Name: Arafel
Subgenre: Folk/Black Metal
Country: Israel
Formed in: 1997
Albums: Skazki Starogo Lesa (Demo, 1999)
The Way of Defender (Full Length, 2003)
Second Strike: Through the Flame of the Ages
(Full Length, 2005)
For Battles Once Fought
(Full Length, 2011)
Members: Helge Stang (Vocals)
Noa-Eveline “Nasha Nokturna” Guez (Violin)
Roman “R.K." (Bass)
Felius (Guitars)
Leshii (Drums) 

Some songs:
The Saga of the Vengeance


We were very unprepared for winter. I was very unprepared for Deerclops. I think it took me almost 10 days and so many mobs to kill it because no one would help fragile old man. Oh and I learned I can possess a tree until it becomes a tree guard. Had fun watching that tear apart the walrus hunting parties. :)

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East meets West…. Somewhere in Germany, on PAGANFEST, on the ARAFEL tour bus… Singer Helge has a facepalm moment as violinist Nasha and yours truly improvise an Ofra Haza cover of רושלים של זהב… Yes. I AM SINGING IN HEBREW. Yes.

I’ve never thought much about Arafel and its people. Sure they’ve got their fruity bells in their hair, who cares when Sheinar has badass heavy cavalry, Saldaea has crazy women who dance the sa'sara and Malkier has Lan Fucking Mandragoran?

That was until i reread a quote from Alanna in Winter’s Heart when she said she’d ‘wear bells in the blight’ before something.

The deadliest place in the world, where you really don’t want to be found, and they wear BELLS?

Shakespeare said 'Discretion is the better part of Valour’ but not to the Arafellin! They’d rather let EVERYONE know they’re big, bad and in the blight and FUCK YOU to any trollocs, myyrdraal or anything that gets in their way!

…Kandor sucks.

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Arafel - Sword’s hymn