Apollo 7

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October 11th, 1968 - Apollo 7 launches Astronauts Walter Schirra, Donn Eisele and Walter Cunningham into orbit aboard a Saturn IB, with the task of testing the Command Service Module, functions, rendezvous and communications procedures. The mission would last 11 days.

Unfortunately, the crew of Apollo 7 suffered motion sickness, and Schirra from a head cold. This, along with a distaste for the sweet, high-energy foods they were given, plus the duration of the flight, caused discomfort of the crew to the point of committing a ‘mutiny in space’ against Mission Control, talking back and purposefully disregarding Control when asked to turn on the cabin TV camera, or to put on their helmets during re-entry.

Esiele and Cunningham would not return to space, whereas Schirra had already planned on retiring from NASA. Despite the mutiny, Apollo 7 completed its mission of testing the CSM to ensure it’s flight on Apollo 8 two months later, and again to the moon the following year.

Fun Facts about Apollo’s Bracelet

1. Apollo’s bracelet has been described as vibrating on his wrist.

2. Apollo’s bracelet has ALSO been described as tightening on his wrist. (Does it vibrate? Does it tighten? Does it do both at once? The world will never know)

3. Apollo’s bracelet can be taken off. Easily enough that Apollo doesn’t notice.

4. People can lie directly to Apollo’s face without his bracelet reacting.

5. Despite this, Apollo and Trucy occasionally assume that if a person doesn’t have a nervous tic, they aren’t lying.

6. Trucy can only pick up on nervous tells if she already knows what that person’s nervous tells are. Apollo is not restricted by this.

7. Apollo touches his bracelet when he perceives. It’s unclear whether he has to do this, or whether he just likes doing it that way.

8. The bracelet always fits, helping the wearer feel their own muscle tension.

9. The Gramarye power is something to be awakened. That’s probably why Apollo couldn’t use it until Trucy came along.

10. Klavier Gavin makes no insinuation whatsoever that he knows anything about Apollo’s power, but Simon Blackquill figures it out pretty much immediately.

TL;DR Apollo’s bracelet is fricking weird. Also, you don’t need to worry about messing up the facts behind it, because not even Capcom can keep those straight. (But what CAN they keep straight, really.)

When Artemis finally appears in Trials of Apollo
  • Artemis: This year, I lost my dear twin brother Apollo.
  • Apollo (as Lester): *In the distance* Quit telling everyone I’m dead!
  • Artemis: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.

Writing Prompt 6

Apollo has a secret place where he keeps momentos of all his kids. Each kid has something(s) such as: journals, pieces of their work (music sheets, paintings, thank you cards from patients), letters, and other things that they were attached to in life. This place also holds something that the demigods at camp half blood need so they try and convince Apollo to give the item to them and he’s really embarrassed because he doesn’t want the camp and his kids to find out how soft he is.

Eventually they convince him to let them inside and when he does Will and Austin and Kayla find the neatly labeled shelves of stuff he’s collected from his kids over the years. Apollo shows them their spots where he’s put letters they wrote to him and old pieces of art or music they threw away. And they realize that they are actually well loved and Apollo is both too afraid of Zeus to reach out and also not great at emotions and displays of affection.


You know how in the end of Trials of Apollo they all gather around to sing campfire songs ….

I started to laugh because what if they sang the camp fire song song. Will is at lead and his siblings Austin and Kayla are backing him up. Apollo super into it and has his arm around Nico making him away to the beat along with him. And Nico just has his arms crossed not wanting to sing along.

Apollo: SONG! C-A-M-P—
Will: NICO!!!
Nico: ……
Will: GOOD! :D

In the end Austin and Kayla smash their instruments and will screams “OH YEAH” and Apollo clapping and pointing “those are my kids!!!!”

Nico is like “they do this every other campfire I swear”