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Love that chubby Emiya pic you did! We definitely need some more chubby archer stuff around here, Perhaps another one of him in his Fate Extra CCC outfit looking abit sheepish since he's gotten bigger and chubbier since the last time he wore it?

(Actually, this exact idea was in my mind at first xD) I’m glad you liked it

btw, is my idea or there is a huge lack of chubby art of male characters from Fate series?

Juicebox Hero (Central Coast)

Brewery : Central Coast
Beer : Juicebox Hero
Style : IPA / India Pale Ale
Variance : None

10 / 10

Just one guitar, slung way down low. Was a one way ticket, only way to go. So he started rockin’, ain’t never gonna stop. Gotta keep on rockin’, someday gonna make it to the top. And be a juicebox hero, (got the stars in his eyes). He’s a juicebox hero. Fuck, seriously this beer is fucking perfection. I am all about this and I couldn’t be happier that Central Coast sent me out two cans of this because honestly after tasting this, I need that second can like Keith Richards needs crack to survive. A super fresh pineapple flavor starts things off before some tropical flavors and citrus mix in with the perfect balance between sweet and bitter before ending with a super juicy mango flavor mixed with some pine and honey to close. Just like Foreigner, this beer fucking rocks real hard and solos right in your god damn face with it’s amazing flavors and just owns the stage like a mother fucking boss. Seriously though, how the hell did I not know about these guys until recently? I feel like Patrick Starfish living under a rock all my life because to not know about this brewery is to not know that Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burgers have the exact same voice. Like, come on people. Jon Benjamin has one fucking voice so just learn it now and that way if he ever has another TV show you’ll instantly be able to pick it out. Alrighty then, moving on. If you are new to the scene or just new to hazy IPAs, this is possibly the best beer to lose your virginity to because it will caress your mouth and enter you easier than an Asian man in winter with it’s pillowy mouthfeel and incredible flavor. As for you pros, spread em wide and pour this down because this beer IS NOT and I repeat, IS NOT to be missed. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.

Happy mother’s day From...

Queen moon butterfly

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