Are they really that evolutionarily significant

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Hi, Aunty Scripty! Thanks for running this blog! It's such an amazing resource, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it! On to my question, my character is in a bad situation, and as a last resort, because his hands are bound behind his back, bites his attacker's throat. Would it be possible for him to actually tear out his attacker's throat with his teeth? Sorry that it's such a gruesome ask! Thanks again!

Probably not, but it’s certainly worth trying. 

The throat is pretty well protected. The skin is thick and tough, the trachea itself is made of hard cartilage rings, and it’s actually surprisingly difficult  for a human to get a good mouth-hold on another human’s neck. (If you have a significant other who is okay with this, give it a try; don’t actually bite down though). 

Hunters who do the throat-ripping thing usually have longer mouths than we do, which helps them get a grip on their prey. Humans have fairly short mouths by comparison, and really aren’t evolutionarily adapted for this task.  

Now, that is not to say that having a human try to rip out your throat is not an absolutely fucking terrifying thing, because it is, and flesh missing from the neck can be psychologically devastating even if it’s not actually physically lethal. Your character could probably significantly damage the musculature and the skin, and possibly cause a severe venous bleed from the external or internal jugular. 

If your character is going to get any better of a bite than that they’ll need their hands to hold the neck in place while they bite. 

(Also, bites in fights is proooobably more @howtofightwrite‘s territory much more than it is mine ;) ).

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Does it bother you that female exos have breasts? Cause it makes me wonder why they gave them those... even more confusing, what about bellow the belt? Why give them anatomy that's not needed, it's like the tail bone, or the liver.

Well, I’d have to say no, it doesn’t bother me. Though, personally I’m fairly indifferent- I enjoy a certain level of androgyny in robots and I have a couple personal HCs based on exo frames. But I think I can understand why exos would be designed around at least some superficial human anatomy. 

Humans as a whole tend to empathize even with inanimate objects, and we’re wired to see ourselves is just about everything (think about those silly faces that you can see in car bumpers or in the windows of a building). Relatedly, we also tend to design things in a way that resembles ourselves. You can even see this in robots that are currently being made, particularly in the ones that are intended to interact with humans on any sort of social level. So, if humans are designing robots, especially robots based on humans and intended to become/replace/expand upon humans, then we’re going to want something that we recognize. And, for that matter, something that we find aesthetically pleasing, hopefully without straying into uncanny valley. 

We also know that exos can consume regular food and appear to need sleep or a close equivalent, so it seems like a fair assumption that they were intended to be as close to ‘Human’ as possible. Not to mention, they were normal humans, once upon a time, so I imagine they would still want to enjoy the little things in life- like a good bowl of Ramen ;) As for male and female frames, I suppose people like to have options? 

I know it was a bit rambling, but hope that answered your question.

On a side note- I know it’s not really part of your question, so I won’t go into any detail here, but the liver is not a useless organ. And while the tailbone is not actively useful, it’s the long forgotten remnants of a tail, so it’s still evolutionarily significant, though no longer a practical piece of anatomy. (I’ve studied a lot of anatomy and biology, so I have strong feeling regarding)