Heroes cannot be heroes without villains, but not just any ordinary ones… Which heavy hitter would be best suited for Justice League? When you’ve got a team of powerhouses, you need a significantly amped-up foe. Luckily, the DC universe will be filled with the aforementioned thanks to Suicide Squad, but even Deadshot and Joker don’t have the power and expertise to go up against the Super Friends. There have been many speculations as to who the antagonist(s) could be for the upcoming two-part movie, but here are some who deserve the limelight. As most nerds know, Doomsday is stronger than Kal-El, possessing an immeasurable level of strength and invulnerability. Of course, there’s more than one way to defeat such a being, but it takes a huge amount of resources and effort to even face this monster. Like Ultron, Doomsday disregards life, so he is a worthy opponent. Also similiar to the upcoming Avengers baddie is Brainiac, though the latter is far more menacing, posing a universal threat. Another immensely powerful being, Parallax could create a situation in which we see other heroes pitted against each other, giving viewers a pseudo-Flashpoint. This guy is much too encompassing to remain as a Green Lantern foe and should deliver a League beatdown. Obviously, Darkseid has to be included, as he is a bonafide killing machine that commands an army and has access to Omega Beams. This guy is so bad that the creators actually based him off of Adolf Hitler. Who doesn’t wanna see Hitler’s ass get whooped? Lastly, the one who has the potential to change the universe… Is Anti-Monitor, the direct cause of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Anyone powerful enough to cause Darkseid to ally with the League is just… Sheesh. Anti-Monitor could be the ultimate test for the League and a proper closing of the franchise.

Unite, by Jeff Cruz, Angelo Nardone, Drew Fitzgerald, and Royce Southerland.