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The ‘Star Wars’ inspired 'Queen, Princess, Jedi’ Perspective #3 by Andy Fairhurst, a new officially licensed print release from Bottleneck Gallery and ACME Archives.

13" x 19" giclee prints in a numbered limited edition of 325 for $100 for the 3 print set.

On sale Thursday August 25 at 12pm EST.

Go here to buy.


Relics of the World’s Fair: Chicago

From exploring what remains of the World’s Fair in Paris, we continue in our World’s Fair series by looking at what survives from the fairs in Chicago. The Windy City sports relics from just two World’s Fairs — compared to the six in Paris — but they’re two of the most famous fairs in history, with many relics.

CHICAGO: Host to two World’s Fairs — 1893 and 1933

For the full photo gallery of the Relics of Chicago’s World’s Fairs, keep going to Atlas Obscura…


‘Star Wars’ by Andy Fairhurst, is a new officially licensed limited print release by Bottleneck Gallery and ACME Archives.

They are 13" x 19" giclée prints, each in a numbered limited edition of 175 and cost $35 each (or $100 for the set).

They go on sale Tuesday April 21 at 12pm EST.

Go here to buy.

During the 1990s, Stephen Powers painted lauded graffiti across New York City as ESPO. In 1999, he published the dorm-room bookshelf staple, The Art of Getting Over. Powers now paints “legal” murals as part of A Love Letter for You in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. The images in this gallery are from his “Daily Metaltations” painted on aluminum.

Signs of the Times by Stephen Powers


Star Wars officially licensed screen printed poster, illustrated by Juan Esteban Rodríguez and produced in collaboration with The Bottleneck Gallery and Acme Archives. Screen printed by VGKIDS

Brown edition

  • Limited edition of 150 screen prints 
  • 18x24 inch 
  • 4 colors
  • Orange Curious metallic paper 

Blue variant edition

  • Limited edition of 50 screen prints 
  • 18x24 inch
  • 4 colors, one of them gold metallic ink
  • Orange Curious metallic paper 

Sold out at Bottleneck Gallery. 

Photograph of Japanese Officer 1861, Japan.  This is a rare early photograph, taken at a time when the feudal samurai system in Japan was still active. Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives