If you look VERY closely, you can see a nose swarmed by young, eager devs. This nose belongs to none other than Peter Molyneux who was giving a keynote address at ExCeL London earlier today - no doubt, the highlight of #AppsWorld #GamingWorld this year. Last year, it was Trip Hawkins who graced us with his presence.

I missed the speech and for that I’d like to thank for grossly underestimating my commuting time. 👏

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I wanted to find some photos from Apps World 2015 and didn’t find any. So I decided to share my photos here, probably someone will them interesting. Better late than never :)

External image

General AppsWorld view.

External image

Waiting impatiently to see Wozniak at stage. 

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Quite a lot of people. Probably you can find yourself on this photo. The quality of the photo is good, so you can even see faces. Rightclick photo, click Copy image URL, paste it in the new tab, and enlarge it ;)

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And here he comes!

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Answers questions.

Answers more and more questions.

Finally, everyone had a chance to talk to him. This is happy me showing him GPS Location Tracker and taking autograph.


Set for #appsworld! @localsocial arrived in Excel centre this evening and got our stand set up. Speaking on Thursday about Retail and Proximity / iBeacon / etc. And for the rest of the time - showcasing lots of iBeacon / Proximity goodness at stand 118B and giving demos of the platform in action. So drop by and have a chance to win a Fab LocalSocial #proximityrules Long Sleeve T Shirt! Oh, and we included a gratuitous shot of a massive Droid, just ‘cos! :-) 

De geboorte van Connected TV

Connected TV nog in de kinderschoenen. Nieuwe App verdienmodellen.

Het programma van Apps World in London beloofde een interessante Social TV experience te worden, met één track volledig gericht op Apps & TV. Een goede reden voor de Webrangers om een kijkje te nemen en de laatste ontwikkelingen te volgen. 

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AppsWorld - Responsive App Landing Page Theme (Marketing)

AppsWorld – Responsive App Landing Page Theme (Marketing)

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AppsWorld is a One of The Beautiful and Creative App Landing Page Theme for WordPress with Fully Responsive Layout in 2015. AppsWorld is a fully responsive app landing page theme for WordPress. If you want to create a App Landing page for your mobile or desktop AppsWorld will be the best choice for you. The theme is featured with all the latest and modern amenities that a professional app landing…

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My notes from AppsWorld Africa 2011

These are my notes and findings from The AppsWorld conference was held in Cape Town 1-2 June 2011.

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Mobile development is an emerging field in Africa. There are no experts in the African market and currently companies are taking ideas that was implemented abroad and implementing them here as Africa is still playing ‘catch-up’ to the rest of the world. The summary of keynote speakers (mostly from Tim Bishop, CTO of  Prezence Digital) at the Developer’s workshop was that:

  • Not enough mobile applications are currently bought in SA
  • The focus is on providing service applications
  • Companies don’t have the time to be 'product’ companies as Start-up companies often start up in providing services
  • Skills shortage of good mobile developers even though suddenly everyone claims to be an expert in the field. There is NO expert mobile developer in South Africa. People are developing in the field as they gain more experience. Developers should be paid what they are worth as developers as good developers will be able to climatise to the mobile space if they have a passion for it.  A note for people looking to hire a good mobile developer: find a developer who has published an application. 
  • The cost of developing a mobile application depends largely on the following factors: Vision of the application, User Flow, User Experience and iteratively learning about what the audience of the application wants. Developing the actual application should be relatively easy.

After attending a variety of workshops in the Social Media, Applications and Development streams, these are the 4 KEY workshops that stood out for me. 

1) Social Media as a BRAND Management - By Kemi Benjamin, Brand Manager for Nike

What i absolutely loved about Kemi’s presentation was his honesty and humility in his opening statement by stating he was NOT an expert in social media and that he will present to us his experiences of what worked in using social media in brand management.

Kemi started off at Nike as a cashier at the NikeTown flagship store in London and really got to know the products from conversations with the customers. His role enabled him to have constant dialogue with the Nike consumer which helped him discover what the customer really wanted - something that is the clear underlining theme in any 101 class - KNOW WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE WANTS.

Kemi’s clear passion for the product  and ongoing understanding of the youth, culture and social media trends shone through as he became a key member in the Nike Marketing team which then led him to being apart of the Nike World Cup integrated marketing team. After a presentation that WOWed everyone, his advice was as follows:

Brand Advocacy is key in using social media as a marketing tool as it:

  • drives peer recommendations
  • cultivates influences
  • delivers a loyal and sustainable user base
  • increases marketplace capacity
  • reduces costs and increases margin

Social + Compelling experience = Drives brand advocacy

Social media is more expensive than traditional marketing and needs to be researched properly.

