15.01.2018 [10/100 days of productivity]

Pensieri della saconda settimana di gennaio: passo dei giorni così pieni di cose totalmente inutili che non mi rimane tempo per fare l'essenziale e necessario.
Sono così impegnata da non riuscire a finire i miei impegni. Ironico.

Conclusioni della saconda settimana di gennaio: è tempo di chiarire quali sono e priorità e battermi per raggiungere i miei veri obiettivi.

Forza e coraggio!
Buona terza settimana!

najisterma  asked:

hello comyet, i love your story..."dreamers" and i love how you draw, i have a question, what is your draw style? and... how you make?

Thank you so much, it’s very kind of you! <3 My current art style is frankly a combination of everything I study from my favorite artists mixed with experimenting things here and there. Experimenting honestly is so important to get out of your comfort zone and come back to your ideal art style journey with a new eye. Trying new mediums, new exercises or new formats has helped a lot already personally! I really recommend everyone to study nude posing, still life, real people and architecture on sketchbooks with different tools (markers, charcoal, watercolor, pencils, ink, pastel, cut out, etc)!!

I know how comforting it is to only draw the same things in the same style with the same medium all the time (I’ve drawn almost only digitally for close to a decade) but I think it really helps to enrich your work 🥰 Thank you again for the lovely compliments, I’m really just trying to understand this whole thing myself!! Your art style will come to you as you study what you like and what you want to make, and that happens with experimenting as much as you can!

(In case it interests anyone I post my traditional art on my instagram!)