The skeletons in your closet would like a proper burial. Old and afraid, they should have been six feet under a long time ago—it’s time for your weary bones to go home, my friend.

One of these days you will find what you are searching for, and it will burn you, like acid spilled on skin, but you will just smile with tears in your eyes and say, this is good. Why do you crave the things that hurt you, darling?

They say expectations are the root of all heartache and you know this adage intimately. You’ve begun to add hope to your expectations, a Molotov cocktail that you’re just holding in your hands: one of these days, it will explode in your face and leave scars that run deeper than burned and broken skin. Stop standing in the ruins of broken glass and broken trust.

Their love for you should not feel like a tattoo, etched upon your skin with a thousand needle pricks, bleeding you slowly bit by bit. Sure, it’s pretty. Sure, it’s “permanent”. But when it’s all said and done, when you get that tattoo removed because they’re gone and it hurts too much to look at, all that will be left is a scar you can’t hide from yourself.

You are tinged with loss and heartache but you are made up of love and confidence—do not forget that even lions have their bad days. Bravery sometimes means facing the wounds on the inside. Bravery sometimes means conceding the fight today so you can fight tomorrow.

You smile softly and spin lies with red roses between your teeth; you do it so very prettily but the thorns cut deep—stop spitting blood at the people you’re trying to keep. One of these days, your tongue will trip over your red stained teeth as you try to hide your grief.

There are some regrets better left alone, and an unanswered voicemail with your voice all over it is one of them. Don’t pick up that phone. Don’t dial that number. Don’t make this harder than necessary.

Rebel, people would brand you. Reckless, people would tell you. Tragedy, people would call you. It’s too bad you’ve cut the phone line, so you can’t hear them speak their ugly words anymore. Is that a good thing?

We all believed in the lava when we were young, and though we can no longer see it, you know it still burns. We have no more couch cushions to jump on for safety and we must smile as our feet touch the lava ground, screaming, “we’re fine, we’re fine; the fire doesn’t hurt us”. I hope someone sees through your gritted teeth.

Empty words carry the weight of bricks, and you let them slam into you with each exhalation—you’re left with black eyes and purple bruises that you’re too polite to point out. You are a broken human with broken bones, so with a bloody smile, just fucking leave; this love of yours has become as heavy as it has become empty.

Playing Phantom of the Opera, you wear the mask with ease, and they can only see the pupils of your eyes. They think you’re smiling but I know you are crying—eyes crinkle the same, either way. Do you act for the audience, or for yourself?

You’re carrying around the pieces of your heart in a jar; one by one you give them away, and one by one, they come back in smaller fragments. Stop letting people break your heart, stop breaking your own damn heart. You deserve so much better—act like it.

—  (a.s.)
What The Signs Are Helpful With
  • Aries:Fighting People
  • Taurus:Shopping
  • Gemini:Lying for your ass
  • Cancer:Emotional Support
  • Leo:Getting you places you shouldnt be
  • Virgo:Money $$$$ cash money $$$$
  • Libra:v e n t i n g
  • Scorpio:Adventures
  • Sagittarius:Telling you shit someone said about you
  • Capricorn:Climbing "construct" ladders. (Social)
  • Aquarius:Homework
  • Pisces:Artsy stuff
the signs aesthetics
  • Aries:motorcycles, leather jackets, red lipstick, straight hair
  • Taurus:nude lipstick, converse, sunflowers, a lemon on the side of a glass, driving along a mountain
  • Gemini:flower crowns, overalls, eating ice cream on a hot day, prank wars, balloons
  • Cancer:pearl necklaces, the sound of waves crashing, getting a hug from someone you love, humble smiles
  • Leo:light bulb mirrors, sky high heels, broadway, sunny days, jumping in a pile of leaves
  • Virgo:dark circles under eyes, writing in notebooks, cats, harmonic signing, ballet flats
  • Libra:coconut water, lace lingerie, cherries, honey bees, chocolate strawberries
  • Scorpio:striped socks, storms, dark lipstick, '80s music, angel emojis
  • Sagittarius:road trips w friends, midnight adventures, cliff diving, messy hair, tall grass
  • Capricorn:black coffee, white and black movies, debates, good facial structure, dark clouds
  • Aquarius:jelly shoes, baseball caps, blue nails, sparkles, alien emojis, jellyfish, swimming down really deep in a big lake
  • Pisces:dream catchers, pastel hair, gardens, sad eyes, soft rain


cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant / flaws - bastille / stop the world i wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys / stressed out - twenty one pilots / ya hey - vampire weekend / savages - marina and the diamonds / legend - drake / your soul - rhodes

l i s t e n

Tips and reminders for the signs

Aries: have you eaten today? Strawberry banana smoothies are very nutritious and tasty. Add a few strawberries, a chopped up banana, and some plain yogurt then whip it all around in the blender. If you have energy, you’ll feel better. Please don’t forget to eat. I love you and I want you to take care of yourself. It’s always really exciting to find something new to be passionate about. Maybe you could experiment with making your own soap! The Internet has tons of cheap fast recipes for it and molds aren’t very expensive. You need to find something to get excited about, find something that makes you feel alive again.
Taurus: the days are very busy, but you need to find time to take care of yourself. Have you brushed your teeth this morning? Combed your hair? What about putting on those really comfy socks you like? It’ll make you feel better. Every step you take will be a squishy, soft step on a cloud. Maybe when you get lunch you could make yourself a little treat. Like chocolate cover strawberries! Those are wonderful and you deserve it. Eat two. And don’t you dare feel guilty about it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and taking care of your mental and bodily health.
Gemini: start reminding yourself everyday that what you have to say matters. Ignore all the people who want to judge you based on your sign. You’re cooler than them anyway. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re less than you are. Go to the store and buy yourself a brand new pillow. It sounds stupid but at the end of the day we all just want to be comforted and a super fluffy pillow will make you excited to come home. My brother taught me that, and it has helped me so much. You have to have something to look forward to.
Cancer: don’t forget to call your family if you live away from them. They love you and miss you and you aren’t alone. Maybe you could go outside and find some cute bugs and name them! I have a bumble bee in my yard that I’ve named Bernie. It’s always really exciting to see him, it makes my day better. Maybe having a little buddy outside could make your day a little better too. Don’t isolate yourself. You need love too.
Leo: don’t forget to change your bedsheets. I know it’s aggravating and it feels like it takes forever, but I promise when you lay down tonight in your cosy clean bed you’ll feel refreshed. Maybe make a little time today to go out buy yourself a sun catcher to hang in the window. Sometimes we forget how beautiful things are and little things like sun catchers can help remind us. A little beauty goes a long way.
Virgo: when was the last time you did something for yourself? Go online and find a few coupons and go out and buy yourself some nice smelling bubble bath or new soap or lotion. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes we just need something to look forward to. Even if it’s just a bubble bath with your new soaps, it’s exciting and you can stay in the bath for hours to read and relax. You could use some relaxation. Don’t push yourself so hard. You’re doing just fine, I promise.
Libra: it sucks, but maybe a little de-cluttering is what you need. Rearrange your room. Change something. Get rid of all that clutter that has been nagging at you in the back of your mind for months. Clearing out some space to work or dance or draw will help you so much. You’ll feel productive and proud of yourself and you should be proud of yourself. You’ve made it so far. We’re rooting for you. We’re all so proud of you.
Scorpio: please please please get out of the house. I know things seem pointless and exhausting but you can do this. Go look at the sky, go have a picnic or see a movie with friends. You aren’t alone, don’t let your mind trick you into thinking that you are. Buy that neat new thing you’ve had your eye on, you deserve it. Don’t forget to let yourself be happy. I know you feel strange without your sadness, but you deserve everything life has to offer. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be better than okay.
Sagittarius: you don’t have to do everything that is expected of you. Learn to say no. I know that it makes you feel like a disappointment, but no one should have the the right to make you do things that make you unhappy. Slow down, life is passing and you don’t want to miss it. Find something beautiful and let it make you feel beautiful too. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Stop living for the future, it’ll make you miserable. We believe in you. You can do whatever you want. You are enough.
Capricorn: when was the last time you actually sat back and relaxed? Wal-mart sells wonderful flower bouquets for pretty low prices. Buy your favourite and put some flowers on your table or your bed-side nightstand. Read that book you’ve been pushing to the side. Make time for yourself. Your life does not have to take the backseat to your career and you are more than you think. Go to the farmers market and buy some of your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables. It’ll give you something to look forward to. You deserve to be happy.
Aquarius: stop trying to be what other people want you to be and start being who you are. You are magnificent and we all love you. Wear that outfit that you’ve been too afraid to wear and rock it. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. A lot of places have U-pick farms where you can pick fresh fruit. Look up the closest one to you and go. There’s something so wonderful about picking your own fruit; it makes you feel proud of yourself and I know you could really use that feeling right now. Maybe you could bake yourself a pie with your fresh fruit and watch a new movie while you eat it. Learn to enjoy your own company.
Pisces: no one knows you better than you know yourself. It’s time to put your foot down and start standing up for yourself. You deserve to be treated better and you know it. Get out of bed. Laying down and thinking all day will only make you feel bad. Go to Hobby Lobby buy a new candle. Their app has coupons and you can get one product for 40% off if you’re tight on money right now. You need to let go. You are your own worst enemy and I think it’s time for you to put that part of your life away and become your own best friend. I believe in you.