Mobile penetration is about the same in SA and the US

Internet penetration is via mobile in SA

There are twice as many cell phones than TV sets in SA

Comparing MixIT/Facebook and twitter - MixIT gives you scale and Facebook being the most popular.

For a successful social media outreach, USE A BLENDED APPROACH, have a clear objective and don’t separate the physical from the digital.

In a nutshell:

  • Use core marketing principles
  • Know objectives and how social media will achieve goal
  • Advocacy is critical
  • Social is always on (24/7 - all year)
  • Be analytical …sweat each detail, produces great results
  • It’s not all digital…don’t ignore physical
  • Provide a framework, don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • The African landscape is unique, requires innovate solutions
  • Be fast, light and be on your consumers terms
  • Initially focus on the numbers, later on the numbers should come naturally.

2. Pioneering Social Media Techniques and the Travel Industry by Janalyn Froese, Online Marketing Manager, Singita Game Reserve

Singita Game Reserves are a world re-known for being the best safari experience in the world and have been regularly voted as being the best hotels in the world. Singita had one goal, and that was to create a niche market that is world-class and this was demonstrated by Janalyn’s passion for the product as she delivered the presentation.

Key points that came out from the presentation:

  • 90% of travel purchases begin with a web search
  • Facebook influences the new traveller
  • The travel industry is moving away from a travel agent to moving to an online booking system
  • Your Website should be your hub
  • Social media should include Facebook, twitter, YouTube , Flickr
  • Blogs are now proving to be popular
  • Focus on SEO
  • Trip advisor
  • Guides
  • CRM/e-campaigns
  •  Always use an integrated marketing approach
  • Allow the consumer Drive back to website for more info
  • Focus on Organic marketing
  • Product Quality content…DONT OVERSELL

3. Digital Engagement: Meaningful Crowd Sourcing via Social Media - Eran Eyal, Co-founder of and
Eran’s company is a popular and successful local t-shirt company in Cape Town that effectively uses the 'Crowd Sourcing’ concept. Individuals submit designs for t-shirts which get voted for and the winning design receives prize-money and royalties when the t-shirt gets sold. Eran and Eric decided to take the Crowd-Sourcing concept  further and came up with creating a crowd sourcing website, whereby the audience can crowd source or socially engage to find answers to anything. In a nutshell:

  • Crowd sourcing = solving via meaningful engagement
  • Crowd sourcing brings meaningful conversations with your audience
  • The idea is that a combination many bright sparks = an awesome idea = POWER of crowd sourcing.
  • was recently launched and is growing iteratively. Many new features (such as a Facebook application) will be launched soon.

Eran used a minimum number of  PowerPoint slides during his presentation which led to a very engaging discussion as the audience was very interested in the Crowd Sourcing concept. 

4. Case Study: Media and Publishing Apps by Ronald Bach, Mobile Application Product Owner,

Ronald’s vision and passion for mobile applications shone through as he described his experiences in creating the mobile applications over the past 12 months. His approach was a humble one whereby his team released a first version of the application, and got to know their audience from learning through constant feedback and interaction which produced number iterations of the applications where features were refined. Ronald’s experiences in the mobile field were as follows: 

  • Most iPhone users don’t download apps in SA 
  • Build mobile strategy first then apps on top
  • Constantly ask the question: “What do app users want?”
  • Focus on Quality content
  • Quick access
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Use STD gestures to navigate
  • Allow for fat finger problem
  • Visual cues - touchable ( hide navigation)
  • Share, contribute, participate

These 4 sessions stood out for me for the as the presenters shared the following attributes:

  • Product knowledge - being an expert on their product/brand
  • Hands-on experience with the product and was involved in the process of delivering the products
  • A willingness to learn about what the consumer wants
  • Not professing to be an expert in the field of mobile/social media.
Crap! I'm Broke was the third place winner at the Big Indie Pitch at Apps World
Crap! I'm Broke is a game about scrubbing dishes and flipping burgers in a vain attempt to make ends meet, pay your bills, and not starve to death. Maybe they should have called it Games Journalist S...

Mark Brown from Pocket Gamer wrote an article about his impression of the “Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket” pitch:

“It was also the third place winner at our most recent Big Indie Pitch event, which we held at AppsWorld London. A big deal, considering the high quality of all the games on show.”

We are very flattered by that, thank you!