EXO Becomes 1st K-Pop Act to Perform 2 Consecutive Shows at the Araneta Coliseum

Once the largest covered coliseum in the world, Araneta Coliseum, aka “The Big Dome”, has hosted many popular events; including “Thrilla In Manila”, a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. And was where 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. 

EXO is the 1st K-Pop Act to perform 2 consecutive shows at the Coliseum, Congratulations EXO!

EXO made history last year when they became the 1st K-Pop Act to perform 2 consecutive shows in the Philippines when they performed at the Mall of Asia Arena (January 23-24, 2016) last year during their EXO’luXion World Tour.

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Can you pretty please make a very detailed timeline of all chanbaek moments? I want to write a chanbaek fanfic that follows real time event but I am afraid I need some help. Can u please be my savior? I love u and ur blog, so thank you for everything u do! -Anon Ghost

Ohhhh dang I’m not really good with time lines but I’ll try!


130128 - Idol olympics (THE HEAVEN OF CB MOMENTS)

130706 - happy camp (where the first love sign was revealed)

130814 - Weekly idol, the second time (the ranking thing)

130927 - big china love concert (Baekhyun being sexy with Chanyeol that one game and sight of Jealous Baekhyun)


140110 - LOTJ (the episode where Chanyeol announces that Baekhyun is the member closet to him)

140617 - Baekhyun films roommate with Chanyeol and the cast

150413 - Hello counselor (Chanbaek and Chen) 

150524 - Return of Superman (Chanbaek as guests)

150818 - 18 seconds ep 2 with Chanyeol ft. Baekhyun 


121125 - Smtown concert (FOREHEAD TOUCH)

130907 - KPOP Republic @ Araneta Coliseum (da proposal)

131114 - Melon awards (”do you like me?”)

131218 - Christmas Day performance (the famous hi-five thing where Chanyeol has his eyes closed and Baekhyun is smiling at him fondly) 

140511 - Shangai showcase (They were so happy here~) 

140525 - lost planet concert (remember that time where Chanyeol was like crying a bit and Baekhyun goes over and gently pets his ear? Yeah this one)

140717 - TLP Shangai (the first time Chanbaek had legit moments after the BY incident)

140815 - SM town concert (nuther love sign)

150308 - Exoluxion (I don’t know if you’d find this relevant but this was the concert where Baek cried and then Chan comforted him)

150523 - Dream concert (THE ROSE MANNNNN)

160123 - Exo’luxion at Manila day 1 (THE HUG)

160326 - K friend concert (also the day where people were fawning over the strange way Baekhyun was walking)

160401 - EXO Secret Night Concert at Lotte World (this was when Baekhyun turned his chair so he could look at Chanyeol in the big screen)

160502 - Japan fanjet day two (DOMESTIC CHANBAEK)

160618 - Suwon concert (booty touch) 

Other stuff:

120519 - Exo at disneyland, there were healthy amounts of Chanbaek

120621 - That one time at the airport where there was lots of grabbing, slight back hugs, and that small ‘kiss’ on the shoulder

120815 - first time we see Chanbaek under the umbrella together 

130614 - The fanmeet where the suspicions of a fight were arising

130813 - The radio show (Park So hyun’s love game) where Baek said that Chanyeol was the one who opened up his heart


140618 - Baekyeon confirmed

140717 - (the TLP shanghai concert) The time where Chanyeol saw the Chanbaek banner and had to tell Baekhyun

150109 - date in barcelona

150419 - Baekhyun says I love you to Chanyeol

150711 - SPAO fansign, where Chanbaek made that heart (which was instigated by Kai)

150915 - Baekyeon breaks up (or alleged to be)

151230 - Chanbaek made a heart during KBS Gayo 

160101 - The new year V app thing

160428 - Scooter date

160606 - Chanyeol mentioning Baekhyun practically ever single time in his broadcast

160625 - Scooter date (second time)

160723 - Chanbaek left the venue together (alone) in Chanyeol’s car


I’m sorry first of all for this poopy timeline it’s moments I found important or I liked ;^^ I hope it’s good enough~ 



