t have to do anything Foley.” You left him wanting more and that exactly was what you wanted. He looked away from you when you saw he was subtly biting his fist. Mission accomplished you thought by yourself.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! xxxx

"Justin was crying, again" Warning: Emotional 💧

Justin was crying, again. This is his second time today. This morning he broke down and didn’t tell me why, but I had to get it out of him. Justin is a strong boy, but he doesn’t feel comfortable with his own life. He feels as though people don’t treat him like a person and it’s true. He was telling me that he feels that people don’t respect his privacy and his space as a man. We went to bed a little early tonight being that he wasn’t in a good state of mind for much social interaction. We are laying down in our master bedroom in our apartment in New York City. There his a huge window in our room on that is on the opposite wall of our bed that looks over the city. It’s our favorite part of our apartment. We have multiple places we stay at, but we really like it down here. Our room is simple the bedsheets we grey and the blanket was thick. It is keeping us warm from the New York frosty air. It’s around 10pm and Justin is sobbing next to me in bed. “Justin.” I say his name in a whisper to let him know I am up and I acknowledge the fact that he is crying. “(Y/N), I just want to have my own space and peace of mind. I love my fans and they are my everything, but I just want to feel like me again.” He says while wheezing to catch his breath. His face is pale and his hands are shaky. This is a vulnerable time for Justin. He must have been up for a while thinking about his problems. I hate that such a beautiful young man like he is has to go through all of these emotions. All of his life from his teenage years until now he had been in the eye of the public. As he was growing up he was being judged by people who didn’t know him personally and it was a tough situation to be in, but he manages everyday. People don’t understand that he is a boy who makes mistakes and is learning his way through life like the rest of us, and we all have a breaking point. I flip my body to my left side to face him as we are laying down. “Justin, I think you should take time for yourself. The people who love you would understand.” I pull the cover up more towards his neck. He is only wear a V neck T-Shirt and a pair of plush pajama pants. He looks so sad. In his eyes you can see that he is unhappy. You can say the life is kind of fading in his eyes. Seeing him this way makes me weak. My heart is sour from seeing him this way. He is physically causing my body to feel weak. “You think we should go away for a while? I will go with you and we can just do our thing for a little. ” I say to him while holding his head to look me in the eyes. I caught a couple of his tear drops on my finger tips. I feel for Justin he just wants to be himself and be on his own timing, but the media won’t let him be. Justin grabs my fingers and kisses them. I start to sniffle and hold my tears back, so that I could stay solid for the both of us. I don’t want to cry and make things a little worse. He is so sad that kissing my hand is the way to show his affection towards me. Justin is showing me that he is happy I am here with him. “I think I’m going to delete my Instagram and just let the fans know that this is temporary and I want to just get some peace of mind from it all.” His voice is kind of muffled into the covers, but I hear him loud and clear. “That is a strong next step for you, Jay. I’m going to delete my account, too and really get the message out”, I add on. I get up to turn the temperature up because Justin is practically shivering. Then I go back into bed with Justin. He’s laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. “So, you are serious about leaving for a while, (Y/N)? ” Justin says while sighing. He has his hands on his stomach and he is in deep thought. “Wherever you want to go, Justin. I’m going to be there with you.” I say while moving closer to him, so that he can feel my body heat. What can I do to make him feel better? I lay there beside him in silence and think about how he may feel. I cry a tear for Justin. This isn’t fair.

A/N: I wrote this from a perspective where it sends a message to us that Justin is an example of the media being to harsh on people. 💔

I’m Home - Justin Foley

Justin Foley x Reader, Alex x Reader (platonic)

Prompt: my dream…the only part I remember

Warnings: none

A/N: This whole schedule thing is taking some time to get used to but I think it’s easier and everyone gets to see what they like! What a cutie, I love Justin.

After Justin told the police what had actually happened to Jess, you knew there would be a chance that your boyfriend would get arrested too. He gave you his letterman jacket and a few of his hoodies, just to keep him close if anything were to happen to him. And something did.

