“Your people have long amused me, Midna. To defy the gods with such petty magic, only to be cast aside… How very pathetic. Pathetic as they were, though, they served me well. Their anguish was my nourishment. Their hatred bled across the void and awakened me. I drank deep of it and grew strong again. Your people had some skill, to be sure…but they lacked true power. The kind of absolute power that those chosen by the gods wield. He who wields such power would make a suitable king for this world, don’t you think?”

-Ganondorf, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

Why He is my Archnemesis, a 5fF retrospective
  1. It all started like THIS
  2. And then there’s this:    

    The man spent 8 hours standing there watching the two techs install the video doorbell. 8 hours! He did nothing else today. And I know it’s so he can go back later and fuck it up.
  3. At 7:15 this morning I got a call from a teacher that there was a faucet in the Middle School girls restroom that wouldn’t shut off. I called him over and told him and thought he took care of it.  At 9:30 a student came to tell me about the same faucet. I told the principal and then told him again, adding that the custodian in the elementary school had to shut off the water to their sink when it happened. He fed me some story about what maintenance needs to do to fix it. “Do I need to file a workorder?” No. They know all about it.
  4. At 2:30 the same girl came up to tell me the sink had overflowed and there was a big puddle in the bathroom. I call him over, in front of the principal, and tell him that the sink has now overflowed and the girls report that there’s a big puddle in the bathroom, and he looks at me and says “Sink, what sink?"  I think I may actually have seen red, or my eyes were bleeding, it’s all still unclear. I just said the same sink I’ve already told you about two times today.  He came back later, before I left, and told me there was no puddle. I know he left it for the night custodian to find and clean tonight.
  5. He says they need to hire a female custodian, because he can’t go in the female bathrooms. I told him all he has to do is put out his lil caution cones to let them know they can’t go in there and then he can clean, repair, whatever, to his lil hearts content. He tells me this:  "I did that! I stood in the door and yelled ‘Is anyone in here?’ and she said NO, so I went in and there was a girl sitting there!"     &@&$#@^%#@*$__@%@)(@@_+!   Someone replied and he still thought it was empty!!!!! *&@)(%&(&%^&#%&)(&)&%

And THAT is why he is my Archnemesis.  The End.

Archnemesis- Sugar

This is the soundcloud write up under the track…

    "1320 Records has become a pillar of America’s electronic music industry, taking pride in packing their roster with high-caliber acts like Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Eliot Lipp, and the powerful and mightily talented soul-hop duo Archnemesis. Its members, Curt Heiny and Justin Aubuchon, are known for slapping old school blues licks and soul acapellas on top of fiery bass and cutting edge beats. Since signing with 1320 last year, Archnemesis released a 5 track EP, Diamonds and Glass, and more recently distributed People’s Radio, their debut full-length album this past fall. “Sugar” is the quintessential Archnemesis composition, featuring deep vocals, booming bass, and a grinding beat that doesn’t fall into the trappings of today’s flash-in-the-pan soundscapes. The cut is a mature production, showing off the strides Aubuchon and Heiny have made in the relatively short time they’ve been working together. Archnemesis caps off 2011–a year which catapulted the pair to new heights, and major tours with Zoogma, Kraddy, Mochipet, and STS9–at the big NYE bash Lights All Night in Dallas alongside some of the biggest acts in the business. Let’s see what 2012 has in store for your favorite supervillains.“

I snapped a bit at How Do They Breathe Guy yesterday. Actually, more than a bit. Enough that the class fell to stunned silence while I ranted.

After everyone fed him back ten tons of criticism for his story (which started with an interesting enough concept, completely abandoned that in favor of an incohesive psychedelic trip, and then took a turn towards subject material dark and gross enough to make Alan Moore blush), the professor asked if he had any questions for the class. He didn’t. Instead, he had about ten minutes of pontificating and pointing out how we “read the story wrong” and how it was so difficult to write because he was blazing new trails in writing and he didn’t blame us for not getting it, and how he felt like “J.R. [sic] Tolkien and Frank Herbert with this stuff.”

At which point my mouth involuntarily opened and the words “I think you’re real far up your own ass” jumped out.

The professor gave a quiet “Oh Brad…” before stepping aside to let me unleash a couple minutes’ rant telling this guy he was wasting our time by insisting that we got his story wrong and telling us just how genius he was. Then class ended and, gods willing, I will never see How Do They Breathe Guy again. 

(I went to apologize to the teacher for snapping and being an ass; as soon as I walked into her office, she told me to close the door, and then thanked me for finally shutting him up.)

(If it sounds like I was just a massive jerk here…well, I was, but trust me, he deserved it.)


Archnemesis - Electrofunk/Dubstep - Asheville, NC

Asheville DJ duo Archnemesis have been killing it for a minute and are finally starting to gain the recognition and traction that they deserve. After dropping a DOPE free EP entitled Diamonds And Glass in 2010, they followed it up in Fall 2011 with a new free offering, a more mature and complete body of work entitled People’s Radio. Their tracks evoke a very Pretty-Lights esque style (with a few more wobbles mixed in for good measure) but what I dig most about them is their constant ability to crank out new funky electro grooves of such high quality. Their sounds; from fat dub bass, to distorted synths, and even their kicks and snares, are all extremely rich sounding, EQ’d perfectly, and sit perfectly in the mix. The end result is an amalgamation of futuristic sounds that give each track a unique balance and overall cohesiveness. Side note: this is some of my favorite music to work out to so grab both their albums for FREE @ and check it out for yourself!