The Justice League Family:

Wonder Women/Diana : The Mom™. Has to call the boys for their shit when they get into ridicules fights. Always has the last word. Even dad knows not to mess with her.

Batman/Bruce: The Dad™. Emotionally clumsy and distant but tries his best

Superman\Clark: The Achieving Son™

Aquaman\Arthur: Rebel Teen™ - Grumpy, tattoos, mostly shuts himself in his room (the ocean), when Dad ™ tries to convince him to join on the family activity (saving the world) he goes “NO FUCK YOU DAD YOU CAN’T FUCKING MAKE ME.” Gets pissed when Dad™ makes fun of his interests. (“Heard you can talk to fish.” “OMG DAD IT’S NOT ‘TALKING TO FISH’ IT’S A LOT MORE THAN THAT YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND”.)

The Flash/Barry: The Baby Brother that acts all cute and innocent but is actually a little shit (only his brothers know that).

Cyborg: awkward, quite cousin who likes to hang out with this family


Helping Bruce recruit the Justice League members.

“Diana, I would never question your decisions or anything but is it the best idea to send Bruce to go and talk to these guys?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest as the woman you were speaking to turned around as well as the man in question.

“What does that mean?” Bruce asked, his expression only giving off slight confusion as you recalled every other time you had witnessed or heard one of Bruce’s famous one-liners when meeting new people.

“Someone needs to teach you how to make friends,” you concluded causing Diana to let out a laugh as she watched you and Bruce having a stare down.

“Well that was blunt.”

“Why don’t you go with him then?” Diana suggested, causing your eyes to shift to her as she continued, “You have enough people skills to off set his… unique candor.”

“Sounds like fun. Just, don’t say anything stupid that will get us killed,” you nodded.

“Why would I?” Bruce questioned, raising an eyebrow as you let the corners of your mouth drop.

“You probably wouldn’t mean to just, think about what you say before you say it.”

Not long after that conversation

“I hear you can talk to fish.”

“Oh my God.”