The signs and their pronunciations

Aries: Air-ee’s

Taurus: Tour-us

Gemini: Gem-i-knee

Cancer: Can-sir

Virgo: Ver-go

Leo: Lee-oh

Libra: Lee-bruh

Scorpio: Score-pee-oh

Sagittarius: Sag-igsftcdr (who really knows)

Capricorn: Cap-ree-corn

Aquarius: Uh-quari-us

Pisces: Pie-sea’s

Moon signs in 5 words
  • Aries:Enthusiastic, optimistic, impatient, forgiving and Charming.
  • Taurus:Comfortable, sociable, predictable, romantic and independent.
  • Gemini:Witty, well-informed, restless, organised and anxious.
  • Cancer:Eidetic, devoted, self-absorbed, emotional and awkward.
  • Leo:Comical, sociable, integrity, talented and materialistic.
  • Virgo:Introverted, fussy, routined, analytical and sensitive.
  • Libra:Loving, charming, planner, indecisive and peaceful.
  • Scorpio:Intense, protective, intuitive, tenacious and stubborn.
  • Sagittarius:Free-spirited, optimistic, athletic, impatient and impulsive.
  • Capricorn:Competent, organised, patient, fearful and ambitious.
  • Aquarius:Observant, egotistic, stubborn, compassionate and intellectual.
  • Pisces:Psychic, silly, calm, reckless and empathetic.
The Signs As A Royal Family
  • Aries:The king; constantly beheading people who upset him
  • Taurus:A prince; always sleeping and overindulging himself
  • Gemini:Sagittarius and Capricorn's daughter (a princess; sixth in line to the throne after her cousins and father); indecisive about whether or not she wants to be queen someday
  • Cancer:A princess; is the one who is always nice to the servants and people of her father's kingdom
  • Leo:The queen; constantly demanding new elegant things
  • Virgo:The king's mother (technically still considered a queen); constantly picking at her sons' wives and telling them they aren't worthy of being queens
  • Libra:The king's younger sister's only child (a princess; eighth in line to the throne); usually brings sunshine to the castle, despite the trauma inflicted upon her being an orphan
  • Scorpio:A prince; likes to play tricks on the people in the castle
  • Sagittarius:The king's brother (third in line to the throne; a prince); usually hatching plans to kill his brother and nephews so that he can take the throne
  • Capricorn:Sagittarius's wife (technically a princess by marriage); encourages her husband to thwart his brother, because she wants to rule the kingdom
  • Aquarius:Sagittarius and Capricorn's second daughter (a princess; seventh in line to the throne); despite being younger, she is the one her father wants to take the throne one day, because she's like the son he never had
  • Pisces:A princess; constantly begging her father not to behead people
  • *thanx to the anon for the suggestion :) send suggestions to @cancercornastrology*