Last Feb 25, 2017, EXO, the KINGS OF KPOP (he who disagrees would have to go through me) conducted a concert in Araneta Coliseum.
Well as a newbie in EXO’s fandom which is called the EXO-Ls, I really didnt expect myself to attend the concert specifically with a VIP SEAT because first, the over-all expenses including my plane tickets (to manila and back to legazpi) and the concert ticket itself would be really high, second, the concert date was scheduled a day before our school promenade which was a really tough choice to make whether I’ll choose to attend our prom or attend exordium in manila (which is the concert name), and lastly I really didnt expect that my mom and sisters would even allow me to attend the said concert ALONE.
So enough backstories.

Because of me being so excited and all to see my biases, I literally didnt sleep. My flight to manila was 6 am but i was already awake around 3 am (YES I WAS THAT EXCITED). When I stepped out of the plane, I immediately said to myself “YES! PAREHAS NA KAMI NG HINIHINGANG HANGIN NI SEHUN” HAHAHAHAHA OKAY. When I was already in the arrival area, my ever-supportive sister (which was the one who lined up more than 6 hours just to buy me my ticket) fetched me and also accompanied me to go to the concert venue which was in Araneta Coliseum.
On our way to araneta, I saw fans that were like me also going to the venue. Believe me if I say that, that was probably the longest ride to a place and I’m talking about the traffic. It was already 5 pm when we arrived at araneta and I immediately screamed when I heard EXO’s song (growl) playing at the outside of the coliseum. There were hundreds of fans waiting and lining up in each gates of the coliseum, either they’re wearing a headband with their bias’ head on it or exo’s jersey with their numbers on it. I too was wearing the same outfit and I also did not forget to bring my EXO lightstick, so that when the concert starts I can also join in EXO’s signature silver ocean. There were also banners that were given out for free that was PHIXO’S or PHILIPPINE EXO-LS (the name that was given to us by EXO Baekhyun) project for this concert because in every country that EXO conducts a concert, there should always be a fan project for them.

By that time, I really can say that I was literally breathing the same air with EXO. I also really didn’t mind buying something to eat or drink because I was very excited to see the view in my seat in the VIP SECTION.

When I was already seated, I was already imagining Sehun (which is my ub or ultimate bias in EXO) or Chanyeol or Baekhyun or Chen or D.O. or Kai or Lay (which I didnt see because he didn’t attend the concert beacuse of some political issues with China and Philippines) or Suho or Xiumin, waving or sending a finger heart to me.
Of course, I also made new friends or should Isay “co-exols” when i was waiting for the concert to start.

I had videos and photos of the concert but all of them were blurry but I didn’t care as long as I saw them live.
A part of the highlight of the concert was witnessing EXO’s visuals, I’m talking about how good looking EXO is personally and also hearing EXO’s vocals, I mean, how can they even sing especially sing high notes LIVE while theyre dancing? Also I won’t forget Jongdae (also known as Chen), saying ‘ANNYEONG’ to me and also Sehun, sending a finger-heart to me (YES WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT THOSE THINGS HAPPENED AND I HAVE PROOF) but the most important highlight for me was when exo, specifically Sehun, danced artificial love in front of me (EXO-LS WOULD KNOW🙃).

“I won’t forget today’s concert” an EXO member said in their last ment. Well, the feeling is mutual.
So how did I survive the EXORDIUM IN MANILA?
Well my answer would be, YOU CAN’T.




Para akong nasa Araneta Coliseum ng mga sandaling hawak-hawak ko yung tabo na kunware mikropono habang sinasabon ang kili-kili ko ng may buong galak at saya habang naka shuffle sa ipod ko ang album ng Maroon 5. Bukod pa dun yung mga kakaibang dance moves ko na ako lang yung nakakaintindi habang shinashampoo ko yung scalp ko. At dahil nangungulubot na yung daliri ko sa sobrang tagal ko sa banyo at halos mamaga na yung itlog ko sa kakahilod, napagkasunduan ng dalawang panig na tapusin na ang aking paliligo at harapin ang magandang buhay na nag-aabang. Pinatay ko yung gripo tapos…


Kasabay ng patak ng tubig sa ulo ko ay ang patulo din ng mga luha sa mata ko na punong-puno ng paghihinagpis at dalamhati.

