“In 1533, hundreds of dragons were reported to darken the skies over Bohemia, following a 1506 sighting of a blinding bright comet slicing over the sky. Were these foreboding occurrences signs of the apocalypse, or just a lot of Renaissance hearsay? In the 16th century a diligent scribe and artist chronicled these and other portents of woe in a book that was only rediscovered a few years ago” – Allison Meier describing The Book Of Miracles, c. 1550

(via Blue Crow Cafe)

the signs in the apocolypse
  • aries: kills every zombie they can, is probably one of the first to die because they're too caught up in attacking that they forgot to defend themselves
  • taurus: goes on most of the food runs, really good at hunting. gets grumpy when they have to be on night watch but gets over it. creates problems when they decide to be stubborn
  • gemini: the healer of the group. stitches up wounds and nurtures the injured back to health. probably says they wish they were dead but cry when they almost die
  • cancer: looks after everyone, especially the younger members of the group. is the most effected when someone dies as they blame it on themselves, may or may not go on violent killing sprees when they're mad or upset
  • leo: the strongest member of the group, probably secretly cries at night because of being overwhelmed. looks for comfort in others and tries to make a home out of them, usually this will be a libra or an aries
  • virgo: the leader of the group, usually makes all of the decisions. may seem heartless at times but its only to protect themselves
  • libra: often inspires the group with speeches to keep them motivated. is the leader of the small group who go on runs because of their diplomatic nature. usually know what the right thing to do is but doesnt always stick to it
  • scorpio: starts most of the fights accidentally, gets annoyed when people dont follow through with the plan even though they never follow through with the plan
  • sagittarius: always finds the best camp sites or hiding places. goes on supply runs with libra and taurus. great at using all weapons and is good at reading people
  • capricorn: does most of the hunting, also keeps track of where they are and is a good navigator, knows which plants are poisoinous, cooks for the group
  • aquarius: sneaks away from the group a lot, either takes everything way too seriously or not seriously at all
  • pisces: is good at fixing things and usually mends weapons or other items, helps with injuries as well. cries the most and takes things too personally, the weakest member of the group and probably dies first