Hey, I’ve created a list of lovely dresses for your sign and the scenes above! 
So this is my personal opinion –let me know if you like it. :) 

♈ Aries ~ daytime / nighttime
♉ Taurus ~ daytime / nighttime
♊ Gemini ~ daytime / nighttime
♋ Cancer ~ daytime / nighttime
♌ Leo ~ daytime / nighttime
♍ Virgo ~ daytime / nighttime
♎ Libra ~ daytime / nighttime
♏ Scorpio ~ daytime / nighttime
♐ Sagittarius ~ daytime / nighttime
♑ Capricorn ~ daytime / nighttime
♒ Aquarius ~ daytime / nighttime
 Pisces ~ daytime / nighttime

The signs as Aryan Airlines girls (from RuPaul's Drag Race season 7)
  • Aries:Miss Fame
  • Taurus:Katya Zamolodchikova
  • Gemini:Violet Chachki
  • Cancer:Max Malanaphy
  • Leo:Trixie Mattel
  • Virgo:Pearl Liasion
  • Libra:Trixie Mattel
  • Scorpio:Violet Chachki
  • Sagittarius:Katya Zamolochikova
  • Capricorn:Pearl Liaison
  • Aquarius:Miss Fame
  • Pisces:Max Malanaphy

“You’re dangerous,” he says.
“Because you make me believe in the impossible”  

 ―    Simone Elkeles

Aquarians are riding the Uranus magic carousel that detours into many strange and puzzling worlds. Aquarian personalities are always exploring their identity and constantly declaring their unique independence to society. Preferring to remain one step ahead of the crowd, the Aquarian emanates an impression of mystery, complexity and misunderstanding. Patient, yet impatient, upfront yet peace loving, nonconformists who conform, introverted while extroverted; Aquarians are a paradox - and they have mastered the art of confusing people. Throughout history, Aquarians were the mystics dabbling in alchemy or the eccentrics declaring the world was round. Their original thinking leads to abstract ideas and they will rebel for the pleasure of it all. Fascinating and friendly, Aquarians are full of engaging theories, curious ideals and eccentric habits. They are very fond of art, music and literature, and even if they are scientific in their approach, they manage to find enchantment in formula and chemistry. Their thinking is boundless, and yet they are intelligent enough to apply practical boundaries. Aquarius people stay committed to their decisions but flexible in their approach. They constantly question their existence under the hostage of insatiable curiosity.


The signs as Friends gifs


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How elements influence the way you express love (Use your Venus signs)
  • Fire (♈♌♐):Passionately and with power. Emotions will be shown through physical interaction and devotion. Sex may be very important and emotional stimulation may also come into play. You must keep fire elements interested to keep them in place.
  • Water (♋♏♓):Spiritually. You must have sense of the deeper purpose of love with this element. They want almost a psychic connection with thier partner and complete surrender to love. Can be a bit intense and confusing if they don't have the same level of understanding.
  • Air (♊♎♒):Verbally and written. Its important to express love through your voice and saying how you feel. Mental stimulation is extremely important, and the rest will follow after. Intellectual ways of expressions keeps this element longing for more.
  • Earth (♉♍♑):Abstract ways of showing that you care. It can either be gifts, being at service to the partner, inspiration, etc. Giving parts of themselves up is the way this element expresses love. Classic romantic gestures are common