Today marks the first day of Apps World 2016 taking place in London from the 19th-20th of October!

What is apps world?
Apps world is where the next big things in mobile phone app space will be discussed by some of the industry’s top players bringing together the world’s biggest brands,start ups and developers to discuss the future of multi-platform applications.

The event is expected to have keynotes from huge companies such as Facebook,Microsoft,Uber and Pinterest!

The event aims to tell the story of the journey of an app from startup to brand. Along with the discussions Bot World which will showcase the latest in app trends and technology will also be taking place which is very exciting.

In total the show will bring together more than 250 senior level speakers from across an entire app ecosystem and more than 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest products!

You can follow the event tweet by tweet by following apps world on twitter @Apps_World