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The crimes I’ve committed aren’t heard by any judge,
And there are only two in this courtroom and I must confess,
What’s done is done, and I’m not the type that can be conned into being convinced.
We both know this.

I should be ashamed of this, I’m not,
‘Cause I have tasted grapes.
This smile, don’t look,
It’s my bait, my words, the hook.

These acts of immorality are the only things keeping me quiet.
Why can’t you just accept the fact that I’m only as loyal as my options?

I can’t believe that you would ever trust me.

I should be ashamed of this, I’m not,
'Cause I have tasted grapes.
This smile, don’t look,
It’s my bait, my words, the hook.

You could call me a rolling stone
'cause I’m always on the road.
Every night I wonder if you’re there alone.

I should be ashamed of this, I’m not,
'Cause I have tasted grapes.
This smile, don’t look,
It’s my bait, my words, the hook.

Harry Potter Preference- How They Ask You Out

Hermione would invite you to somewhere so you’re both alone, but even after that she’d be pretty nervous.
“Hermione?” You say to her as you approach her on the empty benches of the Quidditch pitch.
“Hello, Y/N.” She says with a smile as she stands up.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go out to lunch with me on Saturday, like a date.” She asked you with the confidence she managed to muster. 

Luna would know where you’d go to be alone where it’s quiet and would sit there with you.
“Hello, Y/N.” You says sweetly as she sits down next to you.
“Hello, Luna.” You say back.
For a moment you just sit there in silence looking around you in peace and quiet.
“Y/N would you like to go with me to an aquarium? It’s a muggle place where fishes live and are protected; I’ve always liked to see one and would love to go with you.” She asks you with a sweet smile. 

Newt would be really nervous asking you and would wait until the last minute to ask you.
“Y/N!” He calls after you as you begin to walk away.
“Yes?” You say as you walk closer.
“Well they’ve put a new ferris wheel in town and was wondering if you’d like to go with me to it’s opening. It has fireworks and food and I think it would be fun to go with you.” He says with his eyes down then finally making eye-contact with you with a shy look on his face. 

Harry would be really anxious and almost have a panic attack asking you and wouldn’t actually ask you until you found his. 
“Harry are you okay?” You ask as you see him pacing.
“Y/N!” He says as his eyes meet yours.
“You seem a little tense, Harry.” You say with a look of worry on your face.
“Do I?” He says as he backs away.
“Harry please tell me whats wrong.” You tell him.
He’s quiet for a moment until he blurts out.
“Go on a date with me?!” 

meddadius  asked:

Favorite Spider-Man adaptation? Personally, Spectacular Spider-Man remains one of my favorite series in general. Also, great job on your portrayal of Peter!

thank you!!!! i do my best and i’m glad you like him!

overall i’d say my favorite adaptation is probably straczynski’s! he wrote a lot of good and genuinely interesting storylines that did a lot for peter’s character development, and he also found a really nice balance between seriousness and humor. i do think he could have stood to deflect to humor a little more often throughout is run, but overall his and joe kelly’s are my favorite spider-men.

that said, i like tom holland’s mcu spidey a lot! 100% my favorite onscreen adaptation.

I Like You

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles trying to impress you at a lacrosse because he likes you, but things don’t exactly work out. However after the game you find him and try to cheer him up, when nothing works you decide to tell him something you know will make him smile.

Lacrosse was something that Beacon Hills High School took very seriously, especially Coach. So it was no surprise that tonight’s game was a close match. It was half time and you went down to the field to wish Scott, Stiles and Liam good luck with the rest of the game. Approaching the bench where Stiles was sitting you sat down beside him but saw no sign of Scott and Liam.

“Good game so far, hey?” you said.

Stiles looked up and smiled, even though he wasn’t actually playing he was still very up beat. Suddenly the coach came up behind Stiles, “Stilinski your up”.

You both turned your heads to look at coach “You mean I’m playing?”, you couldn’t help but smile at how excited he was at the chance to actually be playing in the game.

“Yes! Now get on that field Stilinski and show them what you’re made of”. The coach clapped Stiles on the back before walking off to yell at another team member who was probably doing something coach didn’t like. Stiles grabbed his lacrosse stick and had a cocky but yet dorky smile on his face “I’m getting good, really good” he said.

Laughing you couldn’t deny Stiles always managed to make you smile, there was something about him that put you in a good mood whenever you two spoke.

“Go get them” showing him a sign of support. He ran onto the field and took his position near the goal, while you went back and joined everyone else on the stands. Everything was going good in the game despite coach yelling from the sidelines, until the ball rolled it’s way to Stiles he picked it up and started running towards the opposite end goals. However what he didn’t see coming was a larger guy, who looked twice his size heading his way. Fingers crossed that everything would be okay, that was short lived when the guy knocked him to the ground.

