arctic monkeys lyrics for the signs
  • aries:"instilled in your brain, you've got something to prove to all the smirking faces and the boys in the back." (song: from the fritz to the rubble)
  • taurus:"when she laughs, the heavens hum a stun-gun lullaby. those twinkling vixens with the shining spiral eyes, their hypnosis goes unnoticed when she's walking by." (song: reckless serenade)
  • gemini:"tomorrow i'll be stronger, running colorful, no longer just in black and white, but i'm quite alright hiding tonight." (song: hiding tonight)
  • cancer:"the day after you stole my heart, everything i touched told me it would be better shared with you, with you." (song: fire and the thud) (seriously read the rest of the lyrics they're so romantic and cute)
  • leo:"she came and substituted the peace and quiet for acrobatic blood flow...she's thunderstorms." (song: she's thunderstorms)
  • virgo:"a knife twists at the thought that i should fall short of the mark. frightened by the bite, though it's not harsher than the bark." (song: 505)
  • libra:"cavort and carry on for waiting eyes that you would rather be beside than in front of, but she's never been the type to be hollowed by the stares." (song: secret door)
  • scorpio:"i doubt it's your style not to get what you set out to acquire. the eyes are on fire, you are the unforecasted storm." (song: brianstorm)
  • sagittarius:"just when things are getting complicated in the eye of the storm, she flicks a red hot revelation off the tip of her tongue." (song: the hellcat spangled shalalala)
  • capricorn:"uninviting, but not half as impossible as everyone assumes, you are crying lightning." (song: crying lightning)
  • aquarius:"your kiss, it could put creases in the rain. you're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are just postmix lemonade." (song: suck it and see)
  • pisces:"linking arms, sinking hearts./and sorrow slow dances around the edges of her eyes." (song: all my own stunts)