You cried to your best friend, Alex. You felt a little better knowing that he was there because he wanted Bryce to pay for what he had done. Over time, it seemed to get easier to deal with. You sat on your driveway with Alex, doodling with chalk. Your drawing consisted of a giant heart, your initials and Justin’s on the inside. You sighed and wrapped Justin’s jacket around you.

“You still miss him, huh?” Alex asked. You were pretty sure he knew the answer, but you told him anyway.

“Yeah. He’s never had an easy life, you know? He deserves to be happy.”

“It was brave of him to come forward. Not a lot of people would’ve done what he did.”

You bit the inside of your lip and nodded. “I feel a little better knowing that he has new friends like you and Clay. At least he isn’t friends with Bryce anymore.”

A car door slammed shut, but you simply ignored it and continued to color.

“Uh, Y/N…”

You glanced up at Alex who had a big grin on his face. “Alex….”

“You might wanna turn around.” You turned your head, only to be greeted by your boyfriend, his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. You squealed, getting up and running over to Justin.

“There she is!!” Justin exclaimed, bracing himself, knowing that you’d jump into his arms…which you did. 

“I missed you!” You replied, wrapping your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist.

“Wow, really? I couldn’t tell.” He joked, kissing your cheek as he put you down. “What were you guys up to?”

“Uh, clearly drawing awesome things in chalk.” Alex told him, referencing to his stick figure version of himself. “It’s good to have you back, Justin.” He said on a serious note. You helped Alex up, handing him his cane.

“I actually have some good news.” You glance at Alex and then back at Justin. “Clay and his parents want to adopt me.”

“Oh, my god! That’s amazing!” You cheered, a big smile on your face.

“That’s awesome, man.”

“Everyone’s meeting up at Monet’s, you guys wanna go?” You and Alex nodded, Alex starting to walk ahead of you guys. Justin’s arm slung around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. “So, I know that this invitation or whatever is going to sound lame, but I was hoping that you and I could go to spring fling together…”

Your eyes meet Justin’s, a boyish grin on his face. “I’d love to.” You both lean in, your lips meeting his in the middle. After a long dealing with court and the detox and of course, the arrest, you were grateful that you finally get to kiss your boyfriend.

“I hate to interrupt you lovebirds, but can you unlock the car door please?” You and Justin chuckle as he unlocks the car, opening the door for you and Alex.

It was good to have him back. He was finally getting the happiness he deserves.


anonymous asked:

top five fav nick "quotes" like from articles or just comments hes made on air? 💫

So this one is HARD really hard. While looking for them I felt like I needed specific categories of quotes like “stupid twitter quotes” “off the cuff show quotes” “drunk breakfast show quotes” “tv show quotes” etc. So to narrow it down I went with some of each of those lol. I choose quotes I like and ones from important moments that make me cry or excited for some reason.

#5 It took me forever to pick my twitter one but this one is just peak Nick and the time stamps just make it even better. 

#4 Nick says a lot of things on the radio that make no sense with his personality or totally go against other things he says but this quote perfectly explains to me Nick’s dating life. This is from about 2015 or 2014 on the show

“If I fancy someone, I like to ignore them for four to five years”

#3 My favorite Sweat the Small Stuff Quote ( I miss this show all the time btw Nick should really have another panel show) sorry I stole the gif from the almost 1 million note post but it’s better in gif form

#2 Drunk Nick on the radio is the best. BRITs 2013 and 2014 were the best of the Brits for me and the night after David Beckham’s party when none of us were expecting drunk Nick and Fiona was amazing as well because it was so out of the blue. This is from the original BRITs which you could basically quote the entirety of and it would belong here.

“Nick: I could do the news

Tina: I don’t think you’d be allow to

Nick: Good morning it’s Nick Grimshaw here with News Beat. There is snow on some hills (Tina laughs) why you laughin’ it’s very serious news actually! And Justin Timberlake’s bought some new jeans. Bah Nah Nah Nah.”

#1 Nick’s first link on the Breakfast Show will always make me cry even now that he’s leaving it so it had to be number one. It was his dream and he got to do it for almost 6 years and most importantly he got to decide he was ready to leave. 

