Quick question

How did you guys interpret the scene where Charlie & Miss Quill were briefly shown as alien-looking?? Bc I’ve heard that some people believed that to still be April’s imagination, and not their actual appearances…..

I for myself firmly believe that at least they have had /some/ sort of different form originally, ‘cause honestly - did they look like they had nothing to hide / were telling the absolute truth? Not to me they didn’t! Wayyy to awkward for that sry XD And also, a particular bit in the intro (I’ll get to that in a later post) got me a good 80% convinced that what we saw is precisely what they actually look / looked like (tho pls GOD don’t let this be the first&last time we see them like that - what kind of waste would that be???), and not something April thought up (since she clearly didn’t believe Charlie’s really fumbled answer, either).

But anyway - what do you think???


Every Spring This Forest In Belgium Becomes A Blue Wonderland

There’s a mystical forest in Belgium, not far from Brussels, that will take your breath away if you visit it in April or May. Every spring, Hallebros, or Bois de Hal (Halle Forest in Dutch), a beautiful 552 ha forest, is carpeted with a thick layer of bluebell flowers.

Being in this forest during the bluebell season is a spectacular experience. Visiting would be best during weekdays, as it is packed with tourists and local visitors on weekends. Naturally, picking the flowers in this wood is strictly forbidden in order to preserve its extraordinary natural heritage.

h/t: designyoutrust