53 people killed (as of May 22nd, 2017) in Venezuela during the April-May protests by paramilitary forces and the National Guard, either because they were protesting PEACEFULLY against this corrupt, tyrannic dictatorship or because they happened to be nearby while a protest was going on.

Jairo Ortiz - 19 years old, April 6th.

Daniel Queliz - 20 years old, April 10th.

Miguel Ángel Colmenares - 36 years old, April 11th

Brayan Principal - 14 years old, April 11th.

Tony Calderón - 32 years old, April 13th.

Carlos José Moreno - 17 years old, April 19th.

Paola Ramírez - 23 years old, April 19th.

Niumar San Clemente - 26 years old, April 19th.

Mervins Guitian - 26 years old, April 20th.

Ramón Martínez - 29 years old, April 20th.

Kevin León - 30 years old, April 20th.

Francisco González - 34 years old, April 20th.

William Marrero - 33 years old, April 20th.

Robert Centeno - 29 years old, April 20th.

Joanathan Meneses - 27 years old, April 20th.

Elio Pacheco - 20 years old, April 20th.

Stivenson Zamora - 29 years old, April 20th.

Jairo Ramírez - 45 years old, April 20th.

Yorgeiber Barrena - 15 years old, April 20th.

Kenyer Aranguren - 19 years old, April 20th.

Albert Rodríguez - 16 years old, April 20th.

Manuel Pérez - 19 years old, April 20th.

Almelina Virguez - 47 years old, April 23rd.

Renzo Rosa - 54 years old, April 24th.

Jesús Sulbarán - 42 years old, April 24th.

Luis Márquez - 52 years old, April 25th.

Johan Medina - 23 years old, April 25th.

Christian Ochoa - 22 years old, April 26th.

Juan Pablo Pernalete - 20 years old, April 26th.

Eyker Rojas - 20 years old, April 27th.

Carlos Aranguren - 30 years old, May 2nd.

Yonathan Quintero - 20 years old, May 2nd.

Ángel Colmenares de Hernández - 43 years old, May 2nd.

María Guanipa - 36 years old, May 2nd.

Armando Cañizales - 18 years old, May 3rd.

Jesús Samiento - 26 years old, May 3rd.

Gerardo Barrera - 36 years old, May 4th.

Luis Pacheco - 22 years old, May 4th.

Hecder Pérez - 20 years old, May 5th.

Miguel Medina - May 5th, age undisclosed.

Angerson Dugarte - 32 years old, May 10th.

Miguel Castillo - May 10th, age undisclosed.

Luis Alviarez - 18 years old, May 15th.

Diego Hernández - 33 years old, May 15th.

Yeison Castillo - 17 years old, May 16th.

Diego Arellano - 31 years old, May 16th.

José Francisco Guerrero - 15 years old, May 17th.

Manuel Castellano - 46 years old, May 17th.

Paúl René Romero - 24 years old, May 18th.

Daniel Rodríguez - 17 years old, May 19th.

Edy Aguilar - 23 years old, May 20th.

Yorman Bervecia - 19 years old, May 22nd.

John Quintero - 20 years old, May 22nd.

José Ramón Gutiérrez, Ángel Salas, Estefany Tapias and Natalie Martínez, Daniel Gamboa, Carlos Mora - Deaths STILL not confirmed by official authorities, but frankly, when have they ever.

2,459 ARRESTED (AS OF MAY 19TH) for protesting and being tortured by the hands of the monsters that call themselves our “national guard.”

13,050 INJURED (AS OF MAY 19TH) in the hands of our “national guard” as well.

And yes, this list is likely to be kept updated because that’s what the fuck is happening right now.

I’m not sure if people know but America dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb (a MOAB) on Afghanistan, Nangrahar, thursday 13th April. It was dropped in response to the death of a US soldier fighting IS in Nangrahar (and possibly in response to N Korea’s nuclear trials). We’ve only heard that ‘many militants’ have been killed and we don’t know the exact impact yet. 

Afghanistan has been at war for 38 years now and this is really saddening news, especially the scale of the weapon used. So, please keep afghanistan in your prayers because amid the power struggle of these resourceful countries, it’s afghan civilians that are caught in the crossfire. 

november 29th, 2016 marked the last pinof to ever be filmed in phil’s old bedroom

march 30th, 2017 marked the last phil liveshow to ever be streamed in dan and phil’s old lounge

april 4th, 2017 marked the last dan liveshow to ever be streamed in dan’s old bedroom

april 13th, 2017 marked the last baking video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old kitchen

april 20th, 2017 marked the last gaming video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old office

and april 25th, 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter

13th April ~ 15:43

I have been away for such a long time. My productivity & motivation have decreased so much, exams are only getting closer & stress levels only building. I have been so unproductive this Easter: back with a passion to make the most of the time I have left: new regime commences with nailing my Latin set texts 🤞🏼

What happened in Cape Town?
  • Cape Town is the capital city of South Africa where Panic performed at the Coke Zero Fest in 2009
  • Panic seemed to have a good time, they hung out together, went sightseeing etc
  • *narrator voice* but things were not as they seemed
  • 13th April 2009 turned out to be the last concert Panic would play with Ryan and Jon
  • the relations between the band members worsened and Panic officially split on July 6th citing ‘musical differences’ as the reason
  • Ryan and Jon formed a new band called The Young Veins and Ryan wrote the song Cape Town which has the lyrics ‘I loved you, I left you in Cape Town’ and ‘I got lost in Cape Town’. People suspect these lyrics refer to him leaving the band, particularly Brendon.
  • however Ryan and Jon have said the lyrics are about a girl Ryan met during their tour. Apparently he asked her to marry him, but she already had a husband. Jon helped Ryan get out of the sticky situation.
  • Brendon And Spencer went on to release Vices and Virtues. The song Bittersweet has the lyrics ‘I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…. but my favorite place is the warm embrace of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall’
  • Why would you hold someone’s hair back in a bathroom stall? a)If they were throwing up or b) If they were going down on you. Who could Brendon be talking about?
  • Also here’s something Cute!! Panic’s last pre split show? 13th April. Brendon’s birthday? 12th April. Sweet ending to this post, huh?

On 13th April, 2017 a teenager in Saint Petersburg picked something near a library and it turned out to be an explosive device. The teenager lost his left hand and partially lost the right one. He was hospitalized in local hospital. So far it’s unclear where the bomb came from.


What’s a better way to bring together the Nitwit Brigade and also help our fight against Karamel fans and the disgusting ship they endorse? We bring you Kremlin Annihilation Week!

day 1 (10th april): the moment you knew you hated mon-el
day 2 (11th april): most abusive moment(s)
day 3 (12th april): worst episode(s)/scene(s)
day 4 (13th april): worst argument(s)
day 5 (14th april): worst lie(s)
day 6 (15th april): worst moment(s) passed off as cute or funny or romantic
day 7 (16th april): free choice (anything that takes your fancy)

You can make gifs/graphics/text posts, whatever you want to make, in whatever form you wish to do, to participate in the annihilation week!

Please use the tags #karamelaw & #karameledit if you do decide to participate!

We start on Monday 10th April through to Sunday 16th April.