The character of Phillip Kopus, the counterpart to Martin Henderson’s Harold Jensen on Aaron Guzikowski’s The Red Road, fits the popular “male antihero” archetype nicely. But at his core, the audience knows Kopus means well, yet he often finds himself on the wrong side of the law. According to Momoa, playing the character has not only been a challenge but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “There’s some huge life-changing things for him every episode,” says Momoa. “That’s Aaron’s thing: he constantly drills you over the head and keeps you guessing. It’s brilliantly written, so there’s constantly new things happening to my character. There’s a real redemption quality for my character this year that I’ve never experienced as an actor. I’ve never gone to the depths of my own self or have lived the things that I’ve seen on this show, so it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, hands down. When you get to the end episode – I’ve never lived anything like that, seen anything like that in my life… so there are some real moments that are heart wrenching and twists that you don’t see coming. It’s hard because when you play the character you’re like, ‘Oh, I can see this coming, I know where this is going,’ but I had no clue.”

For Momoa, who might be best known for his work on Game of Thrones or as Conan the Barbarian, does he enjoy working outside of the fantasy genre and in a world more grounded in reality like The Red Road? “I mean, that’s kind of why I did Road to Paloma,” he reveals. “I didn’t want to do just action stuff anymore. A lot of people who know who I am, they don’t see and they still don’t know another side of me, so I wanted something that’s deeper, that’s based in now, not in the fantasy world or sci-fi and I love that genre but… by doing Road to Paloma and getting that in Sundance that’s how we got Red Road and that’s how dreams came true and I’m very, very, very happy and pleased to be on the show.”

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lets mix things up a little with some justice league figures! while my collection is very very small i still love these toys quite a bit. the accuracy is astounding, although they could have benefited with a stand to help those with balance issues (i’m looking at you, cheetah). i will hopefully continue to track more of these down so expect to see more soon!