The Actual Signs of Hamilton Characters
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: August 9th, Leo
  • Angelica Schuyler: February 20th, Pisces
  • Peggy Schuyler: September 24th, Libra
  • Aaron Burr: February 6th, Aquarius
  • George Washington: February 22nd, Pisces
  • John Laurens: October 28th, Scorpio
  • Marquis de Lafayette: September 6th, Virgo
  • King George III: June 4th, Gemini
  • Thomas Jefferson: April 13th, Aries
  • James Madison: March 16th, Pisces
  • Theodosia Burr: June 21st, Gemini
  • Phillip Hamilton: January 22nd, Aquarius
  • Alexander Hamilton: January 11th, Capricorn

The red-letter anniversaries are coming thick and fast here in the Parallel Julieverse. No sooner have we finished toasting the 50th Anniversary of Thoroughly Modern Millie, than it’s time to charge the glasses for another milestone in the annals of Julie-history: the Diamond Jubilee of Cinderella. The celebrated tele-musical premiered 60 years ago on 31 March 1957.

It would be no exaggeration to call Cinderella a major cultural event of the late-1950s. The first television musical created by legendary composer-lyricist team Rodgers and Hammerstein, the show was seen by a record audience of over 100 million viewers, enough, it was pointed out, “to fill a Broadway theatre seven days a week for 165 years” (Messing, 61). Even today, Cinderalla remains one of the most widely seen programs in television history (Hischak, 152).

Julie was, at the time, riding high on the success of another Cinderella musical, My Fair Lady so she was the perfect fit to play the fairytale princess. As these production stills attest, she never looked lovelier and the critics were enraptured.

“Perhaps it’s the unassuming simplicity of Mis Andrews, or the crystal clear articulation, or yet again the perfect pitch, that transforms her performance (as in “My Fair Lady”) to the definitive characterization. No two ways about it, she was Cinderella” (Variety, 42).

“Miss Andrews was Miss Andrews, sweet, beautiful and lyrical. Her only minor problem was that she was fully as beautiful behind the broom and under the tiara” (Gould, 49).

“As Cinderella, Julie Andrews was the personification of innocence. Her face, her style, her talent added up to that rare quality that makes a performer a star” (Torre, 5).

So happy anniversary, Cinderella…thank you for sixty years of fol-de-rol and fiddle-dee-dee enchantment!


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Do you have any interesting facts about Thomas Paine?

  • Because his father was a Quaker and his mother was Anglican, Thomas Paine’s parents would often argue about religion making it a focal point in his life.
  • He was unsuccessful as an apprentice to his father, a privateer, a corset shop owner and a custom’s officer before he moved to America.
  • Although he served some time in the army and monetarily supported the American Revolution, it was not his success as a soldier, but his writings that inspired colonists to continue their revolt against the British.
  • His first marriage ended in tragedy when his wife and child died during birth. 
  • At some point while living in England Thomas changed his birth name of Pain to Paine. 
  • Thomas Paine began his writing career while still living in England. He was involved in political matters and in 1772 published The Case of the Officers of Excise. This 21 page article was asking for higher pay for excise officers.
  • Thomas Paine married for the second time on March 26th, 1771, to Elizabeth Olive, the daughter of his landlord.
  • In 1774 Thomas Paine lost his job as an excise officer and in order to avoid debtor’s prison he sold all of his possessions. His second marriage ended soon after.
  • Thomas Paine moved to London and met Benjamin Franklin, who encouraged him to move to America and provided him with a letter of recommendation. 
  • While working as editor at Pennsylvania Magazine Thomas Paine began writing articles that were politically motivated. He wrote “African Slavery in America” in which he condemned the practice. He signed the article under the pseudonym ‘Justice and Humanity’.
  • Following the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, Thomas Paine wrote a 50 page pamphlet titled “Common Sense”, in which he suggested that America should revolt against Britain and demand its complete independence. It was printed on January 10, 1776.
  • “Common Sense” sold more than 500,000 copies within a few months of its first printing.
  • During the Revolutionary War Thomas Paine traveled with General Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army, as his personal assistant. During this time he wrote 16 “Crisis” papers which were published between 1776 and 1783.
  • 1777 Thomas Paine was appointed Secretary to the Committee for Foreign Affairs, but following a few missteps he was expelled from the committee two years later.
  • Thomas Paine eventually returned to England, and became involved once again in politics. He narrowly escaped execution in 1794.
  • Thomas Paine continued to write, until his death in 1809. For more than 100 years his image was tarnished, until 1937 when the truth was written in the Times of London, giving him credit for all his work and impact on the American Revolution.
Presidents, Vice Presidents, and their zodiac signs

It’s early in the morning and I have nothing better to do so I’m putting this list of presidential and vice presidential birthdays and zodiac signs together in case anyone would like to compare them

