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You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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lessons of 2017 for the signs

aries: you are capable of being loved. and yes, she fell in love with you. you are enchanting and mysterious and bright. you longed to illuminate her darkness.

taurus: listen to your heart. It knows which the right decision is.

gemini: let go. you have to forget about the one who broke your heart and you have to stop stalling and leave the one you do not love.

cancer: dont be afraid of new things. try being a vegetarian. dye your hair the color you were always too afraid to go for. swim with the sharks for once.

leo: sometimes things dont work out. you dont have to feel guilty for ending an unhealthy relationship.

virgo: friends aren’t always forever. sometimes they wield the sharpest knives. just ask julius caesar.

libra: heartache can only get to you as long as you let it. a year is far too long to hold onto someone who has long since forgotten your name.

scorpio: you’re not in love with her anymore; you only want to be. you know you’re falling for another, but you’re afraid. don’t be.

sagittarius: just kiss him.

capricorn: i know you loved him deeply, more than anyone before. give yourself time. time will heal everything.

aquarius: don’t wait for words you’ll never hear. they don’t love you; they only wanted you because toying you was entertaining to them. do not fool yourself.

pisces: you are more in control of your life than you realize.

the two personality types of each sign
  • Capricorn A: Hardworking, doesn't know when to give themselves a break
  • Capricorn B: Tries to stay focused but gets distracted, wishes they were more organised
  • Aquarius A: Fashionable,spends too much of their money on clothes
  • Aquarius B: Prides themselves on having an eclectic style, doesn't follow conventional trends
  • Pisces A: Always in a relationship or being romantically/sexually pursued, rarely takes time to be single
  • Pisces B: Always thinking about love but generally unsuccessful in finding a partner
  • Aries A: Independent, hates people interfering in their business, prides themselves on the quality of their work
  • Aries B: Impulsive, craves adventure and excitement, hates working on things they don't enjoy
  • Taurus A: Knows they have excellent taste, loves when people follow their recommendations
  • Taurus B: Never has time to do the things that give them pleasure, wishes they could expand their horizons
  • Gemini A: Always surrounded by friends but never anyone they can share their deep secrets with
  • Gemini B: Has a few close friends that they wouldn't trade for anything, but wishes they could meet some new people
  • Cancer A: Hates confrontation, but if people cross them they will ignore them for long time
  • Cancer B: When in arguments they know exactly what to say, always stands their ground
  • Leo A: Creative, wants to make a serious career out of their passion even though people doubt them
  • Leo B: Wishes they could express themselves more but worried people will judge them
  • Virgo A: Organised and hardworking but very shy, introverted
  • Virgo B: Quite outgoing but sometimes gets shy around new people and those they have history with
  • Libra A: Loves luxury things but can't afford them, dreams of being rich
  • Libra B: Not concerned with wealth but will spend big on things they really want
  • Scorpio A: Very ambitious but is worried they won't fulfil the big expectations they have for themselves
  • Scorpio B: Is lazy but knows they have potential they aren't fulfilling
  • Sagittarius A: Open minded and concerned with getting justice and equality for everyone
  • Sagittarius B: Knows there are problems with society but doesn't have the resources or time to address them
Alef Vernon

[…]Cold as Ice, bright like a diamond[…]

(Todas las imágenes son originales del artista Alef Vernon Si quieres ver más de su increíble trabajo síguelo en Instagram: @alefvernonart, Facebook: Alef Vernon Illustration // All images are original by the artist Alef Vernon. If you want to see more of his amazing work follow him on Instagram:@alefvernonart, Facebook: Alef Vernon Illustration)

—Aqua Boy  

The Signs as Artistic Talents

Aries: tattooing, drawing, directing movies, producing movies/music

Taurus: cooking, gardening, singing, dancing

Gemini: writing, acting, drawing, designing

Cancer: singing, playing instruments, writing poems, fake crying in dramatic movie roles

