• Apparating in the Harry Potter books: the three D's, remain totally focused, a complex skill. Mess this up and you could loose an eyebrow or a fingernail or even a lEG
  • Apparating in Fantastic Beasts: lemme just apparate with a case full of dangerous creatures, how about we just apparate through this wall, I'll jump off a roof and apparate in MID-FUCKING-AIR if I want to

“#Anderwelt” by @lottavandroom

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So, my uncle took this picture when my cousin, Jazz (19), was 2 years old. I remember the story about the picture and the house but a recent Facebook post brought it all back. Thought I’d share. The house was supposedly haunted.. lots of noise and things moved in the night, etc..  And my cousin Jazz had this imaginary friend who she talked to all the time there. 

So this one day ..she was talking to him.. when my uncle snapped this pic. It kinda looks like smoke but no one was smoking (wouldn’t in the house anyway) and if it was a camera issue, then this pic was the only one with it. I enhanced the picture in photoshop.. and the only thing I see (not sure if it’s just a mental thing) but I see a face within that white area I circled.. leaned back and laughing. 

She did say her imaginary friend was a delight. :) 


The weeping statue of the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose) in Montichiari, Italy.

It is believed that between 1947 and 1966 Mary appeared several times to a woman called Pierina Gilli. During these apparitions Mary referred to herself as the Mystical Rose, and asked for a special devotion to be instituted on the 13th day of each month.

The apparitions were never approved as authentic by the Catholic Church, yet the devotion continues to be popular until this day.