The fight to save the ancient texts of Timbuktu

The ancient texts of Timbuktu are an impressive sight – bundled in camel skin, goat skin, or calf leather and inscribed in gold, red, and jet-black ink, their pages are filled with words in striking calligraphy from Arabic and African languages, and contain an intriguing array of geometric designs. However, few know of the monumental battle that has taken place to save them from destruction.

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خليك أيجابي بهبل لأن اللي أنت منكد على روحك بسببهم عايشين يومهم عادي ومش منكدين على نفسهم عشانك..فكك من اللي فكوا منك..وأضحك ومش هقول ليه

ابتهجوا😄 لأنكم تستاهلوا الأفضل