THE KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Grab a pin or three, some patches, some stickers, and my love! We’re starting with a goal of $895 to fund the first set, shown above, but as we move forward the other loved ‘n cherished snake designs (below!) will become available. 

$15 bucks gets you a pin, patch and a sticker, while $30 doubles that plus an extra sticker, and $45 gives you three pins, three patches, and five stickers. As designs become unlocked, you’ll be able to choose which snakes you’d like to adopt!

Not a fan of snakes? Saving your cash? $1 backers get phone wallpapers, $5+ backers get the Kickstarter exclusive pin design tutorial, and heck, reblogs, telling a friend, sharing the link are all super important and make my heart glow a little brighter. 

Thanks for the responses and support over the months - we got the project going this far and I hope that soon these pins and other goods will become a reality as well!

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Preorders for Antmouth t-shirts and Party Animal Sweatshirts are up on Etsy, available in sizes S-3X! They’re open until the 31st for now, but I would need 12 preorders for each to complete an order, so if the minimum isn’t met by the final date, the preorder period will be extended.
Preorder Antmouth here!

And Party Animal is here!

I was asked why I dress so well earlier this week. Being a young queer trans woman, everything I do is under scrutiny. Every article I write, every sentence I form, and every step I take is under inspection because of who I am. Trans women are assumed to be scary monsters and youth are assumed to not know what we’re doing. Both of these assumptions are wrong. I dress how I do to reclaim my body and identities from these narratives. I wear these clothes in order to uplift my communities through defeating the ageist and anti-trans assumptions we are told every day. I have this aesthetic to imagine a future where all trans youth are able to express our gender how we want, without assumptions and without limitations.