“So this is happening. This is actually happening. Good morning Great Britain and welcome to this, a brand new Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1. Hi, my name is Nick Grimshaw good morning everybody. It’s just gone 6:30 and I’m going to be here with you on air until 10am Monday to Friday for I don’t know how long really? Just until the county up rises and I get thrown back to the nighttime. But for now it is time to follow in the foot steps of some of my favorite people like Coxy and Moyles and do the very difficult job of talking in between records. Quite a surreal day for me I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little child and now it’s day one of the big job and I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m excited. But I’m happy. And more than anything just desperate to get on with it. So should we do it? Let do the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.”

If you haven’t watched him do the link do it now and cry with me. I honestly couldn’t even type the quote up without crying. Link

one last time- mature pt2

as requested, summary :pt2 after a while justin comes back to your apartment, but you seem to have changed ? you have a bf with no desire to please you like justin did…

TAGS:smut, cheating?,readerxJB

“You always seem to come back for more,” you say as swing your arms around Justin’s neck, caressing his baby hairs, softly tugging them.

“You don’t seem to mind” he shoots back, “do you?”

“No-but,” you quick as a bullet unravel your fingers from his hair. “I have someone in my life now.”

“Seriously?” He speaks, not angry but amused, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, sorry” you say as you stare into his eyes, trying to make out what he was thinking at the moment. “After the last time we slept together, you hadn’t called me,-I assume it was over.”

Justin awkwardly coughs as he watches the way you were acting so innocent like, just because you had a boyfriend, justin knew how and when you were ready for a bit of fun, he knew you were holding back. He could tell how you were shuttling your legs back and forth, he could tell how forced and awkward this little speech was.

“Did he tell you to end things off with me?” Justin says breaking your explanation off, “what’s your boyfriend’s name?” He grins as he taps his fingers on your lower back.

“Justin! I’m serious. This has to end!” You raise your voice, getting angry that this was all fun and games to him.

“Babe, I can tell he forced you to say these things to me.” He says as he steps a bit forwards, making you feel his body heat against yours. You could smell his signature scent that made your head spin. You gulp down as you feel his large hand sneak it’s way under you shirt.

“Justin-I have a boyfriend.” You say hoping he’ll stop with the touching cause you knew you’ll melt into his touch again.

“babe, you should know by now how much I love you, how much I love your body, how much pleasure I could bring you, how much it could bring us,” he says taunting me as he allows his hot breath to hit my neck. “Let’s stop these little mind games, aye babe? Let’s go back to way it was.”

Justin places a soft kiss, his pink lips against the side of your neck, nipping the skin softly. You moan as you feel the feeling of his teeth bite down on your skin. You feel his cold fingers brushing your waist, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

Justin pulls away from abusing your neck and travels his kisses further down, pulling a your shirt off your shoulder as he places his tender loving kisses across your upper chest. “You see,” he mumbles as he places one last kiss at your shoulder before yanking your bra down your chest, exposing your sensitive skin, “you belong to me.”

You feel the coolness of the air hit your exposed nipple making goosebumps travel around your arms. You moan out as you feel his wet mouth around your bud, tugging it with his teeth.

“Who do you belong to now babe?” Justin smiles as he pops his mouth away from your hardened bud. He watches as you, waiting for you to make a move.

“So perfect and tasty, how could I ever give you up?”

You watch as Justin picks you up with ease, grabbing your thighs and moving you on top of the kitchen counter. You watch as he looks back at you with nothing but lust worthy eyes.

Justin takes in his flushed you were, how your skin had gotten so sensitive after only one month of not seeing you, how shaky you were, how perfect you looked, how amazingly gorgeous you were and how you were all like this just for his eyes.

“‘Ive missed you so much,” Justin spills the truth from his lips uncontrollably as he quickly begins to work on your jeans. He easily pops the button open with his skillful fingers. He yanks them along with your panties until they reach your knees.

Justin watches how shy you had become just after one month of not being intimate with each other. Justin sees how unresponsive you were, this worried him. Were you not enjoying this?