Hearing gasps from several people in the stand, you hoped that he wasn’t injured. Scott ran towards Stiles and helped him get on his feet, “Are you okay?” Scott asked his best friend. "Yeah I’m fine, did Y/N see that?”. Scott looked over in your direction and quickly looked back, “No I’m sure she didn’t” he said trying to cheer up Stiles.

The game continued and apart from Stiles getting knocked down a few more times and the ball nearly hitting his face, the game was a success with the victory going to Beacon Hills just barely. The players all made their ways to the locker rooms to get changed, most of the people watching already went home but you choose to stay back and make sure Stiles was alright. You made your way to the boys locker room and waited outside the door, Scott came out with Liam but you didn’t see Stiles.

“Hey guys, do you know where Stiles is?” you asked Liam and Scott.

“His still in the locker room” Liam said while going off to catch up with Hayden.

Scott walked back to you and placed his hand on you shoulder “You should go in and talk to him, his a bit down after what happened in the game. Maybe you’ll have a better shot at cheering him up”. Nodding you made sure no one else was in the room and found Stiles sitting on the bench towards the back, there was no doubt he looked upset. Making your way towards him you sat down.

“Hey you”.

Stiles didn’t bother to even look up and you felt really bad for him. You went to Scott a few weeks ago and asked him if he knew anything about Stiles having feelings for you, he of course denied it but eventually you kept on insisting he tell you. Lydia was the only person who knew of your crush on Stiles, you weren’t planning for it to happen but one day you woke up and saw him in a different light.

“Stiles come on talk to me, you were great out there” .

He looked up and threw a shirt in his duffel bag, “I sucked Y/N. I literally got knocked on my butt”.

“It wasn’t that bad, the team won and Stiles your apart of the team” .

Clearly none of these attempts in cheering him up were working, fiddling with your fingers you hoped that what you were about to confess would do the trick.

Grabbing Stiles hand you looked in his yes, “It doesn’t matter to me how many times you got knocked on the ground. I thought you played great”.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better”.

Removing his bag to the ground you shuffled closer to him, “I can assure you that I’m being honest with you….Stiles the thing is I like you, more than a friend…” Nerves were running through every part of your body, and thank god he wasn’t a werewolf considering your heart was beating very heavily.

His expression was full of shock, “I-Are you sure?”.

You smiled and it was a classic Stiles response, leaning in you kissed him which is something you didn’t plan on doing but you were in the moment. Once Stiles registered that a kiss was in fact happening he grew more comfortable in it and everything just felt right. Pulling away smiles were plastered on both your faces.

“100% sure Stilinski”.

Standing up, he picked up his bag and laced his fingers in yours. Walking towards his Jeep he turned to you “Oh by the way I like you too”. Laughing you gave him a quick peek and watched him get into his Jeep and drive away. When you knew he had gone, you made your way to your own car. Seating in the drivers seat you were about to drive off when your phone beeped, digging through your purse you finally found the phone and saw that Stiles sent you a message, it read:

I forgot to ask before, but will you be my girlfriend? - Stiles.

What an absolute dork you thought, quickly typing yes as your answer you locked the phone and made your way home allowing the events that took place to sink in. You were officially dating Stiles Stilinski, life was certainly good.

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“Ha, for you - pro bono.”
“Can I approach the bench?”
“Nothing to fear.”
“I’m not Daredevil.”
“If you can’t take the heat …”
“I just winked.”
“Know what they say about justice?”
“Matt Murdock: attorney at law.”
“I’m Daredevil. That’s the truth.”
*sigh*“I have terrible taste in women.”
“I heard that.”
“Ugh! What is that smell?”
“I can hear your heart beating. Literally. That’s not a pickup line.”
“Avacadoes at law.”
“He made me do it.”

Imagine meeting Stiles’ ex-girlfriend

Originally posted by astrologymarina

“Is this really a good idea?” you ask Stiles as you grip his hand. He laughs, squeezing back.

“She wanted to meet you. She’s perfectly nice,” Stiles reassures.

“Malia is also your ex,” you insist.

Stiles laughs and pulls you closer as you two approach a park bench. A pretty brunette sits on it.

“Late as usual,” Malia teases Stiles. A dash of jealousy courses through you as you see how comfortable Malia and Stiles are with each other.

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Malia, this is Y/N. Y/N, Malia.”

Malia stands and shakes your outstretched hand, smiling. “Nice to meet you,” she says warmly.

“Likewise,” you reply.

An awkward moment passes before Malia speaks. “Well, I better be going. I have an interview.”

Stiles nods. “Bye Malia.”

“Bye Stiles. Bye Y/N.”

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Top 5 cases in the Phoenix Wright series

5. Turnabout En Suite. Released as a tech demo for Nintendo’s new 3DS console, this unique case uses the 3DS’ front-facing camera to reveal that the murderer was in fact you, the player.

