Inglourious Basterds: How They Kiss You

Anon: Hey! :) Do you think you could do an Inglourious Basterds preference on how they kiss you? (Specifically just the Basterds.) Thanks!

Aldo Raine: He’s a passionate, and he’s not afraid to let you know how he feels. He puts all of his frustration and emotions into his kisses, and he cares so much for you.

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Donny Donowitz: He’s rough and fast. He loves surprising you and taking advantage of that shock.

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Archie Hicox Headcannons

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Anon:  Could you do headcannons for Archie Hicox from IB please?

As A Significant Other:

  • He’s a total gentleman
  • He opens doors for you
  • And carries you over puddles
  • And grabs your hand to help you out of the car.
  • He likes to take you out on quiet dates
  • Like going out on a picnic in a park
  • Or to a small cafe on a street corner
  • And just sit with you and talk for hours.
  • He always kisses your hand before kissing your lips
  • As a way of asking for permission
  • And then he’s full of passion and love.
  • He doesn’t show you off because he doesn’t need to
  • Everyone knows that you two are the cutest couple
  • And you know it as well
  • Because the love that you two share for each other knows no bounds.

As A Best Friend:

  • You two are basically what would happen if James Bond was split into two people
  • Suave badasses who punch people in the face together
  • And you can absolutely drink him under the table, which he’s not too proud of.
  • You met him when you were called in on a mission
  • And he was annoyed by your intelligence
  • Because you’re smarter than him
  • So when the two of you became partners
  • He was not too happy about it
  • But you both end up saving each others lives on multiple occasions
  • So you two started hanging out together when you got back home.
  • There are a lot of fights
  • But in the end you two make up
  • And you always have each others backs.
The Silence (Lt. Archie Hicox x Reader). Finale

[Part IX]

A/N:  Автор игнорирует тот факт, что Арчи Хикокс – англичанин по национальности.
В имейджине много заимствований из романов «Французская сюита», «Молчание моря» и «Девушка, которую ты покинул». На историческую правдоподобность не претендую.

В конверте, что оставил тебе Хикокс, ты нашла только его фотографию. Снимок был сделан не для документов, вероятно в довоенные годы; Арчи в свитере и летних брюках трепал огромную овчарку по холке и улыбался. Ты вложила конверт с фото в свой личный дневник.

Лейтенант Боннет, занявший спальню твоих родителей, так же, как и Хокикс, отличался безупречными манерами. Столкнувшись с тобой в передней или в коридоре, он обычно отступал назад, вероятно, от избытка вежливости и нежелания досаждать своим присутствием хозяйке дома. Он вытягивался до невозможности прямо, лицо его делалось непроницаемым, и с чёткостью автомата он резко ронял голову и щёлкал каблуками. Ох уж эта их пруссацкая вежливость!

Ты была особенно отчуждённа, рассеянна, неуступчива; проходя мимо Боннета, ты молча наклоняла голову. Он тоже ничего не говорил, но, думая, что его никто не видит, часто смотрел тебе вслед. 

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here's a random post about my Archie Hicox feels

It’s been a while since we talked about my feels. Now let us all turn our eyes to Archie Hicox (…Lieutenant. Yup.)

Archie Hicox had one job. But, no, rewind that, let’s start at the beginning.

Archie Hicox strolls into view and while people talk about defeating Germany, his main three interests are movies, scotch and being English. Which are good interests unless you should be interested in defeating Germany.

Archie Hicox is a gem. He’s a crown jewel.

What is the loveliest thing about him, he’s the original film geek, extrapolating it on his superspy mission. The agent learns language from films, and is now fashioning himself a background with a little help from Pabst and Riefenstahl. Well, now we’re doomed. But, on the other hand, just look at him. In his happy place. Spying and heroing and other cool “-ing"s (that is so boyish, oh, Archie, just sit down, you’re not Batman) and also, look at that, he’s sitting at the same table with Bridget von Hammersmark. Could his film critic self imagine that, say, a month ago? Highly doubt that. 

And it’s all so surreal, all those things he remembers from movies, and he’s the person who carries the lighter, and he’s the spy, and he’s everything, and it’s all a big word game (and a game in a game as well. Did you write "Pabst” on that card? Again? Oh, dear) and then… you’re facing certain death.

And that little pause before he collects himself back into his overly English image is the best thing about Archie, because he’s not a know-it-all  critic and not a spy, he’s just a person who’s too young to die, alone in a foreign land, and the revelation is so abrupt, and it’s not like in the movies at all.

But oh, sweet prince, you tried. It’s just no one thought to give this mission to an actual spy. They gave it to an actor. And he gave them a show.  And.. I say…