“Are you ok?” Justin says in a serious tone, eyeing you with suspension as you sit there on the counter, closing your legs together.

You sit there, kind of ashamed of yourself. Your boyfriend would body shame you like hell, comparing you to his previous girlfriends he had in the past. Sure you weren’t the skinniest or the prettiest girl but you could help but feel the insecurities coming back to haunt you, even though it was Justin and not Adam you were being intimate with. You didn’t feel the love or intimacy in a long time during sex, you couldn’t help but feel ugly again.

“I-I don’t know if you Will see me the sand way,” you say honestly, “I’m used and worthless and-”

“ what?”

“I said, i’m worth-”

“Who said this! Or was this just a thought? Did someone tell you this?” Justin says as he brings his hands around your waist, rubbing circles on your back, hoping it’ll calm you down.

“He says I’m used..” you trail along in shame, “I’m not yours anymore. I’m sorry, I should just go.”

You felt wrong to let Justin see you anymore, you don’t want Justin to see you like this. You felt like old worn rag that nobody wanted to love.

“Don’t leave.” Justin says as he holds your face with his hands harshly, gripping you to look at him directly, “don’t fucking think like that-you are beautiful.”

Justin presses his lips against yours. You felt all the strong feelings you’ve missed over the month, you felt how wanted felt like, how much passion the kiss was worth.

You feel Justin’s cold fingers dancing between your legs, indicating to spread them. “Justin” you warn as you pull away from the long passionate kiss, “I-”

Justin touches your clit, feeling your legs feel a bit dry and empty. Justin twists his head in confusion, “why aren’t you wet?” Justin questions as he doesn’t feel the usual damp feeling he was used to making you feel. “Is something sexually wrong or..”

You sit there, not having a explanation at all, staring at him blankly.

“when was the last time you had sex?”

You hesitate but answer him “2 days ago,” you sigh out.

“well..” he trails off, the answer surprising him and not really making any sense to why you were suddenly had no sex drive.

“did you cum?” He asks.

You feel heat rising in your cheeks as you hear him ask you such a private question. “Did you?” he urges you.

“No..” you trail off into a soft voice “ I haven’t in a long time.”

“How long?” He shoots a question that make you want to hide under a rock again.

“I don’t remember” you say as you feel his eyes on you, boring a hole into your skull. I think the last time was with you“

Justin’s eyes were now laced in concerned. “here, “ he says as he travels down to your heat, gripping your legs tenderly, “i’ll make you cum- I can make you cum.”

Justin watches with wide eyes as he tugs your bottoms off your legs, leaving them bare. You sit there, awaiting his next move.

“Don’t be scared, i won’t judge-i promise.” justin cooes as he watches your expression cautiously. He slowly spreads your legs apart, widening them apart for his eyes to see everything.

You violently blush as you see his eyes on your exposed womanhood. You keep telling yourself it’s just Justin. But you couldn’t help but feel so wrong and forced. “Justin-stop-its not going to work.”

Justin takes a glimpse of your worried expression before pushing his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly, warming you up. “It’s okay baby,- relax, feel it, c’mon babe.” justin whispers as he feels how stiff and hesitate you were being. Justin knew he could make you cum. He had many many times before, he knew this time was no different, he knew your body.

You start to feel the slow rubbing on your bud tingle a bit on your stomach. You could feel the familiar tug at your lower stomach.

“That’s it baby girl, you’re getting wetter.” he says as he quickly rubs a tad faster, his thumb rubbing up and down, he could feel the warm juices start to build up along your heat.

Justin removes his thumb from your bundle of nerves. He latches two fingers into his mouth, coating it with his saliva before pressing them against your entrance. Justin holds your hips still with his other hand as you squirm a bit at the fingers entering.

“God- you are so tight,” justin breathes out uncontrollably as he feels your walls around his digits. He pulls out, before pushing them back in, feeling and missing how amazing you felt.

He looks at how easily his fingers could slip in and out of you, how every time he would pull out, his fingers were coated in your juices. “Baby, are you wet enough?”

