Apt 23

reasons to watch Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23

- it’s all on Netflix and you can watch the first season in an hour and a half
- Krysten Ritter
- your favorite cynical, sex-addicted alcoholic sociopath archetype but this time she’s a hot girl
- flawless execution of the bait and switch and switch and switch in every fucking episode
- Chloe’s (krysten ritter) closet is to die for
- in one scene in the first goddamn episode Krysten Ritter walks out naked in fuzzy heels to chit chat with her food inspector neighbor, who is also in a serious relationship with the sex doll Chloe set him up with
- Eric André
- origin of the “who wants to get weird and play Mario Kart” gif
- Every thanksgiving Chloe calls all her married lovers’ house phones while they’re having family dinner
- everyone has a friend like June and if you don’t have a friend like June you are the friend like June
- great phrases like “panty hamster” and “blue tubes”
- subtle repressed bisexuality
- Tall Slut No Panties
- James Van Der Beek is cast as himself but as a parody
- Chloe once adopted a foster kid so she could have an assistant she didn’t have to pay
- every episode is bananas af

comedians of color everyone should know about

- Aziz Ansari: pretty famous actor, appears on Parks and Rec and other comedies, and has a few specials on Netflix
- Ali Wong: amazing lady, has her own special in Netflix (a lot of physical humor she did while SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT she is badass and so funny)
- Eric Andre: hilarious dude, has his own mock talk show on adult swim with Hannibal Buress. Also was on Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, one of the only people to make that show bearable.
- Donald Glover: also known as Childish Gambino (yeah, THAT Childish Gambino), has a special on Netflix
- Hannibal Buress: former writer for both 30 Rock and SNL, was on Broad City, and of course, the Eric Andre Show.
- Retta: this lady KILLS with her humor. you probably know her as Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec.
- Kumail Nanjiani: This guy has been everywhere, most notably to me, Portlandia. He’s insanely funny.
- Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele: Y'all know about Key and Peele don’t even lie
- Sasheer Zamata: SNL’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph, also OH MY GOD she is one of the only people who can make me laugh out loud.
- Richard Ayoade: You probably know him from The IT Crowd (all of which is on Netflix), but this guy is so talented you must check out his other stuff.
- Leslie Jones: She recently starred as Patty in Ghostbusters, but y'all know she’s a writer on SNL? Yeah, and killing it every day. (also apparently she had a basketball scholarship lord help me)

these are mostly mainstream comedians that I adore, please add on some other ones if you know any!