and this is why karuta is so exciting. [insp]

From Suetsugu senseis twitter :DD >////> arent they tooo cute >//////< <3<3<3 PLEASE SOMEONE TRANSLATE WHAT ARE THEY TALKING :DD 

( Suetsugu sensei did it for some kind of give away thing , you had to apply yourself on twitter and if they elect you you win one of those , I think it was something like that o.o ) 

Big Chihaya: I got bigger!
Little Chihaya: Though you’ve gotten bigger, do you still love karuta?
Big Chihaya: I do!

Big Arata: Wow, I was small, huh…
Little Arata: If you haven’t gotten stronger, I won’t forgive you

Little Taichi: Eh?! You played karuta this whole time?!
Big Taichi: I did! [t/n: did you really…]  

Translated by Taichihayarata 


Chihayafuru Week Day 4: Favorite Team/Friendship

Neither I, nor Taichi, nor Arata, could imagine 
that the sakura on the verge of blooming would change.

Team Chihayafuru Jr.