RWBY Characters and Musicals

Because I am theatre trash and these kids are such nerds.

Ruby: Newsies or Matilda, probably Newsies. It’s high energy and uplifting in a way that really appeals to her. She has a soft spot for Disney musicals.

Weiss: Loves classics. My Fair Lady is her fave–she sings Just You Wait when she needs to secretly vent about her father.

Blake: In The Heights. Yang introduced it to her which is you know, /definitely/ not why it’s her favourite. Shares Ruby’s fondness for Disney stuff

Yang: Hamilton (Lets be real they’d all be Hamiltrash but Yang is the most enthusiastic about it)

Jaune: Also a fan of the classics, but secretly loves Bonnie and Clyde

Nora: Starlight Express (just about the weirdest musical ever for those of you who haven’t heard of it. There are singing trains on roller skates. There is no plot. It is exactly the kind of weird only Nora would love)

Pyrrha: Wicked. She knows it’s basic af but she loves it anyways

Ren: Doesn’t strike me as a musical guy but I’m gonna go with Fiddler on the Roof. (It’s a historical drama I feel like that would interest him)


The Public Theatre’s Joan of Arc opens today, with Jo Lampert as their titular character. Catch her killing it while singing Halo


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