“Yeah,” you reply simply, “i think its working.”

“No shit babe,” he smirks, “you’re fucking coating my fingers.”

He pulls his fingers out before examining how your juices were sticking between his fingers. He grins as he shoves the fingers in your mouth.

You suck, kind of out of discomfort as justin holds your face with his other hand, forcing your mouth apart. You knew justin and how he liked being intimate with you, you had remembered what he liked and what he hated.

“How’d you taste?” he asks as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth with a pop. “sweet?” he questions before lunging in and pulling your head towards his, plunging his tongue into your mouth, before you could even swallow the taste.

“Dont fool yourself, y/n, don’t go back to him. I can treat you so much better,” he says he pushes your ankles until they hit the back of your thighs, exposing yourself fully. You could feel the tingle hit your core because of this position.

He mouths over your heat, eating you out with desire. “Are you gonna cum today?”

You feel your stomach plunging and twisting with a strong indication you were going to let go any second now. You feel his tongue dip his way into your entrance, making you shiver from your top to the tip of your toes. You quickly stumble your fingers into his light locks of hair.

You wail out as you feel him flick his tongue over and over your clit repeatedly, making your squirm and push your hips onto his face.

You close your eyes shut as you feel yourself finally let go, after what felt like years. “That’s it baby girl,” he mumbles against your core, the vibrations making you go wild.

Justin pulls away between your legs. You shyly blush at how messy his brown hair was, how he was wet from the tip of his nose to the end of his chin. He doesn’t say anything but grasp your hair and pull you into a passionate kiss.


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Pairing: Zach x fem!reader

Request: Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is Justin’s little sister and has a crush on Zach bc they’re close but can feel that he likes her back but when she tells him, he takes it a different way and tells his friends and they begin to make fun of her for it and so does Zach but doesn’t realize he likes her until he saves her from a bad situation? (You can change anything) Thanks!

Warning: none :)

Word count: 967

Sorry, I did happen to change the prompt a little bit, but I tried to stick with what you gave me. I hope you like it! Sorry for the delay, I’ve had no inspiration and probably started this over at least four times. I feel like this is a piece of shit but I worked on it for days. Let me know what you all think, please!

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Dating Justin Foley As A Jensen

Request: Justin Foley x Jensen!Reader? So like headcanon of what it’d be like for Justin to date Clays sister.

A/N: None.


Warnings: None.


Dating Justin Foley As A Jensen Would Include…


  • It complicates things

  • Like a lot

  • Your parents can’t adopt Justin if you’re together, and both you and Justin are pretty sure that this is something serious, and not something you will be able to just end and move on from

  • So the search for Justin’s adoptive parents begins

  • And it somehow lands you in the laps of Mr. Porter

  • The agreement is made that Justin’s legal guardian will now be the Porters, but he is welcome to continue living with the Jensen’s if he wishes

  • And since your parents feel like he’s a part of the family now, that’s how it goes

  • You aren’t allowed to be alone in a bedroom together, Clay must be there

  • Which the boy hates, because ‘thanks Mum, that’s exactly what I wanted to be at 17, an eternal third wheel’

  • You and Justin cuddle a lot

  • And he really loves to play with your hair

  • It’s every man for himself on family game night though

  • Justin feels a little guilty for dating you

  • After all, Clay gave him a place to stay and helped clean him up, and then he went and started dating his sibling in return

  • Clay definitely gives him the big brother talk

  • Justin is in all your family portraits on the wall now

  • Clay and Justin actually protecting each other a lot

  • You borrow Clay’s car for date night

  • All of you fighting over the last spoonful of ice cream

  • Having a competition over who can make the greatest Dad jokes

  • Matt cracks up at every single one of them

  • You and Justin coming up with date ideas that require no money

  • Slow dancing in the living room

  • How many times has Clay walked in / almost walked in on you?

  • Too many times. Way too many times.