Nkalimutan kong kunin yung towel sa labas pakshet!!! 

Milya-milya ang layo ng kwarto ko sa banyo. Tapos may mga kasama pa ako ngayon dito sa bahay na kahit anong oras pwedeng lumabas ng kwarto. Dangal at pagkatao ko ang nakasalalay dito kapag nahuli nila akong hubo’t hubad lalo na’t hugis safeguard ang katawan ko. Siguradong pipicturan nila ako tapos gagawin nila yung pangblackmail sa’ken para ako ang maghugas ng pinggan buong taon. Hindi ako makakapayag.

Kaya nagninja moves ako.

Step 1. Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ang pinto at sumilip. Tiningnan ang bawat sulok kung may tao. Pinakiramdaman ang paligid. Ang huni ng mga ibon, ang tunog ng mga kuliglig, ang mga mumunting yabag. Negative. Walang kalaban. All clear.

Step 2. Nagmadaling kumandirit papuntang kwarto habang hindi iniinda ang lamig ng aircon. Nakatatlong tambling ako. Gumapang pa ko sa kisame. Naglambitin pa sa chandelier.

Step 3. At ng malapit na ako sa pinto ng kwarto ko, narinig ko ang background music, “We are the Champion.” Nagmala-Oblation Run ako in slow motion ng buong giting at ng may mga ngiti sa labi. 

And i was like,

Paghawak ko ng doorknob,

Tanginuhhhh. Lock yung pinto ng kwarto ko!!!

Bumilis ang kabog ng dibdib ko at wala akong nagawa kundi bumalik sa loob ng banyo. 

Dito na ata ako habangbuhay. 

Sa mga nagmamahal sa’kin ng lubos, sagipin niyo ‘ko. :(

I am a proud Ateneo fan.


It was like standing in the middle of the loud, crazy crowd, not knowing what to do first: jump for joy, scream, or cry.

I couldn’t even remember what I did first. Or if I did it altogether. All I remember was that all the time, right at the first throw of the ball on the first set until its last hit on the floor at that 25th mark on the fourth set, I was praying.

I wasn’t actually praying for the Lady Eagles to win. All I ever prayed for was for them to give a good fight. That may there be no injuries on both camps, and that may He bless the players with their A-games on that do-or-die match. 

I just trusted His will, for I know that He would only give the win to the team that has the biggest and the most deserving hearts. 

I came to the Big Dome, setting the expectations of my family. They are Ateneo fans too, but not as ‘fangirl’ as me. They watch the games on TV but rarely watch live. They know the players but not as well as I do. They know the Ateneo Lady Eagles as a team but they don’t know their story.

How they’re too young and less experienced as a team, and how they have been struggling, losing some of the keep players last season.

So I thought they might get disappointed if ever the Lady Eagles lose.

I kept setting their minds, telling them it would really be okay for me if the girls lose. They got Game 1, what more could I ask for? But my tita, from time to time, told me, “Nakaya nga nila ‘yong una eh. Kaya nila ‘yan.”

I just smiled whenever she said that, and I was like, “Parang mas mababaliw ako kapag pumasok ang Ateneo sa finals!”

Well, not that I really didn’t believe they’d win, but it was easier to think that they would lose against NU because it was what everybody believed. It’s going to be NU and DLSU in the finals, plus the fact that they were twice beaten by NU in the eliminations. I knew they’ve got the skills, the talent, the unity and the hardwork. I knew they can make it but I recognized, too, that it’s not going to be easy. 

I wasn’t ‘not believing’ but I was just trying not to expect. 

I tried to be a matured fan so I set modest expectations in mind.

