Lemony Snicket's Advice on Writing a Nice Thank-You Note

1. Do not start with the thank you.

2. Start with any other sentence. If you first say, “Thank you for the nice sweater,” you can’t imagine what to write next. Say, “It was so wonderful to come home from school to find this nice sweater. Thank you for thinking of me on Arbor Day.”

3. Then you’re done.

I recommend learning how to write a very good thank-you note. A child who can write a nice thank-you note can turn into a cocaine dealer five years later and be remembered as the child who wrote nice thank-you notes.

The first American Arbor Day was celebrated on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. An estimated 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska that day. Arbor Day is now celebrated on the fourth Friday of April. 

A fan wanted to take a selca with Youngjae but the bodyguard asked her to move so with heavy heart she walked but Youngjae called & walked to her so that she could take a selca with him. This warms my heart. Our Sunshine is really concern about everyone - the bodyguard he wanted to share umbrella with and of course especially the fans. I’m really proud to be a fan of Choi Youngjae. 

by:  chi_891116

Happy Arbor Day everyone. What a beautiful holiday, a day of planting, of beginning new life, of passing it on to those who can enjoy it, though we will not. A day of “planting trees under whose shade we do not expect to sit,” and understanding that what we do to this magical Earth today, affects if for generations to come. Think globally and act locally my friends, we are the only chance this perfect blue spinning marble has at survival now, after the mess we have made. Let’s start cleaning up, together. Happy Arbor Day.

My friend learned the hard way to not answer the door to late night trick-or-treaters

by reddit user manen_lyset

We all have that one friend who’s not into the holidays. You know the one: won’t decorate, won’t dress up, won’t wish you a happy -whatever day it is-, and, though he’ll reluctantly agree to come to your themed party, he’ll stay in the back and scowl the whole time. In most cases, the hate is directed at just one holiday, whether it be Valentines, Christmas, Easter, or, hell, even arbor day. My friend Patrick? He hated Halloween with every fiber of his being.

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“Happy arbor day!”
Jared blinked and looked up from his locker at Evan’s smiling face. It was the happiest he had seen Evan look all year.
Unfortunately Jared was a bit too tired to share his enthusiasm.
“It’s arbor day! Didn’t you get my text last night on the history of arbor day?”
Jared rolled his eyes, “Yeah I got it and I chose to ignore it.” He shut his locker and began to walk to class much too tired deal with Evan today or honestly much too tired to make a joke at his expense. He had been up till 3 in the morning waiting for the newest call of duty game to drop at midnight and then played it into the wee hours of the night.
Evan continued walked beside him not really taking the hint, “So anyway I was wondering if for arbor day you wanted to plant a tree with me? Like after school today?”
Jared could tell how anxious Evan still got asking him to do stuff and that tugged at his heart a little.
But that didn’t mean he wanted to go plant a tree with Evan.
“Why don’t you go with Zoey?” Jared asked
“She has jazz band practice.”
“Student council meeting.”
Jared racked through his mind trying to think if Evan had any other friends and came to the conclusion that no he did not.
He sighed loudly, “Fine i’ll go with you and plant a tree with you.”
Evan smiled big at him and they made plans to meet in the senior parking at the end of the day.
On the car ride to pick up the tree saplings Jared couldn’t help but notice this was like the happiest he had ever seen Evan.
He was smiling and blurting out random tree facts and even though Jared was making fun of Evan for it he couldn’t help but think that it was kind of cute.
The lady at the plant store was so sweet. She was a little old lady with a bright flowy shirt with a bright laugh.
They picked out a little oak sapling (Oaks were evans favorite kind of tree).
They got to the orchard. “Ready to go plant the uh tree?” Evan exclaimed
Jared shook his head “You’re such a loser.” He hoped Evan knew he meant you’re an adorable dork and i’m glad we’re friends.
It took awhile to get the tree planted. Lots of yelling and Jared may or may not have thrown dirt on Evan a few times but after about an hour or so.
After they were done they just laid out in the open field looking at the sky. “It’s kind of cool that in a few years thats gonna be like a real tree.”
“In about 20 years yeah.” Evan said looking at there little sapling
“We can come back here and look at it when we’re fat and old and reflect on the glory days of when we were not bald virgins.”
Evan let out a little chuckle “We can grow with the tree.”
“Yeah we can.”
They were silent for a minute
“Hey Evan?”
“Thanks for making me come today. I had fun.”
“I’m uh glad you did.”
“Your tree fetish is still weird though.’
“Shut up!”