15.01.2018 [10/100 days of productivity]

Pensieri della saconda settimana di gennaio: passo dei giorni così pieni di cose totalmente inutili che non mi rimane tempo per fare l'essenziale e necessario.
Sono così impegnata da non riuscire a finire i miei impegni. Ironico.

Conclusioni della saconda settimana di gennaio: è tempo di chiarire quali sono e priorità e battermi per raggiungere i miei veri obiettivi.

Forza e coraggio!
Buona terza settimana!

9.5.16 Hi to all my new snapchat followers! Love you guys so much. Floor plans was yesterday’s focus so I was working on an A1 sheet! I’m a little worried that my models going to be too small but I didn’t want it to be big to be honest. All of what I do is small nowadays, which I really love. The floor plans required a lot of maths, so this proves you definitely need trigonometry in real life! I’m on Costa coffee free day 4 now so I’ve earned the hardcover Throne of Glass! Stay fed guys xxx emily

14.4.16 So busy this week. I’m back at uni after Easter and I didn’t quite realise how much I still need to sort out for my Final major project. So tonight I’m cleaning up a few loose ends and trying to get back on track. There’s so much to think about and I’m feeling a little daunted. I love how light is used in architecture and shafts of it using angles so I want to explore that, as well as finalise a location and really solidify my brief. I know how I want to construct my model, but it’s bout finding a place my design could actually go! Maybe I’ll have to scrap the idea of having my design set into a hillside because there are no cities I can actually design in that have large hills that I know of. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe I’ll construct my own bloody hills haha. Anyway, these experimental models are helping! xxx emily


24.2.16 I finally got a new backpack and I am so happy with my new Fjallraven Kanken! I got the black classic with a student discount. I wrote about it for my jar of good moments! After doing some work on my latest project I went flower shopping today, because my mum had a hospital appointment. Xxx emily 🌿🌹