Imagine Shran #3

Shran’s full name is : Thy’lek Shran. but his name of birth is  Hravishran th'Zoarhi, (that’s his true full name).

What if, the first person, from an another species, he tell his full name just flay it the first time he say it.

It pissed Shran so much, it make him so angry and annoyed that he cut his own name, in something more simple, for not let that happened anymore. Because want to punch in the face every person who flay your name is not the best thing to do if you want to make friend in space.

How Jon react when he learn that ? He, in private, used to call Shran “Thy” (like Jonathan is cut in Jon) and then he realise he always call his friend by a shorter nickname of an another and wrong spelling of his true first name. It would be like Shran called him “Jin” or “Jit” instead of “Jon”.

He learn it when they have Andorians in board for some mission and they call Shran, Hravishran or th’Zoarhi. And Archer is just like :

- “Why they call you like that ? Why they make error or deformation ? it’s disrepectful.”

and Shran reponds

- “Well they call me by my full name, my name of birth, actually it’s you who use a deformed version of my name but that’s okay, I allow it, it’s more simple for other species to pronounce it.”

So after, Jon asks to other Andorians to train him into good pronunciation of Shran name until he can pronounce it properly. And Shran is happy.

I’ve been keeping this one under wraps - The Nightingale class Mobile Trauma Center (MTC), a variant of the Archer class scout.
Number 2 in the Disaster Response Task Force series, this design has been completely reworked with an almost completely new interior designed specifically for first response to space or planetary medical emergencies, and is available NOW on Amazon at

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So… one of the moments from A Link to the Past that sticks out the most for me is actually pretty near the beginning of the game. It’s the part where you’re helping Zelda to escape from the castle, and she comes with you into the sewers.  She actually doesn’t do much… she doesn’t even hold the lantern. But little 10-year-old-or-so me was convinced, just from this little bit, that absolutely the next Zelda game would be two players, with 2P playing as Zelda.  It just made sense. It was definitely coming, how could it not? I was so excited.

Well…. I’m still waiting.  But here’s a little sketch for younger me, and maybe you, of a Zelda who would be quite happy to go questing. I started off mostly looking at the old cartoon version of her, but incorporated a lot of things from some of the newer designs, most obviously the color scheme.  I had fun with it.


The following images are Chinese leaks of the final evolutions of the Alola region starters; Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. These images are NOT confirmed, however, they’re being rapidly removed from Google search engine. With that said, along with the “confidential” stamp, these images could be the real deal.

These final evolutions are based on an Archer, Wrestler, and a Siren.

What are your thoughts on these leaks?


Viking Photoshoot featuring belt set and rune bones by @lykosleather 🌿 so in love with the custom color of the belt! The belt was also custom sized!
( just because I know I’ll get more asks about the subject, I’ve been doing archery for 6-7 years now and the bow I’m using in the photos is about 55lbs)
Instagram: Lotheriel