Modern Day Farmhouse in Puglia

Designed as a modern day farmhouse in Ostuni, Puglia, Masseria Moroseta by Andrew Trotter, uses local materials, traditional building methods and details from the local architecture, resulting in a building that fits perfectly within the olive trees, a real Pugliase vernacular. The masseria is a working farm of organic olive oil, and has six suits with private gardens, for holidays immersed in the countryside, with views to the sea. 

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Architectural Simplicity In the Paintings of Helen Shulkin

Helen Shulkin creates mixed media artworks and portrait paintings. In a search for new methods to interpret the urbanity, Helen focuses on the idea of metamorhoposis from architectural complexity into limpid compositions through her individual esthesis. Contemplating urban objects like industrial constructions, central stations, building sites, terminals… she sees an infinite simplicity, evoking a sense of melancholy. Using experimental mixed media, Helen tries to convey this complementarity, resulting from the fine relation of urban form and her innermost content. 

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Rusty ship transformed into cavernous pavilion in Seoul
South Korean studio Shinslab Architecture sliced off one end of a rusty old shipto form this installation for MoMA's Young Architects Program.

Shinslab calls the project Temp'L. Its aim is to demonstrate how objects that have lost their function may still have value, and promote the beauty in utilitarian mass-produced objects.

“Any great cultural vestiges can lose their function. In the same way, a material can also lose its original value over time,” they added.

“The fact that the destiny of cultural relics is to be dismantled, should make us reflect upon what we need to consider for future generations.”