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👀 + JayRoy

1. roy likes to sleep with his head on jay’s chest, because hearing his heartbeat and remembering that jason is alive is soothing to him

2. jason and roy are pretty much in constant contact, especially when they’re apart from each other. it’s not too uncommon to hear red hood mother henning arsenal across the comms (”have you eaten today? did you remember to sleep? stand up and stretch, you’ve probably been hunched over for hours now.”)

3. if roy gets too caught up in his projects, jason will physically pick roy up and carry him away, ignoring all protests, and take him to bed and lay on him until he falls asleep

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hey timmy out of all the titans who would you date?

            ❝ That’s a TOUGH question. I’d date Wonder Girl, but I’d also date Aqualad. But also Superboy. Or even Speedy… nah, scratch out speedy. He’s got issues. ❞

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Blog Recommendation Meme || Accepting  || 

o1) @archeroftheeast// @ofichinose// @ignitiongenius - Madi, no matter what muse she chooses, just kills it. Her writing is lovely. It’s interesting to read with a good vocabulary without being flowery or purple prosey. You can tell she cares about her followers’ comfort and is just nice to everyone. She’s willing to listen to you vent or talk about your side of the story but it doesn’t ever taint her opinion of someone else. She’s good about not picking sides or getting overly involved in drama and that’s a really admirable trait. She also listens to my dumb ramblings or about my day and is not rude and acts interested. Really, she’s just a great friend and person on top of knowing her muses and writing well.

o2) @dementedspeedster// @tiredbeingtired - I’ve had the pleasure of following them for awhile. I think I even followed them when I had a Jinx blog forever ago but I can’t rightly remember. Anyways, their writing is also interesting and easy to read. It’s not overly prosey or anything. It’s just well done and interesting, yet accessible, which is always appreciated.  Their take on Thad is great too. They clearly care about him more than some of the creators over at DC. If they ever bring back Thad to the DC-verse, they need to just have dementedspeedster write for him. They seriously breathe life into Thad and make him complex and interesting.

o3) @judasborn - Their Jericho is just on point. I love everything from their writing to their faceclaim to their headcanons. Their Joey is a precious ray of sunshine and it always makes me happy to see them on my dash. Once again, their writing is easy to read while still being interesting and great to read. I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with them too much, but if you’re looking for a good Jericho Wilson to follow, I’d definitely recommend them.

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      “ I beat someone up back in Gotham. ”

She just had to completely SPIT IT OUT in the end, without pausing to take
a breath. Really, he might not think it’s too big of a deal - considering the sort
of lifestyle the two of them ( and most of the other teenagers she knows ) live
their lives. They run the risk of crossing fists eventually, no matter how pacifistic
one of them might be. 

A small pat on his hand, and her own retreat to her lap - fingers interlaced tightly,
mimicking the feeling in her chest. That girl was a bully, a big bad shewolf.
Anybody hearing the story would have taken her side, but, it didn’t change anything.

       “ I think it’s why I can’t actually, punch people that well. I’m not even trying
         because of, that. That’s pretty dumb, isn’t it? ”

Information Is Key

Following the proverbial grape vine of information and individuals whom had been just as screwed over as Alice by this rat of a lawyer, had led Alice quite a long way from her starting location. At least out here she wouldn’t have to worry so much about Arkham or being thrown away again so quickly. Merely avoid being caught at certain scenes of assaults. 

For now, she had a slip of paper with an address on it. Slowly walking along a docks like area as she hurried away from yet another altercation. Her large knife in hand. Alice had acquired what she came for, next bread crumb on this trail. 

“And yet another step on this thousand mile journey…” 

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❝ What do girls usually like? ❞

You can’t just ask that. There’s no right answer! All girls like different stuff. Just like you like archery but Robin likes tech. Everyone likes it when you do nice stuff for them though. Maybe you should find out what the girl you’re trying to ask out likes and then go from there.

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"That's not exactly a good coping method."

“I’m a damn encyclopedia of bad coping methods, Harper.” Jason gives him a thin smile. “But, all things considered, getting drunk and reciting Shakespeare is a hell of a lot better than a few years ago when I was decapitating people to blow off steam.”

He reaches out to Roy, grasping his shirt loosely. “You sure you don’t want a drink? I’ll share, I promise.”

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Garth and Tula??

Send Me a Ship and I’ll Tell You Who: (Obnoxious Edition)

always wins when they play Trivia Crack: Garth

laughs when their partner trips on something: Tula

would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke: Tula

spoils the ending of books/movies: Garth

always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW: Tula mostly

eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it: Tula

obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week: Both.

makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc: Tula

has to beat their partner in every game: Tula

keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff: Garth Tula would rather stay up doing other things but no. they’re talking about clams for hours.

eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway: Tula

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I made it myself– it’s called backpack. Kind of a lame name, I know– but easy to say in a pinch.” He gestured to his mechanical creation, which behaved almost in a canine-like manner. It stared up at Speedy. “That’s uh– my superpower, I guess.” 

Richie sheepishly ran a hand through his hair. “It’s not as cool as electromagnetism but– it gets the job done. I’m just– the smart guy.