Ardboe High Cross (Irish: Seanchrois Ard Bó) is a high cross and national monument located in Ardboe, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is believed to have been erected in either the ninth or the tenth century. At around 5.6 metres, Ardboe High Cross is Northern Ireland’s tallest cross.


ARDBOE or Ard Bó

In Irish the name means Height of the Cow. The Ardboe high cross stands 18 feet high on the shores of Lough Neagh in County Tyrone. It has 20 scenes from the Old Testament carved into its shaft. This and similar high crosses throughout Ireland were teaching tools used by the monks for religious education. In the early days of the Church, few people could read.

Near the cross are the ruins of a small 16 century church built on the site where St. Colman founded a monastery in the 7th century. The name Ardboe came from a legend that the mortar used to build the church came from a magic cow that emerged from the lough (Lough Neagh) that had gone dry.

Ardboe has an intense energy about it. Irish writer, Polly Devlin wrote about Ardboe in the 1950s…

The position of the small primitive group of holy buildings silhouetted against water and sky affects us, and most visitors, to initial stillness and silence. The crumbling arched windows frame the perpetual movement of the small crested waves of the lough.

Ardboe is a thin place. It is a stop on our Thin Places tour of Northern Ireland in Sept. 2013.

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Ardboe Dragon to hit screens

An Ardboe woman will be the only female dragon when the new series of ‘Dragons Den’ starts on RTE in 2013. Ramona Nicholas, nee Wylie, who currently lives in Donegal with her husband and 3 year old son is the co-director of Cara pharmacies which has created her fortune through its 14 stores throughout the likes of Cavan, Fermanagh and Sligo.

This is the second television appearance for Ramona, having starred in top series ‘The Secret Millionaire’ earlier this year. Ramona put herself in the shoes of a jobseeker and experienced the harsh realities of life on the dole and the struggles that many people in Ireland face. A far cry from her own luxurious lifestyle. Ramona was visibly humbled by the experience of appearing on the show and duly made generous donations to many of the organisations she visited while posing as a non-millionaire. In her native Ardboe she was a ‘secret millionaire’, most people were unaware of her massive wealth but as soon as the RTE show aired on a Thursday night there was a queue bigger than the dole queue behind her after mass with men, women and children mad after a sub of twenty quid!

Obviously enjoying her time in front of the camera, Ramona is now extending her career into ‘Dragons Den’ which can only be a positive for those appearing in front of the dragons. She is the youngest panelist and will easily relate to the hopeful entrepreneurs because she, up until recently was that bright eyed hopeful with a big idea. Her big idea has since exploded and made her a fortune, so this experience can undoubtedly help those who bring ideas to the den.

Hard work has got Cara pharmacies where they are today and if a product is good enough, Ramona will look to instill that hard work to help those brave enough to step into the den achieve similar success

Has anyone got any ideas to put before the dragons? And remember, it has to be feasible, viable and most importantly it has to be legal!