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Video Reaction

A/N: y’all know i suck ass at creating titles okay lmao.. enjoy :)

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Can u do an imagine were y/n a YouTuber and u react to one of Justin’s vids Ps happy Valentine’s Day


My fans and viewers have been begging me for the longest amount of time to react to one of Justin’s videos. Today was finally the day of me getting it done. I sat in my room, pulling up a video from YouTube. So many to choose from but, I could only watch one. I left my laptop on my bed and went to set up my camera. I put it on it’s stand and walked about two feet away to make sure it was the appropriate distance, which it was.

I went back to my bed and sat on it, picking up my laptop. I scrolled through the results on the web page and finally decided to go with the Company music video. I got up once more and pressed the play button on my camera. I did my intro and went straight into the video.

While in the middle of actually starting the video, Justin came into my room. “Y/N! Have you seen my phone? I can’t find it- oh, you’re making a video. My bad.” Justin began slowly backing out of my room when an idea popped into my head.

“I’ll tell you where your phone is if you help me make this video.” I said, smiling at him. Justin stopped and pondered for a moment.

“Eh, what have I got to lose?” He shrugged his shoulders and walked over towards me. He sat to the right of me and I continued on with my video.

“You’re watching one of my videos I see. You’re such a stalker Y/N.” Justin joked, nudging me in the arm. I playfully shoved his arm away and continued watching the video.

“You look so cute in this video Justin. Who knew you’d look like the complete opposite in real life.” I joked too, laughing at what I said.

“Shut up.” Justin replied. “I think I’m quite hot.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I know you are, my hot little cupcake.” I pinched his cheeks, chuckling at him. “Anyways, back to the video.”

“Why watch the video when the real thing is right here?” Justin smirked, winking at me.

“I’m uploading this on YouTube you know. This isn’t just one of those ‘me making and later on deleting it’ videos.” I retorted, starting to get slightly annoyed. Every time Justin came in here I could never get my videos done, and that was exactly why I always had to delete footage. He’d flirt and joke around with me and then, I could never take anything seriously. “Quit fooling around Bieber and be serious, or I’ll kick you out. How about that?”

“I want my phone though.” He pouted.

“Then stop fooling around.” I scowled at him. Slowly but, surely I was loosing my patience.

“Okay, chill out. I’m only joking.”

I rolled my eyes, focusing my attention back on his video.

You ain’t gotta be my lover, for me to call you baby. Never been around no pressure. Ain’t that serious?” Justin began singing along with the lyrics. He does this every chance he gets. I have to stop inviting him in here and lock the doors. “Can we, we keep, keep each other company? Maybe we, we can be, be each other’s company. Oh company!” The neighbors could probably hear him, from how loud he was signing.

This was no longer my video but, Justin’s. Maybe he should start a YouTube channel since he likes taking over my videos. The music video eventually ended, leaving just the two of us staring at a blank screen.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Justin spoke up, catching me off guard. I nodded my head in agreement but, I wasn’t agreeing with him. 

“I like the video, didn’t like the singing over the video so, I’ll give it a 9.5 just because. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you liked it, please give it a huge thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you already haven’t. See you guys next week! Peace.” I shut off the camera, sighing deeply. So much editing ahead of me.

“So, where’s my phone?” Justin asked.

“On the table. Take it and leave. You’ve had more than enough fun for one day.” I rolled my eyes, taking my camera off of it’s stand.

“Thanks Y/N, you’re the best.” Justin jogged over to the table in the corner of my room and grabbed his phone.

“Thanks Y/N, you’re the best,” I mocked him. I scoffed, placing my camera on my dresser.

“Same time tomorrow, yeah?” Justin suggested.


“Alright, see you then.” Justin closed the door before I could even answer. What a guy he was.


Okay, so a few months back I began writing this and then completely forgot about it. It is mainly a Justlex fic (do people even care about the two of them together anymore?) and a side of Meff based on some promts I had received. I no longer feel comfortable writing anything that involves Monty so over the weekend, I exchanged Monty for Scott. It’s quite long so this is only part one; if anyone wants to read the rest I can post the other 4 parts but if not that’s okay. Also, if anyone knows what the Jeff/Scott ship is called please let me know

That being said, I hope you enjoy.

