The Actual Signs of Hamilton Characters
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: August 9th, Leo
  • Angelica Schuyler: February 20th, Pisces
  • Peggy Schuyler: September 24th, Libra
  • Aaron Burr: February 6th, Aquarius
  • George Washington: February 22nd, Pisces
  • John Laurens: October 28th, Scorpio
  • Marquis de Lafayette: September 6th, Virgo
  • King George III: June 4th, Gemini
  • Thomas Jefferson: April 13th, Aries
  • James Madison: March 16th, Pisces
  • Theodosia Burr: June 21st, Gemini
  • Phillip Hamilton: January 22nd, Aquarius
  • Alexander Hamilton: January 11th, Capricorn

Representation on what Luke’s marriage will look like

Inspirational people with your sign

Aries: Johann Sebastian Bach: March 31, Thomas Jefferson: April 13, Leonardo da Vinci: April 15, Vincent van Gogh: March 30, Charlie Chaplin: April 16

Taurus: William Shakespeare: April 23, Pyotr Tchaikovsky: May 7, Eva Perón: May 7, Salvador Dalí: May 11, Richard Feynman: May 11

Gemini: John F. Kennedy: May 29, Aung San Suu Kyi: June 19, Edvard Grieg: June 15, Robert Schumann: June 8, Marilyn Monroe: June 1

Cancer: Diana Spencer: July 1, Ernest Hemingway: July 21, Nelson Mandela: July 18, Malala Yousafzai: July 12, Gustav Klimt: July 14 

Leo: Barack Obama: August 4, Alexander Fleming: August 6, Coco Chanel: August 19, Claude Debussy: August 22, Andy Warhol: August 6

Virgo: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: August 28, Mother Teresa: August 26, Antonín Dvořák: September 8, Leo Tolstoy: September 9, Alexander von Humboldt: September 14

Libra: Mahatma Gandhi: October 2, Günter Grass: October 16, Oscar Wilde: October 16, Giuseppe Verdi: October 10, Lech Walesa: September 29

Scorpio: Pablo Picasso: October 25, Friedrich Schiller: November 10, Marie Curie: November 7, Claude Monet: November 14, Martin Luther: November 10

Sagittarius: Ludwig van Beethoven: December 16, Walt Disney: December 5, Mark Twain: November 30, Wassily Kandinsky: December 16, Willy Brandt: December 18   

Capricorn: Martin Luther King: January 15, Isaac Newton: January 4, Jeanne d’Arc: January 6, Stephen Hawking: January 8, Johannes Kepler: December 27

Aquarius: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: January 27, Galileo Galilei: February 15, Nikolaus Kopernikus: February 19, Bertolt Brecht: February 10, Rosa Parks: February 4

Pisces: Albert Einstein: March 14, Frédéric Chopin: likely February 22, Georg Friedrich Händel: March 5, Michelangelo Buonarroti: March 6, George Washington: February 22 


hello–the most common use is used as a telephone greeting (hello?), but used for expressing surprise or interest (hello!) before the telephone.  Remember the telephone?

1827 is the date the Oxford English Dictionary cites as the the first published use of “hello” as an expression of surprise.  At the same time (early 1800′s) a similar expression, “halloo” was used as in fox hunting.  “View Halloo” is the stage of the hunt when the hunters sight the fox in the open.  

1876 Alexander Graham Bell is generally credited with inventing the telephone.  Bell used a primitive microphone made up of a needle poked into a fluid.  

1877 April, Thomas Edison filed his patent on the carbon microphone.  He is also credited with using “hello” as a telephone greeting.  Edison’s carbon microphone made the telephone commercially practical .  

1877, July, Edison was experimenting with recorded sound and shouted the fox hunting “Halloo!” into the mouthpiece of the strip phonograph.

1877, August, A letter of this date has been found suggesting that “hello” had become his choice of greetings.  

1888, January, The first public telephone exchange opened and it has been “Hello” ever since.

The use of the telephone in the 1800′s violated the Victorian ettiquite rule that one didn’t address a person unless you had been introduced.  “Hello” was used because you didn’t know who was at the other end of the line.  So in a way the telephone contributed to the leveling of class distinctions at the turn of the century. 


The Great ‘Hello’ Mystery Is Solved

Invention of the telephone


Babs was the land speed record car built and driven by John Parry-Thomas. It was powered by a 27-litre Liberty aero-engine.

Babs began as ‘Chitty 4’, one of Count Louis Zborowski’s series of aero-engined cars named 'Chitty Bang Bang’. As it was built at Zborowski’s estate of Higham Park near Canterbury, it was also known as the Higham Special.

Parry-Thomas rechristened the car Babs and rebuilt it with four Zenith carburettors and his own design of pistons. In April 1926, Parry-Thomas used the car to break the land speed record at 171.02 mph (273.6 km/h).

During a later record attempt at Pendine Sands, Wales on 3 March 1927, the car went out of control at speeds in excess of 100 mph. The car rolled over and Thomas was killed. Following the inquest into Thomas’s death, Babs was buried in the sand dunes at Pendine.

In 1969, After 40 years, the car was exhumed and restored to running order over several years by Owen Wyn Owen.


♔ The D O W N F A L L of A N N E  B O L E Y N.

  • January 29th 1536 - Anne Boleyn suffered a tragic miscarriage, losing a baby boy, which she is believed to have carried for but fifteen weeks.
  • March 1536 - Anne Boleyn argued with Thomas Cromwell, stating that monastic assets should be redistributed to charitable and educational causes.
  • April 1st 1536 - Henry VIII sent Jane Seymour a letter and purse of gold, which she asked to be given to her only when she made an honourable match.
  • April 2nd 1536 - Anne Boleyn’s almoner, John Skip, preached a sermon that attacked Cromwell’s ideas about the dissolution of the monasteries.
  • April 24th 1536 - Thomas Cromwell and Sir Thomas Audley set up two commissions of oyer and terminer to investigate alleged acts of treason.
  • April 26th 1536 - Anne Boleyn entrusted her chaplain, Matthew Parker, with the spiritual care of her little daughter, should anything happen to her.
  • April 29th 1536 - Anne Boleyn quarrelled with Sir Henry Norris, accusing him of being in love with her, and thus looking for “dead men’s shoes”.
  • April 30th 1536 - Carrying her infant daughter in her arms, Anne Boleyn made her final, most desperate appeal to her estranged husband.
  • May 1st 1536 - Henry VIII received a letter at the May Day joust, which led him to abruptly leave Anne Boleyn at the joust, and interrogate Sir Henry Norris.
  • May 2nd 1536 - Accused of committing adultery with at least three different men, Anne Boleyn was arrested, and thus imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Layne Thomas Staley August 22nd, 1967 - ∞

“Whatever dramas are going on in my life, I always find that place inside my head where I see myself as the cleanest, tallest, strongest, wisest person that I can be. […] My bad habits aren’t my title. My strengths and my talent are my title.” - Layne Staley 

“Layne wore his soul on the outside. He was luminous…too tender for this world. We are all very sad too lose him, but happy that he’s not sick anymore. He’s free on his own journey.” -Ann Wilson