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Paper airplane lands on field

9/15/12: A giant paper airplane is thrown onto the field during Aramis Ramirez’s at-bat in the bottom of the sixth

Brewers Sign Aramis Ramirez to Three Year Deal [UPDATED]

(Photo by Matt Stratton)

With the signing, the Brewers have officially given away the last starting job held by a gold prospector since 1912. Though Casey McGehee could remain with the Brewers as a backup at first and third, the Gold Prospectors Union of America may still go through with their boycott of Major League Baseball for unfair treatment to their ilk. 

UPDATE: As pointed out by Cubsfan1087, Casey McGehee was already traded to the NL Central rival (and I use the term loosely) for righthander Jose Veras. It’s not a bad insurance policy for Pedro Alvarez, unless McGehee decides to repeat his 2011 campaign.

49ers aside, the Brewers payment of $36 million for three years of Ramirez will be well worth it if he manages to hit at or above his career average of .284/.342/.500. Though he manage to top that in 2011, going into his age 34 season holds plenty of risk.

While Ramirez won’t make up for both the loss of Prince Fielder and fifty less games of Ryan Braun (should his suspension hold up), the NL Central has been decimated by age and exit more than any other division. With a win-now lineup on its last legs, the addition of Ramirez could help the Brewers make one final pennant run with the currently constructed team. Worst case scenario is that this is a band-aid before the next rebuilding effort in Milwaukee, but given the ignoble history of the team, you can’t fault Doug Melvin for wanting to take one more chance.


June 29, 2007

Aramis Ramirez completes the comeback in the 9th with a walk off home run vs. Brewers.

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Have you ever wanted to hear a baseball announcer shout “Paper airplane, coming in hot”? Because now you can.

Although personally, my favorite moment is a startled Aramis Ramirez quickly backing out of the box before the cause of his distraction is revealed. Just what the hell was going through his head?