So, imagine my delight when they got the first set. I was literally jumping, screaming while praying and taking pictures and whatever. I didn’t even mind the cameras rolling (although I saw myself in one of the replays, looking crazy, jumping for joy).

Who even cared about being seen on TV? The #BigBlueCrowd was too happy, excited and overwhelmed. What with the eleven-drum set by the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion (kudos to them, by the way), the #BigBlueCrowd literally dominated the Big Dome and made a thundering noise whenever the Lady Eagles get a point. 

There was a debate going on in my mind. It was like being torn between “OMG kaya nga nila! Shocks, grabe, nakuha nila first set! Woohoo!“ and that "Noooo, huwag ka munang umasa. Isang set pa lang ‘yan, kumalma ka, utang na loob.’ thoughts. 

And then my tita said, “Sabi ko sa’yo kaya nila eh.”

But apparently, the second set was a total meltdown, and while the crowd tried to be as noisy and as lively as it was during the first set, it really hurt to see the score. 

And there was fear, too, because that time, NU was already getting their game. There was this, "Shet. Ito na ang NU. Gising na.

The next two sets didn’t really give all of us the chance to sit back and relax. It’s a tight ball game, without any team leading big enough to be complacent. 

But seriously, the next two sets were the loudest. 

The screams, the chants, the drums. The boos. The cheers and the jeers. Everything was there. At one point I thought the floor was literally shaking. I didn’t mind, though. It was a tough match and the Lady Eagles were fighting. Fighting real hard. 

You can just imagine how the Big Dome erupted when they snatched the third set. 

That time, I was screaming "Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Mamy Mary,” hoping they would hear me from heaven. 

Tita, kakalma ako. Kakalma talaga ako. Naka-dalawang sets na sila, OMG! Kakalma talaga ako!” 

But I didn’t. I was too happy and the crowd was too noisy to even calm. The sea of blue was celebrating. I even saw some, exchanging high fives, hugging each other. 

The #BigBlueCrowd felt they were already winners. Why not? Their favorite team - young, struggling, doubted and counted out - had just won two sets in its second attempt to snatch the finals ticket from the Number 2 team. 

The fourth set was a more relaxed one. At the back of my mind, I really wanted to believe we’d be getting this last set but the thought of the Lady Eagles going to the finals really gave me goosebumps, so I chose to set it aside and enjoy the game, one point at a time. I was really praying they’d finish it, though I knew that Lady Bulldogs wouldn’t give it up that easy. I knew, as competitive as they are, they would want to take revenge. 

They were as hungry as any Top 2 team in any league would be to get to the finals. But I guess their hunger wasn’t that bad enough.

The Araneta Coliseum just erupted with that Valdez hit that ended the match.

I cried. And I knew thousands of those in the Big Dome and those that were in front of their television sets and cellphones were crying too. 

Crying out of happiness.

Crying out of pride.

As Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower puts it, “In that moment, I swear, we were infinite.”

True enough, victory is sweeter when you least expect it.

And then I saw big smiles and heard hearty laughs as we went out of the court. Those in blue, men and women, young and old, hugging each other, as they celebrated like they were the players that won the game, exchanged stories at how they were nervous and excited and how they screamed their hearts out. And how they were still feeling surreal right at that moment. 

That scenario was a delight to the eyes and music to the ears. 


I am a proud fan, just like thousands of those rooting for the blue and white, who were once again convinced that we were never wrong in choosing who to support.

The Lady Eagles are brave fighters who never give up. 

They are the warriors that struggled, worked hard, and succeeded.

It is the team that most people doubted, hated, mocked, and was counted out.

And yes, it is the team that remains unassuming, focused, and hardworking:

It is the young Ateneo Women’s Volleyball Team, right there at the Finals.

Finals, baby. Finals.

I remembered I kept praying to God that He may let the team with the biggest and most deserving hearts win the bid to the finals.

Thank You, Lord.

You never fail.

The Lady Eagles, indeed, have the biggest and strongest of hearts.

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