This is my absolute favorite episode of the show, for very personal reasons. I always had the sense that Luna spoke from personal experience in all the dream episodes, to warn them not to fall into the same pitfall as she did.

This Sweetiebloom is a part of my Sweetie collab series, this time with @atowncalledbedlam aka Dilarus!

Dil runs the blogs @meetthepones and @southernbelleaj with the help of @trevorrain, they’re all super cute with a dark humor twist and it’s fantastic. I really love Dil’s comic strip vibe and flow and it really compliments his work. Everything he draws feels so quick but it also packs so much expression and motion, and it’s cute to boot! Anyways, if you’ve never seen their work before, go check em out linked above!

This won’t be my last collab with Dil here either, so stay tuned for that.

Next up oughta be an Ask Sweetie cause I have been majorly slacking on them. But in the meantime, have a sneaky belle courtesy of Dilarus!

Ladles and jellyspoons, a very special Meet The Pones collaboration with the one and only @bobdude0! Naturally it’s another Sweetiebloom, because who can’t get enough of this delightful duo?

Yes, after our last collab, I asked Bob if he would like to draw a MTP strip that I wrote, so he provided the pencils, I inked his wonderful lineart and the handsomly moist @atrevcorner shaded it. Bob was an utter joy to work with throughout, being endlessly enthusiastic and irrevocably informative in helping us put together this new colour scheme for the strip.

And yes, inspiration for this strip comes from many long years of loving Bill Watterson’s amazing Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, which has inspired a lot more gags in MTP’s past, including it’s tone and the strip format itself.

So why not hop on over to Bob’s blog and give him some more love for being a bloody loveable chap, also leave his inbox full of pictures of this potato.

S5E04, Bloom and Gloom – Deleted Scene

Don’t worry. Guillotines aren’t a huge deal when you’re already a floating head.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)