Apr 25

Light Breezes // Victor & Parker

Bored again. Victor’s been in the black market for what feels like a ten years, when in all actuality it’s probably been a solid nine or ten hours. This is why he owned his own business. When Victor wanted to come in and manage, he could. And when he got bored after a few hours on shift, he could leave it all to his GM without a worry. That’s why he payed the man a nice salary, after all.

Being stuck in the same spot for hours on end really gets under Victor’s skin. He starts the day off with a nice visit from Bobbie, fresh supplies, and around two hours later, Victor sells the shotgun he’s been hoarding around for a solid ten rations. After that, it was mostly window shoppers. Victor can sniff them out instantly, and he doesn’t even bother getting up from his chair when no money can be made. His last sale was a smoke bomb, three hours ago, and Victor’s ready to call it a day and just go home. He’s so incredibly bored.

So that’s what he does. Victor packs up his bag, and decides to go for a nice stroll through the QZ. He needs to figure out what he wants to spend money on so he can unload some of his rations. There’s got to be something worth investing in in the Atlanta QZ. Victor just needs to find out what it is, exactly. He takes long, slow steps out of the front of the dorm building, and decides to head in the general direction of the ration lines. Instead of taking a main street, he cuts behind a large building, probably used as storage before the outbreak, and takes a couple of twists and turns. Victor makes sure to avoid the street he danced with Rodney on, hyper-aware that his body is out there still, somewhere.

He eventually comes back to a connecting street with the main road when he spots someone lurking outside of the Georgia sun. Victor plans on passing them without conversation, but when he gets closer he realizes exactly who it is.

“Victor’s feeling will be hurt if you’ve been avoiding me, Hellraiser.”

April 25

I’m the masterpiece you’ll never forget;
and one day– it will feel a hundred 
years, like a lifetime from now–
when your hands are small and frail, 
when even the silence drowns
the beat of your heart,
the memory of my brilliance
will still shine in your dulling, aging eyes.