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This photograph of the St Augustine Lighthouse was taken from the top of a 300-foot tower by a mobile phone tower technician. Testing the zoom on his own phone, he snapped this photograph and had no idea what he had captured until he looked back at the photograph later. Standing at the top of the lighthouse on the right, and seemingly looking out to sea, is the apparition of a woman.

The lighthouse has seen its fair share of tragedy, and the woman in the photograph is not the only phenomena associated with the lighthouse. People have reported hearing voices when nobody else is around, seeing shadow figures and apparitions including that of a woman on the lighthouse stairs, as well as a wandering male figure, and two young girls who appear on the catwalk near to the top of the tower. Apparently, the technician managed to catch one such apparition in a photograph.

  • Apparating in the Harry Potter books: the three D's, remain totally focused, a complex skill. Mess this up and you could loose an eyebrow or a fingernail or even a lEG
  • Apparating in Fantastic Beasts: lemme just apparate with a case full of dangerous creatures, how about we just apparate through this wall, I'll jump off a roof and apparate in MID-FUCKING-AIR if I want to
Two Girls

pan4cea submitted:

My best friend’s cousin just recently had a baby. She called me the other day freaking out, she kept repeating that I would think she was crazy. Finally she spit it out, she had recently woken up in the middle of the night just to see two young girls, about 5 and 6 standing at the foot of her bed. I dismissed her and told her it must of just been a dream, or a half-dazed hallucination. 

She called me a few days later going on about how her little daughter belly laughs for no apparent reason. She said that the little girl “looks around her and laughs harder than she’s ever seen” again i dismissed her, children are weird that way. 

Well this lady had just moved into her new  house and she was working with the land lord to fix somethings up. One day the landlord came, and still not able to get the image of the two girls out of her head, she decided to ask. She tip-toed around the subject at first, explaining that she’s not sure what but she’s been experiencing some odd happenings. She finally asks if anyone has ever witnessed any sort of apparitions and immediately the landlord replied with “Oh, you saw the little girls.” Terrified she said yes and the landlord explained that two girls had died from scarlet fever and occasionally walked around the house. 

Still freaking out my friend asked if there was anything she could do, the landlord assured her that he would talk to the little girls. I got a few more frantic phone calls after seeing apparitions and other things of the sort and I few days later I got a text saying “I’m moving out.” Apparently the landlord had talked to the girls, and when he asked if they would leave they simply replied that they were “too attached to the baby.“ 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Good call.  Thanks for sharing the scares!