Leo: lead acting, singing, playing instruments, dancing

Virgo: interior designing, writing, editing, criticising media

Libra: modeling, fashion designing, make-up artistry, decorating

Scorpio: acting in taboo or horror films, producing music, tattooing, special fx make up

Sagittarius: photography, event planning, body/face painting, acting in drama or comedy

Capricorn: architecture, sculpting, comedic acting, stand up comedian, wedding decorating

Aquarius: painting, cosplay designing, graphic design, photography

Pisces: special fx makeup, singing, writing poetry, dancing

The signs as Vincent van Gogh paintings

Aries: Café Terrace at night

Taurus: Almond blossoms

Gemini: Self portrait with bandaged ear

Cancer: The starry sky

Leo: Wheatfield with cypresses

Virgo: Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Libra: The potato eaters

Scorpio: Starry night over the Rhone

Sagittarius: Bedroom in Arles

Capricorn: Sunflowers

Aquarius: Vincent van Gogh self portrait

Pisces: Irises

The Girls of the Zodiac & Illustrations


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The Signs as Art Periods
  • ARIES: RENAISSANCE - a new beginning, humanism
  • TAURUS: POP ART - removed from context, 'banal', unexpected reality
  • GEMINI: IMPRESSIONISM - the unusual, movement, critical
  • CANCER: ROMANTICISM - intense emotion, beauty of nature
  • LEO: BAROQUE - tension, drama, greatness
  • VIRGO: CUBISM - detailed, analysed, fusing the past and present
  • LIBRA: SYMBOLISM - indirect, aesthetic, thought-through
  • SCORPIO: EXPRESSIONISM - exaggerated emotions, expressing the meaning
  • SAGITTARIUS: POST-IMPRESSIONISM - light, colour, expressive
  • CAPRICORN: REALISM - truth and accuracy, showing the unpleasant aspect of life, deep emotions
  • AQUARIUS: FUTURISM - speed, technology, youth, provocation
  • PISCES: SURREALISM - fusing dreams and reality, unpredictable, illogical
Signs as artist problems

Aries: “Can you draw me??”

Taurus: “You’ll never make a living like that!”

Gemini: Scared of ruining a brand new sketchbook

Cancer: Realising all the mistakes once you post the artwork

Leo: “Did you draw that?”

Virgo: “Can I have that drawing once you’re done?”

Libra: Becoming paranoid that people will steal your characters

Scorpio: Drawing something and not knowing what to do with the background

Sagittarius: Too broke for art supplies

Capricorn: So difficult to create a distinctive art style,,,

Aquarius: The sketch looks better than the lineart!11!!1

Pisces: Proud of a drawing you did late at night but hating it in the morning

Signs as Famous Artists
  • Aries: Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Francisco Goya
  • Taurus: Salvador Dali, John James Audubon, George Braque, Leo Michelson
  • Gemini: Diego Velazquez, Mary Cassatt, John Trumbull, Henri Rousseau
  • Cancer: Edgar Degas, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt, Edward Hopper
  • Leo: Andy Warhol, Zelda Fitzgerald, Asher Brown Durand, RC Gorman
  • Virgo: Grandma Moses, Ruffino Tamayo, Frank Von Der Lancken, Wilfrid Zogbaum
  • Libra: Caravaggio, Benjamin West, Umberto Boccioni, Ray Johnson
  • Scorpio: Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Bob Ross, Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Sagittarius: Diego Rivera, Emily Carr, Edvard Munch, George's Suerat
  • Capricorn: Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Aquarius: Jackson Pollock, Edouard Manet, Yoko Ono, Norman Rockwell
  • Pisces: Michelangelo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Colin Campbell Cooper, Piet Mondrian

 sooo, I did this to pass the time but then it got too real *sweats* 

This upcoming Solar Eclipse under Leo is going to be a big one. Lots of exciting change is going to happen and this month is a powerful time for transformation into the person you want to be, start fresh, but also understand yourself better- you just have to play your cards right. Since I’m a big astrology nut I’m silently ticking off the days until the 21st and preparing myself for the big day  ☼  ☾