The Digitalian Tour 2014 ★ Zero-G ♫

“During my 2nd grade summer break, the day before we were to go on our family trip I got hit by a light truck. When I was messily drinking juice at the neighbourhood candy store my hands got all sticky. I jumped out into the street to go wash my hands and that’s when I got hit. I was dragged for metres, blood was pouring out, I thought I was going to die. For some reason I remember frantically apologizing "I’m sorry, I’m sorry” to the men who came running over.“- Matsumoto Jun /26days to go and he’s 32! Awww! Would like to believe that he was saved by his guardian angel :)


2014 Live Tour: The Digitalian
┗ Matsumoto Jun - Stay Gold


  2015.08.04 Sakurai Sho x Ikegami Special Documentary on the war  Sho went to Papua New Guinea  plus was Interviewing a past kamikaze squad soldier  and Went to some sort of memorial hall  and learnt  the history of a  war soldier, reading out one will left by one kamikaze squad soldier before he was sacrificed in the mission and prayed after finding buried bone   Sho said he really wants to bring them back to Japan, they had been staying in a foreign place for more than 70 years

Sho’s grandfather on his dad’s side was a newspaper reporter, while the one his mom’s owns a newspaper company…

It runs in their blood. No wonder Sho is so passionate in journalism and seems to have natural talent for it.