Introduced 1983 and discontinued 1986, the Apple Lisa was the first home computer offering a graphical user interface. Its extreme price tag – just under $10,000 – put it out of reach for the average user, resulting in a commercial flop for Apple. Its technological-predecessor was the Xerox Alto and its successor was the Apple Macintosh. 

A New Miracle Everyday


I’ve seen potions that can fix (and even grow) bones. I’ve witnessed candies that blow smoke out of your ears and fountain drinks that change your voice. Hell, I’ve even watched in shock as a witch completely changed her own appearance by thought alone… Seriously Jessica, you should warn I guy before you do that.

But in all my years in this Earth I have never witnessed anything as shocking as what I saw in person today. A wizard living just off the main drag of Hogsmeade has a fully functional, all original, 1983 Apple Lisa home computer. To top it off, he is still using it as his dedicated device.

Apple-Pie life - Dean x Reader x Sam

Title: Apple-Pie life

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,232

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can u write about souless Sammy and that I got in to a coma and me and Dean was dating and when I woke up 4weeks later dean is having a apple pie life with Lisa and I get to together with sam and all that other stuff

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You let an inaudible sigh, trying your best not to wake the tall man in your bed. Even as you stared at him for hours you could not believe this was happening. So many things had changed in such a little amount of time that you could hardly believe it. Sam had died, that much you were sure about, but what was he doing here? Sleeping right next to you, well, naked despite the sheets covering the two of you.

But a better question was: What was Sam doing sleeping next to you naked when it should have been Dean in his place?

Well, yes, it should have been. But it wasn’t. Because you simply were not dating Dean anymore.

How could you have been at seeing him all happy with another woman? 

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Corey Little had a few odd machines from Apple’s early days that didn’t work out so well.

First, he had a replica Apple I done in the style of Wozniak’s own wire-wrapped prototype.  This was contrasted by another Apple I replica in the later PCB style.  Apparently the wire-wrapped version was very finicky, and would error up if you looked at it wrong.

Next up was an Apple ][c+ with the exceptionally hard to read LCD screen (along with a proper color screen for when you got sick of looking at the LCD screen).  I tried playing the demo game provided via the LCD screen and gave up after only one round.  I did much better on the CRT.

After that was an Apple III+ in all its terrible glory.  The original official demo was playing, complete with the error in the code that would make the demo seize up after a period of time.

However, the coolest part of his exhibit was the Lisa 1 with WORKING TWIGGY FLOPPY DRIVES.  The Lisa 1 was notorious for having terrible 5 1/4″ floppies known as “twiggy” drives that never worked.  Lisa 2′s didn’t have this problem, and thus were much more reliable machines.  However, after proper restoration, Corey happens to have a pair of fully functional drives on his Lisa, which is exceedingly rare.