Dear Joelle,

Anything difficult is going to burn you out, even if you enjoy it.

But there’s something about life I learned entirely against my will and that’s that you have no idea what’s going to happen… ever.

Even if you don’t become a chef or own your own restaurant or something, those skills will still shape whatever you do.  Maybe you’ll write novels about a chef that solves mysteries or maybe you’ll just be everyone’s favorite office worker because you make the best cookies for the break room.

Look at me, for example.  I actually became a lawyer, but Trucy has me doing everything else.  Thanks to poring over all those law books, I can read installation instructions for air conditioners like no one’s business.

I guess what I’m saying is that you should see your path to the end.  You’ll probably be glad you did.

-Apollo Justice


these two are going to give poor Polly a heart attack one day if they don’t quit their shenanigans. 

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