“Wait… Amethyst and Greg are hanging out again?”

“They better not be reading that dumb comic!”

“You mean Homestuck?”


“Unbelievable, they really are!”

“They used to dissapear for days, reading that obnoxious webcomic over and over and over…”


“Until what?”

“I don’t know… one day on the 13th of April they just… stopped”

“They don’t like to talk about it. They say it brings up bad memories.”

One more week

Until the beards come back,
Until the players can’t slack,

Until the coaches rant,
Until the fans just can’t,

Until the rivalries return,
Until your stomach churns,

Until your heart stops beating,
Until you can’t stop screaming,

Until you lose your voice,
Until we hear the noise,

Until mullet and stripes,
Until Crow’s between the pipes,

Until the nervousness sets in,
Until we have to win,

Until every game counts,
Until grown men will pout,

Until we lose hours of sleep,
Until we play to go deep,

Until the teams fall out,
Until whole cities will shout,

Until we start to cry,
Until teams wave goodbye,

One more week until the playoffs start.