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mean girls quotes mugs by avonniestudio // top | bottom

avonniestudio’s mugs are individually freehand-painted, so each one is like, really pretty. ;) these mean girls quotes ones are some of my faves. totally grool.

But seriously tho, the only thing Riku has in common with Terra is that he has a dark streak in his heart a mile wide, and got tricked into aiding the villains once. He also did what Terra could not and conquered his darkness without eradicating it.  He accepted that it was part of him and uses it to do good

Other than his first story arc and conflict, he has much more in common with Aqua. Especially circa Dream Drop Distance. 

the signs as white ppl nationalities
  • aires:great great great great grandparents moved here from germany
  • taurus:1/32 cherokee princess
  • gemini:24% greek
  • cancer:5% walgreens gift card
  • leo:1/2 scottish 1/2 british
  • virgo:1/10 russian
  • libra:20% cracker
  • scorpio:20% mayonaise
  • saggitarius:1/8 irish only in march
  • capricorn:BEST FRIENDS with a black person so basically black
  • aquarius:1/8 italian
  • pisces:100% canadian