When inspiration hits… I’m legit sitting here writing out the story that’s slowly moving through my head, so here’s an addition to my “superhero cast.”

Nicole Behari
Steven Yeun
Elijah Kelley
Diamond White
Michael Trevino
Riz Ahmed
Alfred Enoch
Arden Cho
Bryan Cranston
Diane Guerrero
Crystal Reed
Rachel Weisz

  • Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
  • Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
  • Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
  • Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
  • Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
  • Season 5: Who’s the beast?
  • Season 6: Who’s Stiles?

michaelarden: Happy National Coming Out Day! I remember being a young kid in Midland, Texas, and hearing about this day on MTV. I remember being excited and completely terrified of what would happen if and when I was honest and transparent about who I was and who I was attracted to. The first person I ever came out to was my 9th Grade English Teacher, Shelly Hickman. It was the first day of Freshman year, and the assignment we were given was to write an essay on what we had learned about ourselves over the summer. For some reason, my pen began to write the truth. I wrote that I learned I was a gay man and didn’t feel like it was something that was wrong or that I should be ashamed of. I turned in my paper, somewhat anxiously, and went about my day. A few hours later, Mrs. Hickman came into the student lounge and called me over. We sat in a classroom and she told me how honored she was that I felt safe enough to share my truth with her. She also vowed to always be an ally and safe haven if my truth became too difficult for other people. I firmly believe she gave me the strength and confidence to go through my life with my head held high. She taught me love, not shame. Friendship versus fear. Today isn’t just for someone who is deciding to come out, it’s also for all those who will be come out to. Your kindness, compassion, support and love is more important than you will probably ever know. The world is a different place now than it was when I was a kid, there are gay and bi and trans characters on TV (I’ve played a few) and I’m now married to my best friend, something I could have never imagined when I was living in Texas. But we still have a long way to go. True change happens slowly and gradually, sometimes with sudden earthquakes. I wish every kid who feels the need or wish to speak their truth the courage and the confidence they need to tell the world exactly who they are. And I wish and pray the world will love them all the more. It’s important to remember that we are all so very lucky. That the world isn’t an even playing field. We cannot forget how important this day is, no matter how high we soar, for there will always be someone earthbound.

end of the year name aesthetics ๐Ÿ’ซ

sooo im really really close to 5k and id love nothing more than to hit my ultimate follower goal for christmas and the new year! ✨

to get things going, ill be doing NAME AESTHETICS for the rest of the year. every single person who followed/follows me and reblogs this post with their name in the tags gets a name aesthetic, which ill send thru your ask box!! this is low key a follow spree too bc i love making new mutuals yas

thank you so much, ilu! 💖 merry almost christmas! ❄️


I’ll share another Wednesday in the Wild today because this one has a recognizable astronomical image! These galaxy print leggings from Canadian retailer Ardene look like just an artistic representation, but I’d recognize that Mystic Mountain anywhere!

The Hubble image of the feature in the Carina Nebula was taken in February 2010 and released for Hubble’s 20th launch anniversary that April.

Thanks to Toronto-based artist Thierry Levesque for the photo that led to the image ID!