This photograph of the St Augustine Lighthouse was taken from the top of a 300-foot tower by a mobile phone tower technician. Testing the zoom on his own phone, he snapped this photograph and had no idea what he had captured until he looked back at the photograph later. Standing at the top of the lighthouse on the right, and seemingly looking out to sea, is the apparition of a woman.

The lighthouse has seen its fair share of tragedy, and the woman in the photograph is not the only phenomena associated with the lighthouse. People have reported hearing voices when nobody else is around, seeing shadow figures and apparitions including that of a woman on the lighthouse stairs, as well as a wandering male figure, and two young girls who appear on the catwalk near to the top of the tower. Apparently, the technician managed to catch one such apparition in a photograph.


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  • Apparating in the Harry Potter books: the three D's, remain totally focused, a complex skill. Mess this up and you could loose an eyebrow or a fingernail or even a lEG
  • Apparating in Fantastic Beasts: lemme just apparate with a case full of dangerous creatures, how about we just apparate through this wall, I'll jump off a roof and apparate in MID-FUCKING-AIR if I want to

Shadow People and the Hat Man

Shadow people are something that most people seem to have had at least one experience with.  They are a common occurrence and are often reported by people who see them out of their peripheral vision and likely they have just woken from sleep when this occurs.  Shadow people have no known significance and are more than likely related to the human wake-sleep cycle and the ability of the brain to recognize human shapes in darkness or out of the corner of the eye.  It is unknown whether or not shadow people, who are sometimes reported to have been standing in bedroom corners, are part of reality in terms of another dimension or whether they are simply a figment of our own human minds.

One particular “shadow person” has been known to stick around when his “victims” turn to face him fully.  Different from typical shadow people, the “Hat Man” is first seen in the periphery but when looked at straight on, he does not vanish but stays where he is or continues walking along a path.  Many people around the globe have reported seeing the Hat Man, making him a widespread phenomenon that cannot be explained by the idea that perhaps the human mind is malleable enough to have created him spontaneously.  The Hat Man has been known to have even, in some rare cases, approached victims and had physical contact with them.  Even those who have had up-close interactions with the Hat Man have explained that they could not describe his facial features because he did not, in fact, have a face.  Others claim that they have seen just his eyes–red or black.

What most victims of the Hat Man can agree upon is that he is often seen when the household or individual in question has gone through a struggle of some kind, the entity seemingly feeding off of the powerful emotions from those who have been hurt or are grieving.  It is safe to say that the shadowy entity of the Hat Man is quite a bit different from the normally harmless shadow people who roam about quiet corners in the night and by no means is he as common a sight.  In fact, despite his connection with shadow people, one would more than likely venture to say that the Hat Man is in no way related to them at all.