Headcanon time!

Athena Cykes makes small, short videos on her phone throughout the month. It’s usually random things like, videos in the Agency, while on trial (which usually have horrible camera angles because she’s trying not to get caught), stuff that happens while at home or investigating, etc. At the end of each month, she complies these videos together in a short contemplation she posts on YouTube.

For example, one of these videos went as such:

(Athena, sneaking up behind an unsuspecting Apollo…)


(She ends up scaring him instead, and he missteps and falls down the stairs.)

“Apollo? You okay?”

“… yeah…”

(Offscreen) “WILDCATS!” (It’s Trucy.)

Another video is basically Simon Blackquill feeding Taka for a few seconds. Its super adorable and he doesn’t realize he’s being recording until Athena makes a noise and he turns. The video cuts off as Athena immediately sprints away.

Dear pusheendacat1212,

I’m the best because there’s no one alive who can stop Justice!  Not even a mad bomber or foreign spy, apparently.  I’ve become a regular Indiana Jones at this point, haven’t I?

I’m not sure how to describe what I was feeling while I was helping Juniper during that explosion.  I was a little too focused on keeping her safe to feel anything but surprise.

Of course, then I ended up feeling nothing at all…

-Apollo Justice

anonymous asked:

au where apollo stays in khura’in to prove his adoptive father’s innocence with nahyuta and trucy decides to become a lawyer some years later once she catches on to the fact that phoenix has a whole secret plan hes doing

consider this: apollo wants to be a defense attorney but Dhurke won’t let him bc it’s too dangerous, so apollo is trained to be an enforcer for the Defiant Dragons. he has the dragon tattoo on his hand and his back, and he’s super buff and could kill a man with his thighs 


This is the second episode of Ace Attorney: The Shield of Justice, which is a re-imaging of the second trilogy I play Phoenix in!

@actorsallusionpresents plays Edgeworth in this, too. The whole cast is great, really. Check it out!

sakuraegg  asked:

1 & 5?

1. Are You Self Taught or Do you take Art Class?
Me: Self Taught, but for drawing building, Diploma Architecture.

5. What Do You Draw The Most?
TOO MUCH Ace Attorney Apollo Justice and mah Hooman Bendy XDD
Also draw too many men muscles and yaoi related dun ask.