i love books and autumn <3 

here again  a progress video and i also animated the watercolor illustation a bit :)


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Léon Bonvin, landscapes, 1859-1866. Walters Art Museum, USA.

“He had but the cold hours of the morning or the heavy hours of the night in which to draw and paint his water-colors” … Despite displaying great talent, Bonvin was largely unrecognized by his contemporaries. In 1866 he hanged himself at the age of 32, apparently due to financial difficulties. More:


header and making of the header of my new twitter account


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When you’re lost, I’ll find a way, I’ll be your light  🏠 

#ProjectHome Day 1: Lyric Art 
[release date: April 29th]

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House with garden

watercolors and colored pencils

process video:

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Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Still Life with Roses and Anemone, 1832. Watercolor on Vellum. Paris.

Redouté gained international recognition as the “Raphael of flowers” while serving as court painter to Empress Josephine. His magnum opus Les Roses was a landmark work of botanical watercolors. Source


painting some random cacti and plants without predrawing directly on paper. its so relaxing!!!

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