Only one-third of the audience was able to go, as many were still unable to reach the venue due to impassable roads. I was actually stranded in Araneta until my brother picked me up and I slept over at his house. During the middle of the show, Billy pointed at one of the audience members and jokingly said that Manny Pacquiao’s 8th cousin has been giving him the finger almost the whole show and will beat him up because he SWAM all the way to the concert.

PHOTOS: Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Tour Manila

Smash Project 2012 x Dayly Entertainment presents: The UsedDashboard ConfessionalThe Cab & Cobra Starship - Live in Manila!

March 8, 2012 at SMART Araneta Coliseum 
featuring: TypecastChicosci & Urbandub 

Tickets now available at TicketNet (9115555)

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MYX REQUEST Kono Yakusoku (send to 2366)

The Setlist: 

  • Art Of The State
  • Do You Want Me (Dead?)
  • Damned If I Do You (Damned If I Don’t)
  • Jasey Rae
  • Poppin’ Champagne
  • Time Bomb
  • Guts
  • Six Feet And Under The Stars
  • I Feel Like Dancin’
  • Coffee Shop Soundtrack
  • Sick Little Games
  • Therapy
  • Teenage Dream (Cover) + Remembering Sunday


  • Lost In Stereo
  • Weightless
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In

Only at an All Time Low concert will you hear the word “PENIS” being chanted, see lady undergarments being thrown on stage, and condom balloons flying everywhere. Going to an ATL show is like going to a crazy party. You don’t have to worry about being shameless! 

ATL definitely have what it takes to put on a great live show; strong vocals, tight musicianship and crowd appeal. They know how to draw the crown in. As I rock out through every song, there was an intense emotion I can get from the audience members. This is when you will have an idea how much the band internalize the lyrics and see the reality of the words in their every day lives. Their energy resonated through every song. Their connection with the audience was so entertaining they keep you mesmerized. Every song was tight with self-expressive lyrics and undisturbed pulsation.

Also, they played a good set list. People want to go to a concert where they can sing along with the band. It makes the crowd feel a part of something bigger. They played a few classics like “Jasey Rae” and “Poppin’ Champagne” as well as some of their new hits from Dirty Work like “Time Bomb” and “I Feel Like Dancin”“. Alex also calmed the crowd by playing a solo performance by playing an acoustic version of ”Therapy“, ”Remembering Sunday“, and a snippet of Katy Perry’s ”Teenage Dream“.

Over all, the night was so interesting. It was crazy and sexual and they never failed to draw us in with their setlist and multiple encores. Every second of their show leads to quite the collection of colorful undergarments being thrown on stage which makes the boys rock harder and talk dirtier and how just everybody loves it! Filled with stellar performances, the All Time Low concert is one hell of a massive dance party! It was such an experience.

whaa! i feel like crying! T.T

how could they?! how could they??!

how could they fly to Philippines without me?!

whaaa if i wouldn’t love them sooo much and if they weren’t soo awsome and random and hot and talented, and wow, and… I’d totally hate them -.-

calling all philippine ALL TIME LOW fangirls who can’t come to the concert at araneta coliseum this thursday the 22.sept 2011 because they’re on another continent or city or simply just can’t!