Re-writing/EAH part 1/?  - ‘Darling’!Apple

So I was talking with a friend last night about EAH when out of nowhere I had this idea pop in my head out of nowhere about how much more interesting Apple could be if she was the princess who wanted to be a hero.

Having Apple be more like Darling would’ve been a really great thing
the whole idea of the ultimate fairytale princess reacting to her PTSD & feelings of helplessness by wanting to ensure she could take care of herself and be her own hero but is so weighed down by the pressure of having the ultimate fairytale and becoming a queen the way people want her to that she hides it and just goes along with everything because she’d rather be miserable & alive than that close to death via irresponsibility.

And then, here comes Raven and her declaring her rebellion by refusing to play her role and Apple being confused & upset by Raven’s bravery because she herself can’t do the same thanks to a combination of her own fear and everyone’s expectations.

Apple-Darling could still largely be the same girl but her seeing her friends not sticking to their stories or questioning if they should would be harder on her because she doesn’t have that freedom but still wants her friends to be happy even if she herself ‘can’t’.

Which doesn’t mean that, despite her secret, she wouldnt’ find other ways to express her heart’s true desires. Like, you know that common trope  where girls get taught by guys how to do things considered ‘un-feminine’? I imagine Dalring-Apple would date around casually and just always suggest things like jousting dates and just be known as a superfan of it.

She would let them teach her that way how to be a hero and try to satisfy her interests that way and instead of any of the guys wondering why ‘sweet & perfect’ princess Apple White likes ‘un-feminine’ things the princes are just so thrilled to go out with her that they don’t care why and it’s that bro thing of ‘dude, she was TOTALLY into me. all she did was listen to things like, my jousting skills or how I, like, slay dragons!’ (which she’d count on them to do and it’s like ‘LOL - stupid boys! pay attention‘)


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