Archangel Uriel

Archangels IV: Light of God, Uriel.  Previously: MichaelGabrielRaphael.  Last of this series!  More obscure than the other three, Uriel is associated with repentance, punishment, the sun, poetry, and the fiery ecstasy of close union with the Divine.

(I beg you to at least listen to the first track because it’s killing my soul rn.)


1. Phosphorescent // Ya Hey (Vampire Weekend cover) // [through the fire and through the flame, you won’t even say your name, only “I am that I am”] 2. Versus // Crashing the Afterglow [don’t know what to say to you, firing flares into the night, and everything is all right] 3. Lykke Li // Come Near [in the morning when the light is bright, I forgot just where I’ve been, all I know is it’s happening right] 4. Death in Vegas // Leather [instr.] 5. The Men // Half Angel Half Light [love’s in the sinner and innocent, waiting for days when the miracle’s too grave] 6. Wolf Parade // This Heart’s on Fire [what makes the sound of surf once you know you’re alive?] 7. Instant Klazzix // Diamonds on His Toes [we’re from a new world, part boy and part girl, with diamonds on our toes] 8. Spirit of the West // And If Venice Is Sinking [and the ceiling’s painted gold, and Mary’s hair is red, the old come here to kiss their dead] 9. Ennio Morricone // On Earth as It Is in Heaven [instr./choral] 10. John Murphy // The Surface of the Sun [instr.] 11. Seraphic Fire // Monteverdi, Magnificat: Gloria Patris [trans. from Latin: glory be to the Father] 12. Bruce Cockburn // Arrows of Light [arrows of light, come, pierce my soul] 13. Junior Parker // Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover) [play the game existence to the end of the beginning] 14. Julian Casablancas // River of Brakelights [is that what we want? is everything shot? is that what you asked for? cause that’s what we got] 15. Vampire Weekend // Young Lion [you take your time, young lion] 16. Monks and Choirs of Kiev Pechersk Lavra // Fall Asleep by the Flash [Russian or Ukrainian, haven’t got a translation!] 17. Geoff Knorr, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra // Phos Hilaron [trans. from Greek: having come to the setting of the sun, having beheld the evening light, we praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit] 18. Sonia Wieder-Atherton & Daria Hovora // Kol Nidre [instr., melody is part of Yom Kippur services]