4. Turnabout Blossom. When a newly-retired Phoenix takes Maya to go visit a traditional American cherry blossom festival, he’s just expecting a quiet day out. But when an American shrine maiden is found stabbed and Maya is found holding the knife, Phoenix’s quiet day is ruined as he’s forced to approach the bench once again to prove her innocence - and figure out why the blossoms on the body appear to be weeks old…? Find out the truth for yourself in this puzzling case that was pulled from shelves by Capcom after executives realized someone had accidentally hidden a photograph of a dude’s weiner somewhere in every character sprite and background cg.

3. Turnabout Fifty Bucks. In this landmark case for the series, Phoenix steadfastly refuses to defend any new clients or leave his office until Edgeworth gives him a cool fifty bucks. When he gets the fifty bucks, the game ends, the player’s save is erased, and the game cart shoots out of the DS across the room.

2. Turnabout Big Top. Fuck off, it’s my list.

1. Turnabout Ghosts. Uh oh! Trouble for Phoenix Wright once again as he’s forced to determine which of a cast of fifty characters could be the murderer, and this time some of them are ghosts

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“Ha, for you - pro bono.”
“Can I approach the bench?”
“Nothing to fear.”
“I’m not Daredevil.”
“If you can’t take the heat …”
“I just winked.”
“Know what they say about justice?”
“Matt Murdock: attorney at law.”
“I’m Daredevil. That’s the truth.”
*sigh*“I have terrible taste in women.”
“I heard that.”
“Ugh! What is that smell?”
“I can hear your heart beating. Literally. That’s not a pickup line.”

Eskimo Pie: Love at First Bite


It’s been 3 months since Delphine left France to begin working at San Francisco General Hospital and she still doesn’t feel like she fits in, not with the people or in the city.

Her daily break comes at 4pm and, on a sunny day like today, she likes to take the latest medical journal, sit in the park, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy her solitude, and read. As Delphine approaches her usual park bench, she’s disheartened to find it already occupied by a young couple lost in each other’s eyes. Resigned to not be a third wheel, Delphine continues further on into the park in search of a new bench, finally settling on one adjacent to a playground.

After several minutes of reading, Delphine is startled by very loud, whimsical music followed by the sounds of the children screaming as they run towards the nearest sidewalk and line up in front of an ice cream truck, the source of the initial, obtrusive noise. She watches as the kids all excitedly purchase their preferred treats: bomb pops, ice cream sandwiches, massive ice cream cones, you name it and that truck seems to have it. The kids all get high fives from the vendor in addition to their frozen treats of choice. This woman has quite possibly the brightest smile Delphine has ever seen. She’s pretty sure it’s the kind of smile you can see from space. Delphine finds herself transfixed by this sight, by the happiness that one ice cream truck and its vendor have brought to this park. After the line has petered out, Delphine hears the ice cream lady yelling something while pointing in her general direction. Delphine looks around to see whose attention she’s trying to get.

“Hey, miss. You with the amazing, blonde curls.” The woman is definitely talking to Delphine.

“Yes?” Delphine replies with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“You just gonna sit there staring or you gonna come over here and get some ice cream?”

Delphine is a bit taken aback, but ice cream doesn’t sound so bad on this warm day, so she gets up and strolls over to the truck.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, but those children were just so excited by your presence.”

“What can I say? Kids love ice cream, especially on back-to-school Mondays.”

"No, it was more than that, they really seemed thrilled to be around you.”

“I guess I’ve developed a good rapport with them. I’ve been coming here for the last year, so I know all their names and their preferred treats by now. But I don’t know your favorite. So what are you in the mood for today?”

Delphine peruses the intricately drawn novelties on the side of the truck. Unsure of what to order, she looks to the woman for assistance, ”What do you suggest?”

“Well, you can’t go wrong with any of them, but my absolute favorite is the Eskimo Pie.”

Delphine looks at her curiously, “Eskimo? I don’t think I know it.”

“No?” The girl asks with surprise and Delphine shakes her head. “Prepare yourself, you’re about to become a craven addict.”

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These last days, Bean was bullied a lot. Some students said he was clumsy… slow… or something like that… But recently, he couldn’t help but notice another teenager who was also being bullied, a pretty mean-looking boy with blood orange hair. This guy was often sitting alone… and Bean think he might needed a friend!
So the unusually tall and clumsy looking student approached Itward on a bench, before classes started. “Hello.”


  • lawyer: your honor, may i approach the bench?
  • judge: you may
  • lawyer: *whispers* i will give you like twenty whole dollars to completely disregard the defense
  • judge: are you trying to bribe me with..twenty dollars?
  • lawyer: fine. you drive a hard bargain. fifteen.
  • judge: officer,



holtzclaw apparently believed the white jury would have his back. as he was escorted in front of the judge to be remanded into custody awaiting sentencing, he was crying and shaking his head in disbelief, clearly communicating to the jury his disgust, that he was let down. he cried and rocked back and forth while the verdicts were read for each count. but when he approached the bench he was already behaving indignantly about their verdicts. so very clearly not at all remorseful. fuck him. acab.