Family movie time commission for @caromellarts! This took a while to finish because of such a busy month, but I’m glad it still turned out well! 

EDIT: Please do not repost this, edit or use as your icon whatsoever! I would usually allow it with permission and credit, but this is a Commission and I would like everyone to respect that this is also partially my client’s property. Thank you very much!

  • athena, on confessional cam: i've been sneaking paperclips into apollo's hair. i can't believe he hasn't noticed yet. it's been weeks.
  • apollo, on confessional cam: i know about the paperclips. i let her do it because now she has no paperclips. your move, athena.

“Meet Klavier Gavin, lead prosecutor, rock star legend, owner of the sixth strangest hair in the Ace Attorney series.”

ie. Capcom has an official hair ranking for all the AA charactrs. I demand to see this chart. Where does Phoenix stand? Are Miles’ bangs weirder than spiky hair? Are horns weirder than spikes? But, most importantly, is Daryan no. 1?