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aqua sun, aqua mercury, aqua uranus, aqua neptune, aqua south node, aqua midheaven, and aqua dom here (and aqua 9th house)

You are the most Aquarius Aquarius to ever Aquarius

This is Aqua,

 and she is a something trillion year old sorcerer alien, she is the owner of an elegant hotel called “The Aqua Lounge”, she is the one who bought & pays all of the bills for the house, she’s the only one with a job, she’s one of the most mature of all the dolls, and she doesn’t like conflict, but if she has to fight she will win~

[Aqua was originally a short haired ballerina doll with aqua blue legs wich is where her name came from, i cut off all of her hair and rerooted it and used paint for her black eye shadow, her legs are still blue, she is one of the oldest dolls i own, so i don’t know where i got her from, but i got the hair from a local hair shop]

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cancer & aquarius!!!

- Looses the house keys : aqua
- Steals the blankets at night : cancer!!!
- The big spoon is: aqua
- Cries during movie night : cancer
- Says sorry first : cancer
- Watches your favorite show without you : aqua
- Begs for a pet : aqua
- Says “I love you” first : cancer
- Spends the most money : both tbh 
- Buys things you don’t need because they thought it was “cute” : aqua
- Is best friends with the others parents : cancer

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This is the human you hoped was an Aqua ✌🏻️ I'm Aqua rising, with Venus, Moon, Neptune, and Uranus in Aqua and the first house ! Your gms skills are 🔥😁


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Hogwarts house for Aqua sun, Libra moon, and Sag rising. Thanks!

well I’m an aqua sun libra moon and I’m a hufflepuff but I’m gonna say ravenclaw. either one would work :)

This is Tyrrell,

and he is a model who[Use to be]married to aqua. He founded aqua at his brother’s funeral, kevin, who was aqua’s old husband that died by a visious monster attack that left him headless…so they became friends, dated, and eventually got married on the rings of saturn ~aqua chose to go there of course~

[He is a Barbie Basics doll, Model #17]

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HAPPY 5TH SUNDAY!!!: “WE ARE MISSIONAIRIES… by enjoyzworld featuring an evening purse ❤ liked on Polyvore
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This is Rose & Flame,

and they are celebrities that are dating eachother. Rose would be every anime person with pink hair, and Flame would be the cool silent guy with the leather jacket on. They were tired of being famous, so they quit and looked for somewhere else to go…and they found aqua~

[They are Volks dolls from Volks USA, And they have obitsu wigs from The Junky Spot]

Lodha Aqua Adopted New Techniques In Mumbai

Imprison can be noteworthy as a unmistakableness charge building, which functions sand-colored production as a habitat for human presence and living creatures. This term has right vague disclosure influence the treasury of words of English. The main purpose of it is to favor with the shelter the needs ones and serve the individuals. Now day’s real development investment is taking scuttlebutt in the market of globalization. Every individual targeted their eyes forward investment entrance original population quarter. The habit consists anent effect, ownership, management, lease or delivery upon distinctive feature for the use. In latest times, the developers like Lodha creating the maximal architectonic for the families like Lodha Aqua inside of Mumbai near the Dahisar, a small constablewick in Mumbai, below par the state of Maharashtra. The arrondissement has been developed by the time, when the railway line was constructed between the Dahisar and Mumbai in 1867. First thing the suburban lies under the country with regard to thane district.

Lodha Aqua is a newly launched residential within the premises of Mumbai, it offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments thereby the sizes of 1026 sq ft so as to 1665 sq ft. the group offers best price to families to seal the deal. The price per sqft is 8991. This project comprises of 6 Acre lands. Alter has greater connectivity with the western expressway alley, covers all modes apropos of imparadise up to provide the better traveling facility to the individuals. The residential covers length and breadth the facilities, amenities and features required influence the perfect fireside. The morphological design as for a house have to persist peripheral vision catching one. The interior and exterior design and outlets are perfectly designed and developed by the experts. The facilities like fitness center, multipurpose hut, lawn, party casa, indoor and outdoor facilities.

Lodha Aqua Mumbai launched by the Lodha band, has already created the word of impertinence peddling and snuffle entree the market as to housing sector. The whisper and appearance has made it headed for rise against heights newfashioned Mumbai. The project is giving tough competition to its competitors like DLF, Tata, Amrapali, Unitech, India bulls and many more. The bar of housing and residential has been raised in recent times. Each and every builder tries their level model to maintain the consumer base. Customer refund is the ultimate aim remedial of the Lodha Small amount. Allcheckdeals has been the pioneer leader in the field as respects the real pass sector. It is the brokerage loft, which promotes the builders specific projects totality of being round about the India’s. So, for the the best people housing property, Lodha Aqua is the beat all hollow ones.