hixtape tracklist aesthetics☁️✨

hope world: energetic vibes, bright yellow converse, petting random dogs on the street, coloured markers, getting aquatinted with the owners of your local ice cream shop, fading dyed hair, music festivals, the excitement of traveling to new cities 

piece of peace: denim jackets covered in patches, plant babies, 60s music, naps on the sofa in the morning sun, pancakes and orange juice, messy hair, comforting auras, oversized circle glasses and overalls, walking barefoot and feeling the grass in between your toes

daydream: feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, smudged sketches, hugs from behind, pillows as soft as clouds, sitting on the window sill reading poetry books, wearing flowers in your hair, artsy bullet journals, talking to the moon, forehead kisses, late lunches with your friends

base line: clinking champagne glasses, draped in velvet, cloud of fresh fragrance, pearls and diamonds, confidently striding past your haters, twinkling chandeliers, watching the stars alone on a quiet balcony, deep conversations with complete strangers, feeling that this night will last forever

hangsang: sharp eyeliner and hoop earrings, blurry polaroids, driving with the squad downtown past midnight, fresh tattoos, when the bass is so loud you feel it in your chest, ripped jeans and fishnets, aftertaste of hard liquor and sweet lips, flickering neon signs, the glow of city skylines at night

airplane: backward baseball caps and bubblegum, lying in a field watching the clouds float by, oversized t shirts, the warm breeze on a sunday afternoon, radiating skin, wandering through the forest, paint splattered walls, empty buses, afternoon silhouettes and carefree thoughts

blue side: sketching on your front porch, freshly baked cookies, finding old photos in a shoebox at the back of your closet, sleepy smiles and baggy sweaters, lemonade stands, splashing your friends as you cross a creek, the faint sound of the radio coming from the kitchen, dripping ice cream cones, biking home under a pink sunset