April 2018


In which we are all James Corden

 Bonus: because Tom’s response is precious


April’s Featured Game: Folkloria

DEVELOPER(S): folkloriarpg
GENRE: Adventure, RPG
SUMMARY: Folkloria is a lighthearthed turn-based RPG set on a floating island inhabited by mythological creatures. You play as Weaver, a young and unassuming griffin determined to rescue his family from the clutches of Dr. Zeralidius, a shady businessperson from the world below the clouds who plans to modernize the peaceful island.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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‘Who is the better villain to grace the MCU stage? Loki or Thanos?’ 

Bonus: (because he’s just SO pleased with his Thanos analysis)

*waits through entire Infinity War for Shuri and Peter to meet*


‘Of all the 18 films that have come out before this one, what have been your favourite moments that haven’t included yourself?’

Bonus: Because clearly Tom REALLY loves the Winter Soldier