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Here are the dates of every major meteor shower in 2017

Quadrantids: Jan. 1-10

According to the American Meteor Society, these meteors have the potential to become one of the most spectacular showers of the year, though it can fall short because of fickle January weather conditions and its relatively brief six-hour period of peak activity. Its peak night occurs Jan. 3-4.

Lyrids:  Apr. 16-25

The AMS says Lyrid is a medium-strength shower that can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere at dawn, as well as from the Southern Hemisphere — albeit at a lower rate. Its peak night takes place on Apr. 21-22.

Eta Aquariids: Apr. 19-May 26

The Eta Aquariid shower is stronger if seen from the southern tropics. Its peak night occurs on May 6-7, according to Basic Astronomy.

Alpha Capricornids: Jul. 11-Aug. 10

This shower is not too strong but, unlike many, it can be seen on either side of the equator, according to the AMS. Its peak night takes place Jul. 26-27.

Delta Aquariids: Jul. 21-Aug. 23

The Delta Aquariid has a stronger presence in the southern tropics, but its meteoroids lack persistent trains and fireballs. Its peak night occurs Jul. 29-30, according to the AMS.

Perseids: Jul. 13-Aug. 26

Among stargazers in the U.S., Perseid is one of the most popular meteor showers, as it peaks on August nights and can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere. According to Basic Astronomy, its peak night takes place on Aug. 12-13.

Orionids: Oct. 4-Nov. 14

The Orionids create a medium-strength shower that sometimes reaches higher activity like Perseid. The shower’s peak night is Oct. 21-22, according to Basic Astronomy.

Southern Taurids: Sept. 7-Nov. 19

The falling Southern Taurids result in a long-lasting shower but one produces just more than five shower members per hour, a relatively low number. Its peak night takes place on Oct. 9-10, according to the AMS.

Northern Taurids: Oct. 19-Dec. 10.

Like the Southern Taurids, Northern Taurids occur over a span of two months. When these two showers become simultaneously active in late October, it creates increased fireball activity. Peak night occurs on Nov. 10-11, according to the AMS.

Leonids: Nov. 5-Nov. 30

Leonids are known for causing large meteor storms, with some of the most notable occurring in the mid-1800s, in 1996 and again in 2001. Its peak night occurs Nov. 17-18, Basic Astronomy reported.

Geminids: Dec. 4-Dec. 16

Germanids are usually the strongest meteor shower of the year, and it can also be seen from the Southern Hemisphere. According to Basic Astronomy, Germanids’ peak night takes place Dec. 13-14.

Ursids: Dec. 17-Dec. 23

The AMS underscores that this shower, which occurs just before Christmas, is strictly a Northern Hemisphere stargazing show. Its peak night takes place Dec. 22-23, according to Basic Astronomy.

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Tama-chan Commemoration Monday

Remembering Tama-chan

29 Apr 1999 - 22 Jun 2015

13 June 2016 Edition

Her Achievements:
Station Master - Kishi train station

Vice President - Wakayama Electric Railway

Honorable Eternal Station Master

Attracted US$10M+ in tourist revenue

Saved Wakayama Electric Railway from closure

Saved cities that depend on the WER Kishigawa Line
Elevated as Shinto goddess on 28 Jun 2015

You’ve saved cities and your fellow coworkers…
You’ve brought joy and hope to your fans worldwide…
You’ve touched millions of lives…

Thank you and farewell, Tama-chan!

Please continue watching over us!

Main pic - The gorgeous Tama-chan in the arms of her human caretaker, Mrs. Koyama
Bottom left - Tama-chan’s Shinto shrine
Bottom right - Tama-chan’s grave and monument

2016 Full Moon Calendar

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                                                   Date | Name

                                               Jan 23. | Wolf moon

                                              Feb. 22 | Snow moon

                                              Mar. 23 | Worm moon

                                              Apr. 22 | Pink moon

                                             May 21 | Flower moon

                                            June 20 | Strawberry moon

                                             July 19 | Buck moon

                                            Aug. 18 | Sturgeon moon

                                          Sept. 16 | Harvest moon

                                            Oct. 16 | Hunter’s moon

                                           Nov. 14 | Beaver moon

                                           Dec. 13 | Cold moon 


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These videos are the reason I hate this man 

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but also why he is my favourite