Archival Inkjet Prints

The Forest of No Return. © Sarah Fuller 2014. Artist’s book.

As part of the exhibit I am preparing for Christine Klassen Gallery, I created a small artist book of prints that depict daytime scenes of current-day Bear Creek. These images show the state of the town as it decays into the forest and will contrast the evening images of my installation The Homecoming.  More information about the project here

Exhibition opens this Thursday, February 6th at Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary.

Altar 34°50'12.9"N 111°49'18.3"W (Dying played forward and then in reverse)

Benjy Russell. 2016

32"x48" archival inkjet print, edition of 10 +2AP

“Another(altar) is an abstracted floral arrangement, hovering over what is said to be one of four energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. The bright and vivid colors of the flowers are a phantasmagorical apparation not at all at home when set against the ancient rock formations of the high desert. An impossibility of flora and Terra, the sculpture is intended to channel healing energy for global meditation on retrospection and in turn introspection.”

This gorgeous floral sculpture was created by the amazingly talented Maurice Harris of Bloom and Plume in Los Angeles. The intention of the sculpture was to mimic the heart; with it’s arteries and veins channeling and oxygenating blood efficiently throughout the body. This singular muscle is the signifier of life for this vessel. When this muscle ceases to function, the body ceases to regenerate cells and the vessel decomposes to be reincorporated into the ecosystem.

James Welling
G13QW, 2012
Archival inkjet print
Framed: 60 ½ x 48 ¾ inches (153.7 x 123.8 cm)
Image: 51 7/8 x 40 inches (131.8 x 101.6 cm)