Untitled #438 by tracyredstyle featuring high waisted denim jeans

French Connection jumpers sweater, $47 / Vest waistcoat, $39 / High waisted denim jeans, $36 / Giuseppe Zanotti ankle strap high heel sandals / CÉLINE handbags tote bag / Velvet jewelry / House of Harlow 1960 earrings / Aqua jewellery

This is Aqua,

 and she is a something trillion year old sorcerer alien, she is the owner of an elegant hotel called “The Aqua Lounge”, she is the one who bought & pays all of the bills for the house, she’s the only one with a job, she’s one of the most mature of all the dolls, and she doesn’t like conflict, but if she has to fight she will win~

[Aqua was originally a short haired ballerina doll with aqua blue legs wich is where her name came from, i cut off all of her hair and rerooted it and used paint for her black eye shadow, her legs are still blue, she is one of the oldest dolls i own, so i don’t know where i got her from, but i got the hair from a local hair shop]

aquarian-daydream asked:

Hey may I have a description for aqua sun(12th house), Libra moon (8/9th house), aqua rising, Capricorn mercury and Capricorn venus, both also 12th house!

First at all, the music that you put in your blog is really beautiful! haha

Well, you’re like half air half earth, and linked to the 12th house.
You’re one of those people that love their friendships and family deeply, but use an armor because you hate to feel vulnerable. You may idealize your loved ones, and blind yourself when they do something that could be morally bad.
I think you’re an introvert, and all your thoughts and ideas get confused inside your head. You may be use other ways to communicative, like writing (this is just a thought I got, and even when you don’t write I think It could be a great idea for expressing your ideas in a 12th house way). you could be good at writing poetry! Your Libra in 9th house, in the other hand, makes you want to travel and learn different point of view from a great variety of people. You respect other’s opinions, but defends your beliefs with your heart (you know, Libra moon haha).
Your ego is attached to your spiritual world, and you may repress reality and slide to your own world. @Astrologymarina has Sun in the 12th house, and she says that it’s like Rapunzel inside the tower, seeing the world pass from a window. You may feel like you loose yourself when you’re with others.
Venus in your 12th house makes you overly empathetic, you may be the kind of lover that work really hard for their relationship, even forgetting about themselves, and focusing too much in their lover’s needs. This is worst with Libra in 8th house, because this house is about deep conections and how much of yourself you share with other people. Personally, I think you are a great friend and partner, but have to focus more in your needs and come back to the real world more often!

Tell me If I’m wrong :)

As a part of my ongoing collaborative series with The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, I am sharing one story every week from my time as a short-term researcher at their Lahore office. 

Here is a photograph of a home in Dalhousie, India, that a woman now living in Lahore, Pakistan, dreams of from time to time; a home that now lives in her memories of the past. 


A girl born in Lyallpur [now Faisalabad in Pakistan] spent her summers at the family cottage in the mountains of Dalhousie (in present-day India). It was a white house with aqua green window shutters, one that her father had built with his own hands with love and care, a fact she took pride in. 

When the subcontinent partitioned, the family was in Dalhousie and had to flee and all the girl could take of the house was a simple black and white photograph of its exterior. Because they had some time to prepare, her mother packed many of their belongings and sent them to [what became] Pakistan by train. The family travelled from Dalhousie to Gurgaon to Mianwali and finally found their home in Lahore. 

In her grand living room in Gulberg, she showed me the old photograph, comparing it with one a relative had taken recently – the house looking exactly the way it did in 1947, yet now belonging to someone else. 

This is Tyrrell,

and he is a model who[Use to be]married to aqua. He founded aqua at his brother’s funeral, kevin, who was aqua’s old husband that died by a visious monster attack that left him headless…so they became friends, dated, and eventually got married on the rings of saturn ~aqua chose to go there of course~

[He is a Barbie Basics doll, Model #17]

Chillin Out On A Chilly Day by haileytink featuring Karen Kane

Raglan top / Jitrois pencil skirt, $685 / Chunky-heel boots / Dorothy Perkins cross body / Stone pendant / House of Harlow 1960 leather wrap bracelet / Karen Kane ring / The Sak red earrings / Aqua red ring / New Directions gold bangle bracelet / Aéropostale hair accessory / Forever 21 cat eye sunglasses
Dress To Shine by diva1023 featuring modern wall art ❤ liked on Polyvore

Long sleeve dress, ¥865 / Harrods cashmere coat, ¥186,215 / Dolce&Gabbana black pumps, ¥92,880 / Chanel black purse, ¥698,645 / Fendi gold jewelry, ¥42,360 / House of Harlow 1960 black earrings, ¥1,170 / Aqua bib necklace, ¥3,365 / Gel eyeshadow, ¥585 / Modern wall art, ¥81,665

This is Rose & Flame,

and they are celebrities that are dating eachother. Rose would be every anime person with pink hair, and Flame would be the cool silent guy with the leather jacket on. They were tired of being famous, so they quit and looked for somewhere else to go…and they found aqua~

[They are Volks dolls from Volks USA, And they have obitsu wigs from The Junky Spot]