It was a Friday afternoon when Alex found himself alone in his bedroom after a particularly long day. He was startled when he heard a knock outside his window; Justin had said he would be hanging out with the basketball team all afternoon so he wasn’t expecting to see the older boy at all that day. Still, he excitedly rushed to open the window and let him in, the smile he had been wearing disappeared instantly the moment he saw Justin’s bloodshot eyes.

“Justin, what happened?” Alex’s concern continued to grow as he watched the other boy wrap his arms around himself as a tear fell down his cheek. “Baby, are you ok?”

Justin squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath before looking into Alex’s eyes, “can we just cuddle for a little bit before I tell you everything and you end up hating me?”

“Justin, you’re making me paranoid.” Alex whispered and took hold of Justin’s hand.


Alex nodded his head reluctantly and guided Justin to his bed. He lifted up the covers and patted the spot next to him for the other boy to lay down beside him. Justin slowly removed his shoes and climbed into bed with Alex. He turned to look at the younger boy and buried his face in his neck. Alex held him as he cried and ran his fingers through Justin’s hair.

They remained like that for a while and Alex thought Justin had fallen asleep until he slowly sat up and let out a shaky breath.

“Babe, you’re really worrying me.” Alex whispered and rubbed a hand on Justin’s back, “I can’t help you if I don’t know what happened.”

Justin nodded and wiped the tears off his face, even though it was pointless as more tears came. “I just wanted to be close to you one last time.”

Alex sat up slowly and worried that Justin was in serious trouble, “is anyone trying to hurt you?”

Justin let out a sad laugh and shook his head while sobbing, “I fucked up, Lex. I’m an idiot and I just fucked up the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“What did you do?”

“I never met up with the guys after school.”

“Okay,” Alex whispered and nodded for Justin to continue.

“I went to Jessica’s house. She said she wanted to see me and then asked why I never wanted to touch her when everyone already thinks we’re together. And she was suspicious, Alex. She was gonna find out so I…I just-“

“Please tell me it’s not what I think,” Alex whispered and he hated himself for letting all of his insecurities show in the tremble of his voice.

“I’m sorry.” Justin cried harder, “I love you and I know I ruined everything, I’m so sorry Alex.”

“You promised there was nothing between you two.” Alex tried to remain calm but he couldn’t help the tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“There wasn’t.” Justin tried to grab hold of Alex’s hand and his heart broke a little bit more when the other boy pulled his hand away and stood from the bed. “Nothing ever happened until today and I wish I could take it back, I just-“

“You can’t unfuck someone, Justin!” Alex yelled. His breath was labored and he was sure this was the beginning of a panic attack. “You said- how could you just- I can’t even- I can’t even look at you right now.” Alex cried out and tried to bring his breathing back to normal.

“Baby, you need to calm down.” Justin whispered gently and once again reached over to take hold of Alex’s hand; this time the boy didn’t pull away.

“Don’t call me that,” Alex cried. “You swore you loved me and that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

“Alex, I’m so sorry.”

“I want you to go.”

“Alex, plea-“

“Leave Justin!” Alex shouted and then whispered, “I need you to leave.”

Justin stood back and nodded his head; he bent over to pick up his shoes and stood in front of the younger boy, “for what it’s worth, I do love you and I wish I could take it all back.”

“How can you love me and do that to me?” Alex whispered.

Justin looked down at his feet and took a deep breath, “I know you won’t believe me but I really do love you. I was so scared that people would find out and I wasn’t thinking straight and I fucked up and now I’ve lost everything. I lost the most important person in my life and it’s all my fault.”

“You don’t have to worry about your secret anymore.” Alex’s voice cracked, “I won’t inconvenience you any longer.”

“That’s not how it was,” Justin placed his hands on Alex’s cheeks and wiped the boy’s tears away. “I’m so sorry.”

“Bye, Justin.” Alex said and kissed the other boy’s cheek before walking out of his own room and into the bathroom, immediately collapsing to the floor against the door and crying into his hands.