1. George Washington (February 22nd) and John Adams (October 30th) - Pisces and Scorpio

2. John Adams (October 30th) and Thomas Jefferson (April 13th) - Scorpio and Aries

3. Thomas Jefferson (April 13th) and Aaron Burr (February 6th) - Aries and Aquarius

4. Thomas Jefferson (April 13th) and George Clinton (July 26th) - Aries and Leo

5. James Madison (March 16th) and George Clinton (July 26th) - Pisces and Leo

6. James Madison (March 16th) and Elbridge Gerry (July 17th) - Pisces and Cancer

7. James Monroe (April 28th) and Daniel D. Tompkins (June 21st) - Taurus and Cancer

8. John Quincy Adams (July 11th) and John C. Calhoun (March 18th) - Cancer and Pisces

9. Andrew Jackson (March 15th) and John C. Calhoun (March 18th) - Pisces and Pisces

10. Andrew Jackson (March 15th) and Martin Van Buren (December 5th) - Pisces and Sagittarius

11. Martin Van Buren (December 5th) and Richard M. Johnson (October 17th) - Sagittarius and Libra

12. William Henry Harrison (February 9th) and John Tyler (March 29th) - Aquarius and Aries

13. James K. Polk (November 2nd) and George M. Dallas (July 10th) - Scorpio and Cancer

14. Zachary Taylor (November 24th) and Millard Fillmore (January 7th) - Sagittarius and Capricorn

15. Franklin Pierce (November 23rd) and William R. King (April 7th) - Sagittarius and Aries

16. James Buchanan (April 23rd) and John C. Breckinridge (January 16th) - Taurus and Capricorn

17. Abraham Lincoln (February 12th) and Hannibal Hamlin (August 27th) - Aquarius and Virgo

18. Abraham Lincoln (February 12th) and Andrew Johnson (December 29th) - Aquarius and Capricorn

19. Ulysses S. Grant (April 27th) and Schuyler Colfax (March 23rd) - Taurus and Aries

20. Ulysses S. Grant (April 27th) and Henry Wilson (February 16th) - Taurus and Aquarius

21. Rutherford B. Hayes (October 4th) and William A. Wheeler (June 30th) - Libra and Cancer

22. James A. Garfield (November 19th) and Chester A. Arthur (October 5th) - Scorpio and Libra

23. Grover Cleveland (March 18th) and Thomas A. Hendricks (September 7th) -Pisces and Virgo

24. Benjamin Harrison (August 20th) and Levi P. Morton (May 16th) - Leo and Taurus

25. Grover Cleveland (March 18th) and Adlai Stevenson (October 23rd) Pisces and Scorpio

26. William McKinley (January 29th) and Garret Hobart (June 3rd) - Aquarius and Gemini

27. William McKinley (January 29th) and Theodore Roosevelt (October 27th) - Aquarius and Scorpio

28. Theodore Roosevelt (October 27th) and Charles W. Fairbanks (May 11th) - Scorpio and Taurus

29. William Howard Taft (September 15th) and James S. Sherman (October 24th) - Virgo and Scorpio

30. Woodrow Wilson (December 28th) and Thomas R. Marshall (March 14th) - Capricorn and Pisces

31. Warren G. Harding (November 2nd) and Calvin Coolidge (July 4th) - Scorpio and Cancer

32. Calvin Coolidge (July 4th) and Charles G. Dawes (August 27th) - Cancer and Virgo

33. Herbert Hoover (August 10th) and Charles Curtis (January 25th) - Leo and Aquarius

34. Franklin D. Roosevelt (January 30th) and John Nance Garner (November 22nd) - Aquarius and Sagittarius

35. Franklin D. Roosevelt (January 30th) and Henry A. Wallace (October 7th) - Aquarius and Libra

36. Franklin D. Roosevelt (January 30th) and Harry S. Truman (May 8th) - Aquarius and Taurus

37. Harry S. Truman (Mary 8th) and Alben W. Barkley (November 24th) - Taurus and Sagittarius

38. Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 14th) and Richard Nixon (January 9th) - Libra and Capricorn

39. John F. Kennedy (May 29th) and Lyndon B. Johnson (August 27th) - Gemini and Virgo

40. Lyndon B. Johnson (August 27th) and Hubert Humphrey (May 27th) - Virgo and Gemini

41. Richard Nixon (January 9th) and Spiro Agnew (November 9th) - Capricorn and Scorpio

42. Richard Nixon (January 9th) and Gerald Ford (July 14th) - Capricorn and Cancer

43. Gerald Ford (July 14th) and Nelson Rockefeller (July 8th) - Cancer and Cancer

44. Jimmy Carter (October 1st) and Walter Mondale (January 5th) - Libra and Capricorn

45. Ronald Reagan (February 6th) and George H.W. Bush (June 12th) - Aquarius and Gemini

46. George H.W. Bush (June 12th) and Dan Quayle (February 4th) - Gemini and Aquarius

47. Bill Clinton (August 19th) and Al Gore (March 31st) - Leo and Aries

48. George W. Bush (July 6th) and Dick Cheney (January 30th) - Cancer and Aquarius

49. Barack Obama (August 4th) and Joe Biden (November 20th) - Leo and Scorpio

50. Donald Trump (June 14th) and Mike Pence (June 7th) - Gemini and Gemini