This is Celestia,

and she is a ice princess from the 15th century england, after dying from her parents locking her in a tower for 18 years, her parents had her buried in the new world(america) so that they didn’t have to look back at what they did. The night after she was successfully buried, her body froze turning her into a block of ice, and the dirt covering her turned into a silver color, centuries later rapunzel & aqua found her, and aqua used a reincarnating spell to bring her back to life. Although Celestia has a spoiled persons mentality, she & the rest of the dolls live together peacefully~

[Celestia is an “Obitsu”(got her from the junkyspot), i got her head bald so that it could be rooted, and i got the hair from volks usa]


Celestia- The Cup Song~

Sir Walter Scott, Tales of My Landlord, 1820

Again, the exciseman pretended, that my deceased landlord did encourage that species of manufacture called distillation, without having an especial permission from the great, technically called a license, for doing so. Now I stand up to confront this falsehood; and, in defiance of him, his gauging stick, and pen and inkhorn, I tell him, that I never saw, or tasted, a glass of unlawful aqua vitae in the house of my landlord; nay, that on the contrary, we needed not such devices in respect of a pleasing and somewhat seductive liquor, which was vended and consumed at the Wallace Inn, under the name of mountain dew. If there is a penalty against manufacturing such a liquor, let him show me the statute; and, when he does, I’ll tell him if I obey it or no.


Rapunzel’s back~ What went on? Well…~

Roy was on his search to destroying Aqua, but only Treant & Rapunzel was home. Roy busted through the door, Treant came at him with a chair, but Roy punch him into a wall ‘causing Treant to be unconscious. Rapunzel quickly jumped onto Roy’s back, strangling him, then bit into his neck…unsuccessfully. Her vampire teeth shattered from his impenetrable skin, and she noticed that strangling him was doing nothing, so she darted towards the door, but Roy was already there. She looked around panickingly, then got an idea. She continued to act as though she was panicking and slowly walk backward towards a wall. Roy slowly approached her with a cheeky grin. She bumped into a wall, with no means of escape, but this was her plan. She then turned into a bat and crawled into a mouse hole, which had carpet running through it, and she lifted a section of the carpet, and there was a mouse sized trap door that she then climbed down, pulling the door and a loose string from the carpet with her to a close. This secret area was one of Rapunzel’s secret hideouts in case of emergencies, that only she and Aqua know about. Everything was miniaturized so that things fit her perfectly in her bat form. Roy, was ripping away the walls in search of Rapunzel. There was a desk that had paper and pencils at it, so she quickly went to it, lit a mini candle, and wrote something. Then climbed through a pipe that let to the sewers. She then made it to a sewer drain, where she looked at the house, which was not in shambles, and she saw Roy, who was still destroying in search of Rapunzel. Roy then went to Treant, who was still unconscious in the wall and lifted him out of it by the neck. Rapunzel had to do something, so she climbed out of the sewer drain, and started flying around in circle while making bat noises, and when she noticed that she caught his attention, she quickly started flying away, but within a split second Roy grabbed her. He had left Treant on the floor, and left with her in his grasp. When everyone got back to the house from their shopping trip, they were all appalled(except Dan). Aqua tried to wake up Treant with no success, then she looked around the house for Rapunzel with no success. She then remembered the secret hideout, so she told everyone that she was going to find Rapunzel, and they can just clean up. Aqua then walked up to the destroyed wall where the hideout is located, and noticed that the carpet looked untouched, so she shrunk herself to mouse size, lifted the carpet & and trap door, and climbed down. The first thing she noticed was the paper with words on it that read, “Roy”. Aqua understood, and climbed back u through the trap door & carpet, then she grew back to normal size, and a small bag wth only a dart gun and a key inside. She quickly ran into the thick woods to where Roy’s house was located, and crept u to a partially opened window. She noticed Roy throwing logs into a fire, and Rapunzel beat-up looking still in bat form bound by a single chain to a wall. There was a knock at the door, Roy said “who is it”, and a deep voice said “mail”, and Roy opened the door to see a large man holding 2 large boxes with a fanny-pack on and a mail truck at the dirt road. Roy signed a thing and grabbed the boxes, placed them on his sofa, then closed & locked his door. He went to his kitchen to find a knife to open the boxes, he opened one to find out that it was a giant caramel chocolate bunny that he ordered, and he placed the knife down, to wait to open the other box. He then went into him kitchen again, and came out with some garlic and a much larger knife. He placed the garlic next to Rapunzel which caused her to quiver violently and gasp for air, and started sharpening a stick with the knife while sitting on a chair next to her. Suddenly the bat started growing into a person, Roy just snickered and without looking, threw some more garlic at her, while continuing to sharpen the stick. Then he heard a “ehem”, and looked at Rapunzel, just to find Aqua standing there with a gun pointed at him and the chain on her wrist. She quickly shot him in the neck 'causing him to faint, broke off of the chain, and went home where Rapunzel was laying down on a mat on the floor next to Treant. Much later that day when the house had finished being fixed, Aqua was sitting on the roof next to Jake with her hand in the air, saying some words. She then fell over and started rapidly aging, Jake then took her into the house to tend to her. -a reflection went by in the form of a sphere over the entire house- 

[actually my uncle’s son took her, and messed her hair all up, but this was more fun to type up]