Justin could hear the boy’s sobs and his heart broke one last time before he made his way out of Alex’s house; the place that had started to feel like home for the first time in his life.

Justin walked aimlessly for what seemed like hours before going to Zack’s house.

Zack opened the front door of his house and was about to tell Justin it wasn’t a good time to be there until he looked at his best friend’s face and realized something was definitely wrong.

“Shit, are you okay?” He asked.

“Can I come in?” Justin croaked out.

“Sure,” Zack stepped out of the way to let Justin in and guided him to the stairs. “Go to my room and I’ll be there soon, I have to tell my mom you’re here.”

Justin nodded and stumbled up the stairs until he reached Zack’s bedroom. He felt out of place and filthy in such an expensively organized room. He sat on the floor and didn’t dare touch anything out of fear of ruining it.

When Zack walked in he looked confused and slightly concerned to see Justin staring at a blank spot on the wall. “Dude, are you okay? You weren’t at practice today.” He asked and noticed the way Justin winced and shrank into himself.

“I have nothing.” Justin whispered, “I really am all alone.”

“What are you talking about? There’s plenty of people who love you and are there for you.”

“Oh yeah?” Justin asked and was becoming agitated by the false statement. “Like who? Bryce? That’s a fucking joke. Or maybe my mom? Oh wait, no she doesn’t even know I haven’t been home in weeks. Maybe you then? Oh right, you can’t be bothered to even answer a fucking phone call when I’m sleeping on a fucking bench because I can’t even afford a bed.”

“That’s not true.” Zack said defensively.

“Isn’t it, Zack?”

“It’s just that sometimes you act so different from the boy that used to come over and play with my little sister when we were done with our homework.” Zack stated firmly, “it’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“Why would you?” Justin whispered and stood up to leave, “you’ve never given a shit so why would you care to really know me?

“Justin,” Zack said calmly and stood up closer to his friend, “you can talk to me now.”

Justin looked into Zack’s eyes and smiled, “coming here was a mistake. Tell your mother I’m sorry for bothering her tonight.” And with that he was out of the door on his way to find a place with an abundance of weed and alcohol.

2 days later

Alex laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. It was past 1:00 o’clock in the morning and he felt like he hadn’t slept in weeks. His eyes hurt from rubbing them while he wiped away tear after tear.

He was somewhat grateful that his dad had worked late shifts the past two days so no one noticed him cooped up in his room feeling sorry for himself.

He hated going to school and seeing Jessica smile cluelessly like everything was okay. Nothing was okay anymore and part of Alex hated her for being happy. He didn’t blame her for what happened, after all it was Justin who was supposed to be faithful. Not her. Besides, it’s not like Jessica Davis knew the boy she had fallen in love with was secretly seeing her ex.

Alex heard a light thud on his window. He did not get up to see what it was. He already knew what the noise was, or rather who had caused it.

Justin climbed up to Alex’s window and knocked on the glass. The curtains were drawn so he could see the younger boy perfectly. He was crying as much as himself. Alex motioned for him to slide the window open, so that’s exactly what he did. He opened the window, let himself inside, then closed it again.

“Hey,” he whispered.

Alex didn’t reply. He simply stared at the boy before him through his tears. It had only been two days and he already missed him like crazy.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Justin slowly walks towards the younger boy and kneels down beside his bed. “I couldn’t sleep knowing that you hate me now.”

Alex exhaled deeply, “I don’t hate you.” He croaked out and lifted the covers off the spot next to him for Justin to join him.

Justin quickly stood up and removed his shoes before joining Alex in his bed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Me too,” Alex said sniffling. “Can we just pretend for tonight that everything is okay?” He asked as he wrapped an arm around Justin’s torso and laid his head on Justin’s chest.

Justin nodded, “and tomorrow?”

“I don’t know.” Alex gripped Justin’s shirt tightly, knowing this may be the last time they are so close.

Justin nodded and kissed the top of Alex’s head as a tear slid down his face, also knowing that he had messed up and possibly lost the love of his life.